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    It was a cloudy afternoon at Kyoto. The skies were ominously dark but showed no signs of downpour. There were occasional crashes of thunder and strikes of lightning but the weather was perfect for a test of courage. However, this was no ordinary test of courage like staying overnight at school and try to capture paranormal phenomenon. This particular test of courage itself was considered a paranormal phenomenon.

    Outside a dilapidated old mansion at the outskirts of Kyoto, a lone figure stood near the Mansion's entrance as she stared at darkening sky absently. She held a brown stuffed teddy bear in her right hand and a knife on the other. She was also carrying a backpack containing a huge amount of salt, flashlights, batteries, some red thread, a needle, matches, a lighter, nail clippers, water and some plastic cups. She was waiting for the arrival of her classmates whom have agreed to participate in her test of courage. It was called Hitori Kakurenbo... an urban legend that was supposed to be surrounded with supernatural events. According to her research, paranormal occurrences were reported by a lot of people who dared play this game. The most common case was that of possession. The instruments used were said to acquire a will of its own with only one clear objective... to find (and kill) the person who conjured it. Minor cases involved the feeling of being watched lingering for a couple of days. More drastic cases receive reports of the stuffed animal actually moving. But the most sever case reports the stuffed animal actually killing its target

    Belonging to a family who deals with the occult on a daily basis, Shiori Shinohara was intrigued by these reports. So much that she's willing to put her life at stake. However, she was curious with one aspect of Hitori Kakurenbo... It was always played alone. Of course, that was a given since it does literally mean "One man hide and seek" but she was inquisitive towards finding out what would happen if she were to break that mechanic. She had offered her classmates to take part in it, masking it behind the intention of doing it as a test of courage. Little did she know that she may very well be leading her friends to their deaths.

    Rules and Guidelines

    • I control the final outcome of everything, please respect that.
    • If the only thing you do is hide, the stuffed bear, Kuma-chan, will find you and kill you
    • Be resourceful. Utilize what you have in the environment to survive.
    • I am not requiring that you post everyday however, out of common courtesy to others, please try to do so. If you cannot post because you are busy, kindly inform us immediately in the OOC in advance.
    • No one liners. That is my only rule regarding post length. This is a roleplay not a chat room.
    • Be polite to others in the OOC.
    • Have fun and TRY to stay alive c:
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  2. Wamaru Moto wasn't happy. It was dark, he was cold, and it might start raining before he got to this old building. All for some stupid bet. He pointed his flashlight up at the sky and sighed. He'd not brought his umbrella. This had better be quick. Turning a corner, he found himself in front of the run-down mansion just where Shiori told him it'd be. He looked around, trying to find his friends. He shined his flashlight directly into Shiori's face as he strolled up and met her with a bored expression. "Shiori-san." His friends have tried on several occasions to get him to drop the -san, but the argument is always fruitless. Despite that, he still prefers to be addressed without honorific, as Moto. He slid the light to her surroundings before resting it on her hands. "I'm the first to show, then? Hardly surprising." He kept the light trained on her hands and stared at the contents as he went to stand next to her, still reeling from the fact that they're actually doing this.
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  3. Yuurei was half a block down the road with a soft baked cookie shoved in his face and his attention diverted to his gameboy. Once again leaving school way after everyone else had already gone home because he had another sentence of detention to serve. Though he didnt mind, home to him was totally overrated and the ladies at the bakery who worked the twilight hours seemed to really enjoy his company that he was often treated with freshly baked pastries.
    Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught glimpse of what he believed might be a classmate, so he puts his gameboy down just to confirm.
    A sudden gleam showed in his eyes as he began to obnoxiously wave and changing course to where the two stood infront of the mansion.
    "Wamuuu!" He called out with a sense of brotherhood he had assumed they had, being in the same class and all.
    "And Shiori, whats going on here, I swear, I seem to miss the invite to all the cool parties". He decided to tag along. It was the main way he got to meeting people, unaware of the nuisance he could be sometimes, specially towards the more stern of personalities.
  4. Saeko was leisurely walking down the dull road with one hand gripping the bag strap on her shoulder and the other holding on to a phone she owns, checking the comments from the two recent post she had made about two things. One; her recent stay at an abandoned house at the other side of Kyoto and two; her experience performing the real method of summoning "Bloody Mary". She had been gone for a week, she did her normal disappearance and set up base at the abandoned house to perform the summoning, which overall turned out pretty well. No faults, no mishaps, no injuries, everything went smoothly and Saeko was able to live to tell the story in the her. Which was now the most popular post on her blog, yet. Saeko was very happy after that, all the other worries like her mother, school and grades didn't matter to her right now, she was in the middle of celebrating her success.

