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  1. 'Calico' Jack Rackham
    'Calico' Jack Rackham was a successful pirate during this time, being stationed in the Bahamas. He was serving Charles Vane, a leader of a pirate faction, and had usually worn clothes made of bright Indian Calico cloth which is where he obtained the nickname 'Calico'. While Rackham and members of his crew were resting on shore, his ship was stolen. He was now without a main vessel but still had a small boat which he used to sail to Nassau from Cuba, which had taken them several months. Afterwards, he got a pardon from the governor after claiming he had been forced into piracy.

    Finally, Rackham settled in Nassau where his love affair started…his love affair with Anne Bonny, the young wife of John Bonny (an ex-pirate). The two had approached her husband and tried to convince him to annul his marriage to Anne, but Rogers (Calico's authority figure) refused to allow them to do so. So then the couple entered a life of piracy once again, recruiting many expirates and Anne’s best friend Mary Read. After sailing around Jamaica and looting ships like he had done with his previous ship (which ended much the same way), Rackham was killed. He was found guilty of piracy and was hung November 18, 1720.