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  1. Okay, so this took me five hours to color and shade, I started right after work. Ugh. I never knew this would take this long, I didn't draw it though, I just did the coloring and shading. I would give credit to whoever drew this picture, but I don't know who did it so.... :P Sorry!

    First shading.jpg

    I'm open to criticism but please remember this is my first coloring and shading using a tablet! ^^ Although I must say...I absolutely LOVE the way the eyes turned out, I though I ruined them, but I love them! :D
  2. I think you have a good eye for colour! But for shading, don't be afraid to be BOLD. Think of where your light source is coming from, what colour it is, and the type (spotlight, omni directional, etc) before you start shading! An example (I hope you don't mind... I do this for a living. xD;' I'm not perfect, but here's a rough idea)

    First shading1.png First shading2.png First shading3.png

    It's a bit sloppy since I don't have access to the individual layers and it's just a rough work-over, but hopefully you can see what I'm driving at! Experiment with colour, play with different light types & sources! You may want to look at basic colour theory to understand which colours look good together, and which don't, and how light plays off of different types of surfaces. :] I hope this helps!

    Edit: how I did this -- (or would have, had I layer access):

    - picked colour palette / light source&type
    - used a "rough" brush (one with a texture on it, but that's not necessary) to roughly lay down shades
    - used a blending tool (I don't recommend blurring, depending on your program they'll either have it, or you can download custom brushes [mainly PS]) to blend colours/fade the edges.
  3. Your shadings are amazing, thank you for sharing your awesomeness haha ^^ I don't mind at all, I love being showed what would look better or what to do to make my pictures look better, as I had said, this is my first time doing this.

    I have a program called Autodesk Sketchbook Express that I got from buying my tablet, so it probably isn't the best, but it was just what I used to shade and color in this picture. So I don't know, it probably isn't the best program, but I just do it for fun for now at least ^^ Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions though! It really makes me happy that you'd help out haha ^^ I will definitely take in what you have showed me and hopefully get better and better at this, but as for your ideas, those are awesome even if they didn't take you that long x_x

    Thank you!
  4. Oh GOSH, I love sketchbook express. imo it works a bit more like traditional media as opposed to digital, which is lovely. I have the mobile version that I used to make this sketch (literally) by hand (er... finger. xD). I'm not 100% sure what the full version has in terms of blending options, but there should be a blender in the tools. Play with opacity on your brushes, and you may not need it! You may want to try Paint Tool SAI. Unlike photoshop, it's distinctly for drawing / painting, so it runs a bit faster and has tools more geared for drawn work instead of graphics. It's not free (there is a 30 day trial), and it is Japanese [though there is an English pack you can download], but it's several hundred dollars cheaper than photoshop. >.>

    The copic sketchbook edition is a lot like autodesk in that it mimics traditional media (markers, specifically) very closely. The free version only allows 5 layers and compresses them when you save / export, but it's not bad for a free program. :]] I did this in a combo of copic sketchbook (base sketch, base colours, prelim shading), and SAI (definitive lines & shading touch up).

    I'd love to help more if you need -- I do a lot of character art / colourisation. I'm still learning on backgrounds, so I can't really help too much on that (I can do good line-drawn environments, but painting/colouring is something else entirely >_< )

    If you'd like, I can look around for a trial copy of autodesk and play around with it to help ya. :] & if you want, feel free to send me the file so I can be more specific.
  5. I'm downloading the copic sketchbook right now to check it out :) I probably won't be doing anything tonight though, it's pretty late here and I do have to get up in the morning early so sadly I can't play around with it :( I've also checked out SAI before, and I want it sooo badly but I don't have the money for it right now which makes me so sad, but hopefully I can get it sometime because i think it looks so awesome!

    I think it would be awesome if you could help me out! :D Of course, given that I'm not a complete idiot like I can be about things, but hopefully I can get this stuff haha. I also don't expect you to like tutor me like everyday or anything lol that's impossible, but it would be nice to get a few tips and tricks ^^ I'm not too sure what you mean by sending you the file, but if you PM me sometime I might be able to figure it out. Also, I have MSN and Skype if you wanted to add me on there as well just to make it easier if you have them, I don't mind either way ^^
  6. SAI is definitely my favourite program. It's limited when it comes to colour adjustment, you can't add text (without hand-writing it), so I still use photoshops for minor tweaks and touchups. It's worth it if you can get it, but it works best on PC (you can use it on a Mac with WINE or something similar, but problems with pen pressure have been reported).

    I'll send you a PM. :]