    The sound of male voices chattering grabbed the attention of Sakeo's ears as she saw a couple of people she knew, her classmates. Saeko wasn't happy nor sad about running into them, instead she was rather curious of what they were saying. She slowly caught up to the small group, about to greet and to ask of what they were doing. She assumed that they were going to some sort of party, which wasn't her thing.
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  5. "Geez, what made me agree to do this anyways? Such a bother..." Hikari mumbled to herself as she marched her way down the quiet path towards the mansion.She was just being nice to Shiori, she would say.But truth is, she's curious to know if the legend was true.At the same time,she's a bit scared to do it, but there's no way she would show this weakness to her friends.

    After a few minutes of walking underneath the shading of the trees, she finally spotted the mansion and her friends."Hey" she simply greeted as she approached them.Right when she got there, the items Shiori was holding quickly caught her eyes.She walked over to her and bent over a bit, her hands on her knees, and stared at the bear for a moment." this bear going to be out seeker?" she asked, lightly poking the toy's cheek.She was really fond of stuffed animals and kept a few in her room (which she always hid whenever her friends come over), but if it was going to be the cause of her possible death(or at least that's how it went in the legend), then this experience might end up getting her paranoid.
  6. Shiori was taken back to reality once Wamaru aimed his flashlight at her face. It may have been considered as rude for most people but Shiori didn't mind. It was her fault for spacing out anyway. When he arrived, she felt ecstatic since he was one of the few people she least expected to make an appearance. She was just glad that he had accepted her invitation.

    "Oh, good afternoon, Moto-kun! I'm glad you were able to come. Please wait patiently for the others. I'm sure they're on their way right now as we speak." Shiori told him nervously. The guy had always made Shiori feel uneasy but nonetheless, she still considers him as one of her friends, even though the latter might think otherwise.

    Suddenly, a familiarly energetic voice called out to Moto in a way that she was certain would cause Moto a sense of annoyance and discomfort, knowing full well what type of guy he was. When she faced the direction of the voice, she came face to face with another one of her friends, Yuurei Kotomaru. She hadn't necessarily invited him since she was aware that someone like him wouldn't be appropriate nor would appreciate a paranormal investigation but she was glad that he was here. All the serious vibe coming from Moto was really making her anxious.

    "Oh... Good afternoon Kotomaru-kun! I'm sorry for not inviting you initially but I've invited a few of our classmates to play Hitori Kakurenbo with me as a test of courage. But now that you're here, would you like to join us as well?" She said in an apologetic tone.

    Just after saying that, she spotted yet another one of her classmates, Saeko Yukimura. Now the reason SHiori didn't invite Saeko was because of her personality. She tends to be so secretive that the only thing she knows about her is her name. She also tends to avoid socializing so Shiori initially thought that she's not one to participate in gatherings like this. Nonetheless, she still attempted to invite her now that she's here.

    "Yukimura-san! Hello! Umm... We're doing a test of courage in the form of Hitori Kakurenbo. Would you like to join us?" She asked politely with beads of sweat starting to form on her forehead due to nervousness. Like Moto, Saeko gave off a serious and unapproachable feel although Saeko radiated that tenfold. She's the type of person that just by looking at her, one would already realize that she's not one to mess around with.

