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  1. WARNING!!!
    Under no circumstances should you attempt to perform Hitori Kakurenbo in real life. It is extremely dangerous! By joining this roleplay, you have confirmed that you will drill this warning deep into your minds and take heed of it. I do not want to be held accounted if something were to happen to you if you ignored this warning.


    Hitori Kakurenbo. Roughly translated to "one man hide and seek or "playing hide and seek alone", it is a Japanese urban legend surrounded with much mystery. For an amateur in the field of the paranormal, this game is nothing but an anticlimactic game geared to sad shut-ins with zero friends. But for someone well-versed in the occult... It is considered as a paranormal Russian roulette... In the paranormal industry, not even the bravest experts would dare perform such a dangerous game. But for several daredevil teenagers, this was the ultimate test of courage.

    But how exactly does one play this game?

    One must prepare:

    First and foremost, a stuffed animal that has both arms and legs...

    Uncooked Rice

    A knife, shard of glass or any sharp instrument

    A needle with a long piece of thread

    A cup of salt water or Japanese sake

    You'll need to draw a bath too

    But most importantly... the drive to survive.

    Now is your chance! Turn back while you still can and spare yourselves from the damnation about to unfold...

    What? You still want to proceed?

    Very well...

    ...You have sealed your fate.

    You belong to a group of teenagers who entered an abandoned mansion in the outskirts of Kyoto. Due to a a dare, you all decided to play the game meant for a single person together in that abandoned mansion. Little did you know that by bending one of the mechanics of the game will have unimaginable repercussions.

    Character Sheet (open)








    Notable Skills:

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  2. Sounds cool, dog. I'll mock up a sheet for review.
  3. Name: Wamaru Moto

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Serious, severe, and stuck up, Moto is a rather intelligent person. He comes across very arrogant and holier-than-thou, because he is. He finds most people annoying, and makes his thoughts of them clear if he doesn't outright ignore them. That being said, he bears no real ill will towards anybody. He'd just prefer it if everyone shut up every once in awhile.

    Height: 5'7''

    Weight: 123 lbs.

    Background: Moto grew up in a salaryman household. The pressure to do well was there from the start, and as such, he spent most all of his free time studying. He went to cram schools, stayed late for tutoring, and spent his nights and weekends at his personal desk pouring over various materials. He became class representative and joined the disciplinary committee rather quickly, and his no-fun-allowed attitude earned the ire of many fellow students. Despite it all, he's made some friends. Once they learn to ignore his scowls and cutting remarks, he was relatively harmless. Even helpful, if needed. He was pulled into this "adventure" by some said friends, agreeing if only to keep an eye on them and make sure they break no laws. He thinks the whole paranormal ritual bit is stupid and childish, plainly.

    Notable Skills: Wide base of general knowledge. Ability to think rationally and keep a clear head under pressure. Ability to stay awake 30+ hours without becoming mentally fatigued.

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  4. You're accepted! ^^ We'll probably wait for 2 to 3 more before we start.
  5. Of course. The more the merrier.
  6. Heard this in this one Vocaloid song.Huehe this will be interesting =w=

    Name: Shimada Hikari

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Hikari is seen by many as a strong and independent girl.She always tries to do things herself and tries to not ask for help as much as possible even though she's already struggling.She is also hot tempered and would not think twice of hitting people when she gets annoyed.Despite all of these,she is actually nice and sweet and much more softer on the inside.She is more like the opposite of what she shows on the outside: easily embarrassed,scared,vulnerable.She is also really caring towards people, but she doesn't want it to seem that way so she makes excuses on why she helped out, or just plainly insults them.

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 118 lbs

    Background: Being the only child of the wealthy Shimada family,Hikari was spoiled as a kid.Whenever she asked for something,she always got it right away without any objections from her parents nor her caregivers.She didn't really get to spend a lot of time with her parents since they were always busy with work,thus growing up around her several maids and caregivers throughout her childhood.When she turned 13,she started to drift away from her caregivers and learned how to take care of herself.That wasn't really much of a struggle since all her needs are easily accessible because of their standing in society as one of the riches families in Kyoto.Still,she learned not to rely on anybody else,explaining why she dislikes asking for help.

    Notable Skills: Although not much gets a chance to taste her food(that she secretly enjoys when she gives people some),she is said to be very good when it comes to cooking.Pretty quick on her feet and movements, she is good when you have to run. Away from someone(something..?).
    << Hair color: Black || Eyes: Dark Blue >>
  7. Nice Character Sheet! You're accepted! And would you mind telling me what vocaloid song you heard the phrase "Hitori Kakurenbo" from?
  8. Sankyuu /w\

    And...oh..did I say heard..?Lemme rephrase that actually *shot* I heard a Vocaloid song that talks about this game...legend...whatever you wanna call it xD

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  9. name: Yuurei Kotomaru


    Gender: male

    Personality: Yuurei is a laid back air head whom takes pleasures in all the simple things. He has a whimsical nature and is often described as silly and can probably never have a serious conversation. He spends much of his time attempting to hit-on and flirt with the girls of the campus, an though he gets rejected nearly 99% of the time, the sting of rejection is very short-lived in Yuurei.

