Mixed Roommates

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  1. sorry if its short, I retyped it all four times and so i'm pretty frusterated


    The Harthford University accepted too many dorm living studants and had to start pairing up the people who specially requested a private room. It just so happened one of the guys this happened to turned out to be some sort of creature.

    Orianna pulled up into the studant parking lot in her black volvo. Parking her car she pulled out a hair elastic and put her hair into a small messy bun at the top of her head. It was a hot day and she could stay much cooler without her long curly blonde hair getting in the way. She stepped out of the car and streched enjoying the realise from the seven hour drive from her quaint home town to here. Her car floor was littered with Mcdonalds bags and empty drink containers. She looked at the varrious bags cluttering her back seat. Now she had wished she had taken her father up on the offer to come with her today and help her with her bags instead of comming next week with the majority of her things.

    She opened the car door pulling out two duffle bags tightly stuffed and heavy on her thin arms. She closed both the doors with her hip and walked up to the enterance to the dorms. Almost instantly she could find the dorm mother. Not by the wooden clipbord and many studants gathering around her for their keys but by her age. She was tall and thin but her arms sagged with thin pale skin and the grey hair shot out every which way. Orianna approuched her with a sweet smile and said "Hello Miss, would you mind directing me to my room?" She said "My names Orianna Wiseler" The woman gave her a plesant smile and handed her a key. "Your on the fourth floor, room 206 right across from the elevator."

    Orianna didn't waste anytime thanking her and taking the drections given to her. Exiting the elevator were two girls laughing as they exited the elevator. Orianna smiled, she remembers her childhood friend Daisy was comming too though instead of staying at the unisex dorms Daisy was in the all girls dorm. She hadn't seen her friend for years, almost three now since she moved to the otherside of the country due to her fathers work.