    Finally, one of the people she did invite arrived. It was Hikari, the person whom Shiori had considered to be her best friend. Shiori tends to always stick close to Hikari on all occasions since she saw her as a dependable and approachable individual. Out of all of her friends, Hikari was the one Shiori was fond of the most to the point that she'd daydream about taking baths together with her. Shiori's face immediately turned beet red at the thought, causing her to lightly slap her cheeks to get rid of the sensation. Once Hikari was on "striking distance" Shiori dropped the items on her hands and lunged towards Hikari, hugging her tightly in the process.

    "Hikarin~! I knew you'd come! Thank you so much! This is going to be so exciting now that you're here! And yes, Kuma-chan will be our seeker. Although the rules says that we'll be the seekers first. Anyways, have you seen the others? I don't want to start without them." She asked her in a quizzical manner. All this time, she still hadn't let go of Hikari yet.
  7. Saeko's eyes lit up is shock as she heard Shiori say those words, she was more than shocked that someone his going to play that dangerous game. She definitely knew about Hitori Kakurenbo, she knew how it play it properly, she knew how dangerous it is and she knew people who died from it or been possessed/cursed from it. Even the thought of playing the game makes her head spin and her stomach feel sick. Even though Saeko just came back from doing a dangerous summoning, Hitori Kakurenbo is far too dangerous to do.

    "Hitori Kakurenbo? Test of courage? More like test of stupidity! Don't you know how dangerous that ritual is it?" Saeko raised her voice with a stern tone to it and a harsh and imitating stare, making it more scary with her age and height. She wasn't the one to be verbally aggressive but it irks her how people are willing to do that ritual.
  8. Takaiya set out early, walking out of the inn that's his home and prison. He feels out of place in his Yukata, he feels like a sore thumb. He doesn't say anything to his parents because he knows that they would stop him from going, and that would be another shard of himself lost.

    He gazes at the sky and narrows his eyes slight, clutching his fan tightly in his hand as he walks. His lucky fan, purple with moths adorned on it. His parents thought it morbid that he'd have a fan like that, they treated it as though it was a filthy hentai manga. The young man chuckles darkly to himself as he thinks of what his prim and proper parents would be like if they read a real hentai manga, it'd cause them to drop dead on the spot. No loss there.

    Takaiya smiles faintly as he thinks of his 'boy' friend.. though he supposes the term is a little misleading, but who's going to know anyway? Their relationship is a secret, and it was he who got Takaiya into hentai.

    Takaiya smiles when he sees the others. “hello..” he says softly by way of greeting, he never was good with names.. even with people he's known for years and he feels embarrassed by that, though he recognises people easily by face.. names fail him.
    He clears his throat and bows a little. “please excuse my absence and lateness.”
  9. Moto grimaced when Yuurei called out to him in his loud, obnoxious fashion. Not a second later Yukimura Saeko came right out of the darkness, followed soon by Shimada Hikari. Hikari he'd known for some time, and they tended to argue. Not in the mood for such an annoyance at the moment, he turned towards Yuurei and Saeko. Not to mention such public displays of affection like Shiori was now presenting made him uncomfortable.

    He wasn't angry about Yuurei's outburst; he'd gotten used to Yuurei a long time ago. It was just unexpected. Moto had always had a problem with these constantly cheerful types, it was his opinion that most if not all of them were doing it just for show. In the time that he'd known Yuurei, however, he'd never seen a hint nor clue that this wasn't just how he was. So he'd resigned himself to it. "Yuurei-san. Try to quiet down, I'd prefer to avoid being arrested tonight." He didn't know this Saeko girl very well, he'd hardly seen her in class. But there was a thriving rumor mill about where she went all the time. Frankly, he didn't care. "Yukimura-san. Your absence is noted and will be recorded." He had to do his job as disciplinary committee senior member. Of course, he'd said the same to her before and it didn't mean much. He said it more out of habit than anything else.