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 160lbs

    Background: he come from the typical family household with a family owned Ramen restaurant that his father started in his youth and specialises in a wide variety of Ramen related recepies. He's also the oldest of three siblings, a sister of 16 and a younger brother of 10 , both whom enjoy the childish nature of their eldest brother Yuurei. However, his father has lost all hope in Yuurei's future, judgement from such grades he'd get in school which were far less than impressive and dubbed a "slacker" by his father.

    Notable Skills: He tends to be clueless and rushes into danger for it. Over 100s of rejections from girls he's developed an emotional immunity to sadness.


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  10. hi there, hope I'm not too late... still kind new to this site. sure takes some getting used to.
  11. Not at all! Glad you took interest in my rp! You're character is accepted. We'll probably wait for one more applicant before we start. I'll make my cs soon.
  12. Alright. So we've got the serious guy who's dragged in, the carefree "how-you-doin'-girl" guy, and the tsundere ojou-sama. And they're all going on some paranormal escapades.

    By my count, we just need a kuudere and a clumsy good natured girl before we're literally playing The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
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  13. Ohoho, I'm actually making the clumsy good natured girl :D Though she'll also be a scaredy-cat
  14. Haha, thats like the formula to just about every good anime, Elvin. If you subtract the paranormal bit of it, then we got School Rumble
  15. ...I think I like this as TMOHS better bc my character's a 'god'(not really) that abuses the cutesy character *looks at Accelerator* huehe =w= *shot*
  16. Name: Takaiya Kurosawa
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Personality: Takaiya is a very torn character, he is torn between the traditions that his family have set for him and the person he wants to be. he's very quiet and calm most of the time, opting not to speak his mind. he's more or less a loner who doesn't follow the crowd, nor does he bother to make friends. his parents control every aspect of his life, so making friends would be pointless. Takaiya is also struggling with the fact he's homosexual, something his family doesn't approve of.
    Weight: thin
    Background: his family has run the Sakura no Sora inn for many generations, his family also has a large history that dates back to the time of the Samurai. Takaiya is the only child, the last of his line when his parents die. he was brought up to value the old ways and worship the Kami in the Shintou faith, he was brought up to always obey his father and look after his mother. in short he was brought up in the wrong era, and it was because of that he never made friends. even his future was planned to a t.. which is why Takaiya is here today, against his judgement he wants to make just one choice for himself.. even if it's his last.
    Notable Skills: he's a very good cook and lock picker.. he's also very cautious, and calculated.
  17. This looks so cool! *glances at the role plays in swamped in* Why I've got no resolve? I want to join... >_< I'll see if I manage to figure out a character...
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  18. Name:
    Nami Hakaze

    16 (soon 17)


    Nami is a rebellious brat. When everyone says 'yes', he says 'no', just because. There doesn't even have to be a logic reason behind it. He does what he wants, says what he thinks and doesn't give a shit about other people's thoughts or feelings. Well, at least not usually. It isn't that he doesn't want to be more considerate, but rather that he is unable to see beyond his own emotions. Not only being loud and obnoxious, Nami also is rather lazy of nature, and it is a wonder that he's been able to manage all these years. Unless he is interested in the task ahead, chances are he won't even lift a finger to attempt doing it. If he actually does, it certainly doesn't happen without complaint. On the other hand, if something catches his interest, he could spend even days working on it like crazy, not even once letting his focus slide. It has been suggested on several occasions that he might suffer from Aspergers, though he never actually has been diagnosed.


    172 cm

    62 kg

    Nami was born as the third and youngest child of the Hakaze family. His early childhood years he remembers as rather trouble less and easy ones, as it first became complicated when his parents divorced. Several complications arose, which lead to several years of struggle in a custody case. This period was hard on his mother especially, since she not only was far economically weaker than his father, but also wished the best for her children... none of which truly wished to stay with their father, for varying reasons. Eventually it was decided that Nami and his elder sister Hana would stay with their mother, while Suzuki, the middle child moved to their father. During the struggles in the family Nami's grades went down drastically, and he eventually totally gave up on trying to achieve anything in school. Instead he started focusing more on his hobbies. As it suited his 'rebel' image, he never particularly minded what people thought about him because of it. Despite his somewhat unpleasant personality, he did manage to make a few friends... which ultimately dragged him into this mess. Well, that and he finds it rather entertaining- at least for the moment.

    Notable Skills:
    Ignoring everything he doesn't want to know/hear/see, sleeping for hours on end, messing up even instant noodles, picking locks, consuming an endless amount of crisps and coke, he has a surprisingly elaborate knowledge of mechanics and he does posses a rather large amount of random knowledge. Despite his apparent personality, he is also rather perceptive and observant.

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  19. looks like we got our set, hope we can get started soon
  20. Loving my reverse harem while Accelerator's charrie isn't here yet *shotshotshot* Same here~~ x3