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  1. In the town of Misthaven, everyone has secrets. Dark things lie in people's hearts, and some people will do anything to protect themselves. A serial killer is at large in the secluded town, picking off their victims violently. One by one, the people of the town are dying.

    And this isn't the only problem. A seemingly dead patron of the town keeps coming back, wild animals are turning up slaughtered and anyone who enters the fog surrounding the town is found dead a couple of hours later. Death and deceit run thick through the town where everyone has something to hide.

    This RP will be both plot driven and character driven. While the focus will be on the relationships between these characters, it will also be on the killings and some other plot points.
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  2. I'm interested.
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  4. Tempting. If I don't join, I may still read.
  5. I'm interested.
  6. Colour me intrigued.

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