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  1. I've approached them many times, but with their lack of posting (despite what their roleplay resume says), they don't seem to be interested at all after they've stated so in the interest checks. It's been weeks and I don't want to spam them messages asking continuously whether or not they're actually interested. I've conveyed this feeling to them, but even now, they don't post at all. Not even a simple 'Hello' or 'How is everyone?' just nothing. This brings me down a little. I want to roleplay my ideas but people who've genuinely expressed interest at first, seem to have shown no interest by not posting in the groups for a few weeks now. I'd been considering deleting the groups without telling them but at the same time, I'm wondering if that would be a smart move.

    Should I just forget about this and move on?
  2. I can see what you're talking about and I get it, but sometimes inspiration just won't come and they're too proud to ask for help
  3. From your post I gather you've already approached them since the topic at least once. If they don't reply to that, you can only move on. Communication is a key skill of a roleplayer, one that should be expected from any partner or group. Do not worry about their feelings by leaving a group that doesn't communicate. If they wanted to have a right to be offended, they would have treated you with enough respect to at least respond with so many words. All that matters is that you've given them a reasonable chance and time-frame to do so, which, when you say weeks, I'd reckon you have.
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  4. @ElBell What do you mean by 'sometimes inspiration just won't come and they're too proud too ask for help'? That's a bit ambiguous, if you ask me.
  5. From what I gathered, it's a so-called writer's block that players say that hinders them from responding IC. The pride suggests that it's an issue they prefer to face their selves than to have others offer their help or suggestions for inspiration.

    Except this excuse is utter bullshit, because regardless of your interest or ability to post IC, you can communicate that to your co-players OOC.
  6. @Kestrel Thanks for the input, but these groups I've created haven't even started the roleplay yet. Or tried to connect within the discussion/chatroom threads. There is seriously no communication within the groups whatsoever. It's frustrating.
  7. Sometimes it's either because alerts have stopped or something else happened (lost interest, got off the site for some reason or something like that...) I'm not sure about others, but it's not too uncommon sometimes, it's sorta like russian roulete I guess; you don't know when you'll get that bullet.
  8. @york Thanks for your input, although, to be honest, at this moment in time, because I messaged them in which they responded back that they were still interested, then let go another few weeks, I don't care about whether they're getting alerts or not. No comments have been made at all so no one has even immersed themselves in the group to begin with. This means they haven't gotten any alerts at all to start with.

    If they actually lost interest, I'm sure these people in particular would tell me about that specific state of change, because of their genuine statements that they were interested before.
  9. The one thing that I know usually counters the alerts problem would be to tag them using that @*insertnamehere* thing... Unless that's already been tried >.<
  10. @york There is no alert problem, they've just failed to communicate anything within the group as a starter for being there. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
  11. Oh well... I guess let things sort themselves out, I mean if it all comes to it, I guess I could give it a shot or something X.X
  12. @york Not to sound stalkerish or anything, but I've seen the way you roleplay. Unless you are certain you can adapt to a strict roleplaying atmosphere, I don't believe it'd be the best choice for you.

    It is also a private roleplay, so I can only send invites out to those I deem possible members. They have shown they are able to meet my requirements and expectations, as well as follow the rules and mechanics, etc.

    I'm sure you get the gist.
  13. Sure XD I like to be expansive but I don't mind having a strict atmosphere (I just need to know boundaries, I have that quirk where I start finding ways around rules sometimes X.X) and yeah, that last part I understand I guess o.o
  14. @york It's always nice to completely fill out your roleplay resume, so I know exactly where you stand on roleplaying.
  15. XD I wish I could go back and edit the blasted thing but... Not sure how to (it's that one thing I have yet to figure out :P)
  16. @york Don't be afraid to ask around. You go to your name at the top and click on preferences, which will show up on that long list of things that are available for you.
  17. XD Aaand now I feel like the ultimate idiot, anyways I'll go fix that and stuff, sorry!
  18. @york There is no reason to feel or say sorry when you're still new and trying out the kinks of Iwaku's roleplaying community. I can't wait to see your roleplay resume!
  19. XD Sad thing is I've been on here for a while but somehow that resume thing flew over my head :P
  20. You keep talking about it as a "group", wherein one person is the problem. Why delete the entire group because of one person? If they aren't contributing, and you've given them polite reminders, then just boot them and then move on. Add someone else, that is active and is keen, or just carry on with one less person if you can.

    There's no point in letting one person ruin the fun.