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  1. I still refer to my mix CDs as mix tapes, don't judge me >.>

    My local radio is ass, and I don't presently have any technology to be able to play my phone through my car stereo, so I usually listen to albums or mix tapes in the car. Some of them have themes (like OTP, which is all the songs that remind me of my favourite fannon pairings, or 'if I say it's classic, it's classic' which is all the songs that I define as classic music, regardless of if the rest of the world agrees or not), and others are just my itunes set on shuffle and the first however many that fit going onto a CD

    Do you guys make mix tapes? Tell me about them?

    Also am I the only one who still thinks making someone a mix tape is totally cute and romantic?"
  2. Do playlists count? Because I make playlists for everything, and if I was in your situation, you bet your ass they would be on CD's.

    Anyways, my playlists/mixtape thingies all usually have a general theme, kinda like your OTP one. I have a playlist for sleep, for slow dancing, for Sysem of A Down songs I like... I have a whole playlist dedicated to Vicente Fernandez, as well, so that's a thing.

    Sometimes I'll just group songs of the same genre I like, like opera or classical or things like that.

    I have playlist of just songs I like in general, that I haven't put into a playlist, so there are EDM songs, Hip Hop songs, Blues, Rock, etc.

    And no, you aren't the only one who thinks making/receiving a mixtape is romantic. I do too.
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  3. On rare occasion I will burn a mix CD. It's usually for a last minute gift for a family member or something. They really do make great gifts because it can be burned with each individual person in mind. For personal use though, I generally just make digital playlists.
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  4. When installing my new GPU a few months ago I found out the SATA cable or whatever it is wouldn't reach around the card to the motherboard. So I chose to use the cable that ran from the optical drive to do that. SATA cables are all of 2 dollars on amazon.. Simply haven't gotten one.

    In the meantime IndieBox got me the Risk of Rain soundtrack and the guy who wrote it is FUCKING AMAZING. And thus it will remain in my cars CD player for a great many months.

    Used to burn and make tapes all the time though.
  5. I guess it depends on the circumstances and the way they're doing it?
    Probably if they act all flustered and embarrassed by it.

    Though note I don't make tapes myself, I just download my songs off YouTube.
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  6. I buy Mixtapes. I don't have any DJ skills. D:
  7. If playlists count, while I have quite a number of them, there is only two you will hear when I'm with people I don't consider my friends.

    "Things I can listen to without getting totally embarrassed by"


    "MULTI-TRACK MUSIC PLAYING" if it is late at night.
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