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  1. The forest was forbidding. Oak trees that had stood for a hundred years haunted the edge of the ancient wood spreading their shade into the field that was the boundary. This forest was mentioned in the map and all kinds of trees and bushes lay behind the oaks stretching for more than a mile and creating a darkness that held the secrets of unknown creatures and untold events. It seemed as though the ancient woodcutter did not want to ply his trade here. Even though the sunshine on the canopy the trees made it did not penetrate inside and there seemed to be no sign of life except the squirrels that bustled about on the branches of the ancient oak but even they kept to the sunny side. Birds could be see flying above the canopy but they were strangely silent as though even the birdsong was forbidden. You adventured here after a long journey of which your destination had not been reached quite yet. You heard cracking of leaves under your feet as you walked, once in a while consulting your map and compass.
    Suddenly you were taken by the light of the moon. The trees subsided here,just enough to have a small clearing. In the clearing was a small home made of stone and covered in weeds and plants, as if it was hoping to be camouflaged. Though the bushes and gardens that surrounded it, along with the stone working in the ground made the place apparent. Such a place didn't even exist on your map. Through the shutters in the window of the abode, though the view of it was mainly obstructed by leaves and bramble you could see light. How was that possible? Surely no one would be living in such a place, so far from society. Curiosity taking your interest, you approach it.

    (Your reason for being on the adventure is your own to think up. Also keep courtesy in mind;don't just break into someone's home without reason.)
  2. Raiden payed closed intention to the home. He was curious about who could be living in the ratchet place. Raiden was determined to find out. Raiden stepped to the door of the small home quietly and cautiously. He felt the device on his arm start to load itself up, just in case something were to pop up at him. He kept his golden sledge hammer at his side, ready to take it out of it's holster. Raiden knocked three times slowly and gently enough so whoever lived there could hear it. Raiden then stepped back a few feet and got in a slight fighting stance. He could feel his heart pounding as he waited for the door to open.
  3. The knocking was the rare thing that broke the silence of this night. Immediately, or nearly simultaneously, a high-pitched shriek could be heard. Following that was a hard "thump!" and then the sound of clattering, crashing, and shattering porcelain as if some fine china had been tossed, or rather thrown to the wood flooring of the home. Also you note the fact that it had then gone dark in the house. What exactly happened just then? It was baffling and worrying at the same time; someone could have been attacked, or, judging by the silence now, someone could have been killed! Bashed with a hammer, beaten down, stabbed, maybe. Only one way to find out.
  4. Raiden reached for the nob and twisted it was locked damn. he thought to himself. "Is everything okay in there!?" he asked with a worried tone of voice. "If I don't get an answer I'm coming and I'm armed!" Raiden took out his sledge hammer and got ready to break the door down.
  5. There was an odd, rushing sound of something possibly crawling across the floor inside. Straining your ears, you heard a small noise. Maybe a cat? It sure sounded something like a meow. In response there was a little "hush," and after that, footsteps. They could have been coming from the other side of the house, though, or maybe it was just the sound of the brush tapping the house, due to the wind. Maybe it all was the wind.
  6. Raiden, who was now more scared than he was before, hesitated to break down the door. After about a 10 seconds of pondering about everything bad that could happen to him. He lifted his golden sledge hammer and with one hit the door was blown down, and also cracked a part. Raiden set foot into the house holding his golden hammer tightly. "I'm inside now! I'm still armed!"
  7. Another small yelp. A girl huddled in the corner suddenly put her hands over her head, eyes clenched shut as if startled and afraid of the man entering her home. She looked simply.. pale. Her hair, her skin, both so light it could be possible to mistake her with a ghost, especially with the lights out. Her dress was somewhat old-looking, patched up and such. Looking around the room, it seemed to be a kitchen. Out-dated a bit, but there were cabinets, a table, a fridge, anything a normal household would have. Other than the light, which originally came from a certain lamp, which had somehow fallen over. There was also some broken china on the ground near the fear-stricken girl.