    He saw Takaiya Kurosawa appear as expected. He nodded a greeting to him and his apology for lateness just as Saeko began her lecture. "Hitori Kakurenbo? Test of courage? More like test of stupidity!" Moto almost cracked a smile before she continued. "Don't you know how dangerous that ritual is it?" He looked at her with an incredulous expression, and coughed out a laugh. He'd known she was into this occult thing, that much was certain, but he didn't know she was this into it. Before Shiori could speak up, he did. "You can't possibly be serious. The most dangerous thing we're like to encounter is a drunk vagrant." He kept his voice low and confident, laden with the quiet superiority he'd developed over the years. "Unless you really are trying to warn us about Shiori's teddy bear becoming a vessel for murderous spirits?" He didn't try to contain his amusement.
  10. Hikari was caught off guard by Shiori's hug,letting out a small squeak as she got squeezed."W-wait Shiori-" There was no point in stopping her.A small blush started to form on her cheeks, but it wasn't too noticeable...hopefully."Shiori, you shouldn't be carrying a knife like that outside" she sighed, a small smile forming on her face as she lightly rested her hands on her back, not necessarily returning the hug.Despite how she could be somewhat cocky around other people at times,she had a soft spot for Shiori.It had been useless to act cold afterwards whenever she helped her out since it seemed like she had seen through it several times already.

    Saeko's sudden outburst made Hikari flinch a bit.She couldn't remember the last time she heard speak with such tone.In fact, she never did until now.And then there jumped in Moto with his response to her, just like she expected.To her, he was too confident about himself and did not know what 'fun' meant.Who was her to speak about confidence though? Still, they wete able to maintain a bipolar friendship(or at least that's what she calls it).She was too tempted to join in, but she just bit her lip and stepped back for now, not quite sure where this conversation could end up going.
  11. Moto kept his laughing eyes on Saeko for about a second and a half before they faltered, and he flinched. He looked like he'd just seen a ghost. Turning halfway to look at Shiori, he slowly got out, "Uh, that was Shiori-san's teddy bear, rather." He fiddled with his glasses. "Sorry." He cleared his throat and turned back to Saeko, eyes once again smiling.
  12. Yuurei ran his hand smoothing his messy brown hair back as Shiori's words filled with an angelic apologetic tone rang through his ears. "No worries, Shiori, I could understand how a person like you would be so hesitant on inviting someone as good looking as myself. Curse my unapproachable good looks" he clenched his fist tight to the point of shaking.

    He then turned to Wamaru, who spoke to him as stern as usual,something he's gotten used to that he normally goes off the assumption that Wamaru just likes to act cold for the ladies. "how does a party pooper like you get invited before me? Oh I get it, Mr Disciplinary by day and party committee by night?" he chuckled it off.

    The crew then began to arrive faster than he had anticipated, making him all the more excited about the game they were about to play. His heart had nearly skipped a beat seeing Hikari arrive "Hi--hi- ...hi!" He had obviously given up trying to get her name through his lips and simply waved. When it comes to emotion, Yuurei had never shown anything but lax and care free nature, but he'd often find himself intimidated by Hikari's shadow, not of fear but genuine infatuation.

    "Alright Wamu! Lets show these people how fearless we men truly are" He suddenly puffed out his chest after snapping out of his daze, turning to his 'best man' of the group.
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  13. Saeko couldn't believe how they reacted. Didn't they even did a little research about this game? Saeko turned her head to Moto with her imitating eyes, keeping herself calm. "You may think this is a harmless game but trust me I knew people who lost their lives because of this game. It's something you don't want to mess around with," she said calmly to Moto, she had always quite a bitterness towards him, she didn't like him at all.
  14. Shiori's eyes widened in surprise when she found out that Saeko was knowledgeable about Hitori Kakurenbo. She was the secretive type to begin with so she hadn't expected that she was knowledgeable about the occult. Still, her strong opposition to playing was really bpthering her. If she keeps doing this, the others might start backing out. Of course she knew about the rumors that is why she had come prepared with different purification, protection and exorcism items if it came to that. However, her efforts and preparations would be in vain if she fails to offer some form of assurance to everyone.

    " You don't need to worry, Yukimura-san. I've also brought a lot of protective charms and exorcism and purification items. I can perform purification and exorcism rituals as well because I'm a shrine maiden." She told her with every ounce of confidence she had.

