Mistress- Rescued Neko RP?

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  1. Is any female interested in a Mistress-Rescued Neko RP? I'll be the neko.....

    Name- Nokey Umakay
    Age- 14
    Species- Neko
    Gender- Male
    Personality- Shy, quiet, playful, curious.
    Likes: Unknown
    Dislikes: Unknown
    Needs: New clothes that doesn't have to be fancy, A warm home, a kind person to take care of him.
    Looks like: Picture
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  2. i am you character is cute and intrestin
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  3. lol that made so much senes in my head but now that i look back at it it makes no senes at all i was saying i am intrested and i love your charater and would you like to set it up here or though pm
  4. Here is fine
  5. ok so whats the plot and my charater how would you like her to be
  6. Here the plot and you character can be anyone really.

    A young neko who looks 14 was recently abandon by his previous owner. He had no new clothes, no place to call home, no owner, nothing. Everyday he tries to be cheerful around people. But at night he always cries himself to sleep. Today he goes into an alley, finds a empty box and decides to sleep in it because he's small enough. Little does Nokey know, he's in for a big surprise.
  7. love the plot ^w^ and i will put my character up in a min
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  8. Name nanamai uku
    Age 19
    Gender female
    Ethnicity Japanese
    Pirsonality stuborn cares but does not like to show it hot headed at times smart polite and sly
    skills can get in your head and good with a sword
    looks like

    i was thinking to make it intresting she is a beam hunter shes the head of the family or something like that
  9. Yeah I think it will be
  10. good i thouht you might ok want me to take this to pm or from up to you
  11. Please post the Roleplay in One x One Roleplays, Roleplay Talk is forOOC discussion.
  12. ok X3
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