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  1. See In Character thread

    These people have been single for almost a year. Once loved ones send them to a speed dating thing at a bar they wind up on multiple dates. Will they find the right person for them?
    -Quick CS-
    Name: Max James William
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'2"
    Body type: Built but not too built (not like those guys that look like they are on steroids lol)
    Personality: Sweet, Kind, Caring, Respectful to women, funny, loyal, protective. Has a mystrious edge to him
    Looks: Pic Below except with surprisingly bright blue eyes.

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  2. Name: Ebony Snow
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'7
    Body type: Lean and muscular but still has some meat on her bones lol.
    Personality: Sweet, Kind, Caring, Respectful, Loyal, Mysterious, Funny. A bit of a loner never really letting anyone close to her. Shes quiet and somewhat shy at first but once you break the ice she starts to open up.
    Looks: reese-witherspoon-wallpaper.jpg
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  3. (Alright cool lol.)
  4. Name: Amelia Lockner
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'5"
    Body type: Athletic with slight curves
    Personality: Amelia is shy and sweet. She has never dated before because she has never found the courage to tell a guy she liked him. She is also smart, in the top of her classes. She loves reading.
    Looks: Pic Below
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  5. ((We'll have to go lesbian if there's so many girls xD))
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  6. ((We need more guys lol))
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  7. ((Well Valkyria is bi so it'd be no problem to date a girl xD))
  8. ((Amelia is straight))
  9. ((If someone plans on making a girl make her bi or we'll have a girl overload xD
  10. (I'll join )
    Name:alvin johnson
    Body type : Athletic build not too musclar.
    Sexuality: straight..
    Appearance: .http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com...m/albums/ll49/evarksclone/hot_anime_guy-1.jpgusually wears cargo shorts and a T-shirt with a vest long socks and sneakers.
    Personality: Alvin is quiet he's not a jock who has to make his presence known, or talk down about others to feel good. He's an awesome happy person once he loosens up to people. He is kind of shy. He loves nature and being outside.
  11. ((How do we actually start?))
  12. ((I have written a message already.))
  13. ((I saw but do we all meet up or what?))
  14. ((For now the characters individually go to school, afterwards they'll go speed dating and meet up))
  15. Loki Character Bio:
    .bout 5 foot 8 and a half
    .weighs 168lbs
    .moderate build kinda gymnastics style muscles
    .blonde hair that flips up in the front but wears a beanie alot
    .always wears tight clothes
    .peachy creme skin color
    .bright blue eyes
    Very nice and approachable but at the same time if u screw with him or his friends he will get verbal or physical. He loves the idea of falling in love.
  16. ((What's so wrong about my post? Did I do something bad?))
  17. Hi guys! This is your new Out of Character thread. Please use this for out of character conversation, character bios, and plot discussion. Remember: Purely OOC posts are NOT allowed in the In Character sections!
  18. name ryuuto takahashi
    age 18
    height 6'3
    weight 192
    has an athletic build from swimming
    has black ruffled hair
    tan skin
    green eyes
    pesonality: ryuuto is tends to stay silen and avoid people. but when he goes on stage for drama club he acts like a completely different person. he is bullied for being in the drama club. despite his build he refuses to fight for himself and only fights for those weaker than him
  19. ((Hey guys lets wait for the others to reply .))
  20. ((sure no prob, should we wait for MiNaGi/valkyria?))
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