    She had just noticed that Kurosawa-san had arrived after saying that. She smiled warmly at him and nodded gratefully at his direction.

    Then she recalled what Yuurei had said to her earlier. She blushed immensely at the thought since she kinda liked him a little but his overconfidence as if girls would chase after him if he donned such an attitude which he thought made him cool but in reality, made him look obnoxious.

    "I think you're plainly unapproachable, minus the good looks." She told him bluntly though she actually didn't mean to say that.

    When she saw how he reacted to seeing Hikari, she felt a panv of jealousy and a sense of amusement at the same time. It looks like her best friend is his kryptonite.

    "Hikarin, If I were you, I'd avoid Kotomaru-kun. I don't think he's the type of guy you'd want to spend the rest of your life with." Shiori whispered to Hikari's ear teasingly.

    "Oh and Kotomaru-kun, would you please inform your parents that you'd spend the night at a classmate's house? The game needs to be performed.on 3 am and I don't want you to get in trouble with your parents." She told him with an earnest look pf concern on her face.

    "Now we'll just need to wait for Hakaze-san to arrive and the gang is complete!" She announced in a cheerful manner.
  15. "Alright Wamu! Lets show these people how fearless we men truly are" Moto glanced over at Yuurei, and stared for a second. He was still pondering what Saeko had said about losing people to this game. "Hm. Fear has nothing to do with it." He muttered absentmindedly. Pretending there was an element of fear would be either a lie or an admittance that he believes there's a danger present, both of which aren't something he agrees with. For the most part he let what Shiori was saying go in one ear and out the other, grateful for the extra time to think about Saeko's words. Lost people. That's a pretty despicable lie, if it was one. Otherwise, an unfortunate misunderstanding. He only reacted to the words about the time and Hakaze's absence, which made him check his watch. It was mechanical and old, meaning he had to use his flashlight to read it. He liked mechanical watches.

    Looking back at Saeko, his amused expression had been replaced with boredom. "Despite what you may believe, you must realize you sound ridiculous. You won't convince me. Try someone else." He leaned back against the old building's outer wall, and turned to Yuurei. He seemed preoccupied with looking manly, looking at Moto himself, and glancing at Hikari. Nothing new here. He nodded at Hikari. It'd be rude to ignore her entirely, and it isn't like they hated each other. "Takaiya-san." He addressed another friend of his. He knew Takaiya well enough, and found his polite manner very agreeable. "Would you like to come join us?" He gestured for Takaiya to come stand with Yuurei and he. "Yuurei-san would surely appreciate another fearless soul such as yourself."
  16. Takaiya returns Shiori's smile, though his is much more nervous and awkard. He never was good with girls. he stands around shyly and not wanting to interrupt- blinks and looks up with a soft smile. “yes, of course Moto-san.. and thank you.” he says with a warm smile as he walks over to them and stands beside them. He gazes thoughtfully at his fan with a soft smile. “I still can't believe I'm doing this..” he laughs softly and tilts his head at Moto and Yuurei. “I will try to be as fearless as I possibly can, so I do not embarrass the two of you..” he trails off, feeling very humiliated that he's dressed in such an old style of clothing. “though if anyone walks past, they might just think that I am a ghost standing next to the two of you..” he adds quietly. “so I apologise for the humiliation that my attire may cause.”

    he tilts his head as he listens to the girls thoughtfully and looks slightly on edge. “so..we're using Kuma-chan as the.. object of possession?” he asks slowly as he gazes at the stuffed bear, Takaiya would never admit to anyone that stuffed animals and dolls tend to creep him out. He runs his fingers through his hair and looks slightly troubled.
  17. Yuurei watched Shiori whisper things of such secrecy into Hikari's ears with narrowed eyes, unsure what she was saying but almost positive it wasnt anything that'll help his chances with her in the future. Standing next to Wamaru, he had just realized the student he had always figured was as weird as an Amish in the middle of the city being invited as one of the 'fearless men'. Yuurei had always seen Takaiya around the campus but never in the past made any contact with him, in his mind always known as that weird kid. He simply smiled and waved, and as he was about to open his lips he had heard shiori from behind addressing him, "Oh and Kotomaru-kun, would you please inform your parents that you'd spend the night at a classmate's house? The game needs to be performed.on 3 am and I don't want you to get in trouble with your parents."