  8. "Are you okay little girl? I heard noises and screams..." Raiden paused and noticed she seemed scared. "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to protect you. I promise." Raiden approached the girl slowly.
  9. "I-I'm sorry..." She murmured silently, lowering her arms from her head. Glancing up, the glint of the moon caught to her face for a moment. Her eyes were, oddly enough, a bright red. But she looked thoroughly shaken, and the ounce of alarm this would cause a normal person would just seem unnecessary. She was just a girl. "You.. really won't hurt me..? I don't recognize you..."
  10. Raiden raised his hands a little. "I promise I won't." Raiden took a few more steps toward her. "You can trust me. I'm a hero to a lot of people back in the city. I promise I won't hurt you or let anyone or anything else hurt you. As long as your with me okay?" Raiden smiled a little. "It's okay."
  11. She nodded silently, looking up to him for a moment. She looked almost confused, suddenly asking such a peculiar pair of questions, as if she had never heard of half of what he said. "What's 'the city?' Is it somewhere in the forest?"
  12. Raiden looked at her in confusion. "The city? Big buildings? Hustle and" Raiden was surprised. She had no contact with the city at all! "Maybe if you come with me, I'll show you," he said
  13. She pouted slightly and spoke defiantly, defending the rules she felt she had to follow. "But I never leave home, I'm not allowed to! That's why the door was locked." She pointed in the direction of the door, and blinked, seeming to just understand that it had been shattered by the man. Jumping up the girl bounded to the open space that originally kept her inside, and peeked out curiously. "It's night time.."
  14. Eve ran through the woods the sounds of gun shots filled the air. Her name was being shouted but she ignored it and kept running. She hissed in pain as a bullet hit her in the shoulder but she didn't stop. She couldn't. Eve heard the shouting became faint as she made it the front spaces of a strange little house. Not knowing what else to do, she knocked on it,bracing herself for whatever opened that door.
  15. Raiden was distracted from the girl for a second and turned around to face hard knocking at a door. Raiden was confused. He thought he was the only one out there exploring in that forest. He reached for the handle of the door slowly, while gripping his hammer firmly just in case. He opened it to a scared girl, and let her in immediately. He had just dodged a few gun shots, then noticed the girl had been wounded by one. "Jesus what happened!?" he asked in alert.
  16. She jumped back slightly, letting out a squeak of surprise as a bullet whizzed by her, quickly ducking away from the door. After it was safely shut, she looked up, bewildered, also noticing another person in her home. "What was that!?" She asked, wide-eyed. She hadn't seen a gun before; why would she? No one came to a place like this, let alone armed. She scrambled to her feet once more, immediately noticing the wound on this new girl, looking quite worried. "Oh no, what happened?" Without hearing an answer she hurried to the cabinets, and pulled out what appeared to be a roll of bandages. She held them up, looking pretty unsure of the full extent of her injuries. "D-do you think these would work on that?"
  17. Eve looked up at the strange pair in front of her. " Yeah,long story short : men with guns don't like witches. I'm Eve by the way,thanks for opening the door. You two okay?" Eve asked them standing to her feet and straightening her clothes,a little bit suspicious of the twosome
  18. Raiden smiled at the which, for some odd reason. Raiden doesn't smile too much but looking at this attractive witch. "We're fine...the name's Raiden by the way," he said still smiling. He eventually snapped out of his weird, but minor and short trance, and turned back to the girl. "You are okay right?" he asked examining her for bullet wounds.
  19. She nodded instantly, "Yeah, I'm okay," before noticing the woman didn't seem too affected by her own injuries. She raised a brow slightly in curiosity, holding up the bandages once more. "Do you need this, or.. can your magic fix it.. something like that?" She hadn't met a witch before, that was for sure. In fact before now she hadn't had many unusual visitors at all.