    "Alright, I guess things will be boring around here before that time anyways,"
    He replied to her through a sigh of sudden boredom. He drew his gameboy, flipped it on and began to walk away. "I'll be back around 3 or so, dont start dying intill then, okay guys?" he spoke over his shoulder with a chuckle following and waved bye then rediverted his attention back to his game screen.
  18. Noticing Moto's gesture, Hikari slowly bowed her head and returned the nod.At least now she was assured that he's not annoyed at her anymore from the last argument they had which was just fairly recent.Although she would be the last person people would think cared less about stuff like those, she actually gets haunted by thoughts of people hating her for a while after an arguement.

    Her blank expression apparently changed as Shiori whispered something in her ears."H-hey, where did that come from all so suddenly!?" she said,breaking herself out of Shiori's hug with slightly red cheeks.Yuurei...what did she think about him? He had been a really good friend to her and she admittedly once liked him,but the way he hits on almost every girl turned her off.Hesitantly, she glanced at Yuurei from the corner of her eye, slightly relieved to see him walk away from the group.Talk about timing.. she thought, letting out a small sigh as she tried to recollect herself.

    Trying to distract herself, she turned to the bear and picked it up in a hug."Apparently we are" she said to Takaiya as she turned his way and smiled."It's a shame to use this little cutie though..." she added in a mumble and lightly cuddled the back of its head with her nose, not noticing how soft she's suddenly becoming.
  19. Takaiya doesn't make eye contact with Yuurei, the other boy's care free and modern attitude makes him uneasy. That and he thinks that if he tried talking to him, he'd only end up embarrassing himself. Takaiya cannot help but feel that he has nothing in common with his own age group, the only one he feels a little relaxed with is Moto-san due to Moto's attitude.

    As for the girls, while Takaiya likes them all- as distant friends- he can appreciate them much better from a distance. Takaiya understands that all the girls are kinda cute, but it's their personalities that he likes. Takaiya sighs faintly as he remembers the conversation at breakfast that fateful morning.

    He was eating the sweet omelette his mother made, avoiding the eyes of his father. “Takaiya.” his father said gruffly. “look at me when I'm talking to you, boy!” Takaiya sighs and reluctantly gazes up at him. “I'm sorry, father.” the older man grunts and continues his lecture. “how long are you going to keep this up?! You need a girlfriend!” the old man slammed his fist on the table, causing Takaiya to flinch. “w-well.. f-father.. I..” the young man bites his lip. “..don't like girls that way..” his voice grows quieter. “I like.. guys..” he hears the smashing sound of his mother dropping something in the kitchen, and feels the sharp pain of his father's hand against his cheek.

    Takaiya subconsciously rubs his cheek at the memory. “die..? no Yurrei-san.” Takaiya starts to smile. “for the first time in my life, I'm going to live!” he laughs happily and then pauses, blushing as he glances around. “f-forgive my outburst.. I don't know what came over me..”
  20. [​IMG]

    Yuurei had gone a good few blocks from the party, oblivious to his surroundings as he tapped buttons away on his handheld game, though a couple droplets that landed on the screen took away from that attention and slowly craned his head towards the sky.

    "Such stupid weather", he sighed to himself and put his game away, then picked up the pace wanting to get home quick. He was mainly worried about how his hair would fair against the moisture of all things. Past an alley way and around the corner, Yuurei swung the front gate of his home wide open, letting its own weight strain on the hinges (a pet peeve of his parents).

    He was welcomed by his younger sister with a call of warning "Yuuuuuurei, be careful, mom and dad are mad at you right nooooow", He smirked and condescendingly patted his sister's head "And when arent they, go distract them while I sneak into my room"

    With that, the admiring sister went off to the living room where his parents were to feign some daughterly love, and snuggling between the two.
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