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  1. Context: We start the story with a sleepover.

    *I turn to look over at you*

    Its so cool your parents are letting me stay over the weekend. Gonna be great hehe. I've been needing a girls night or two for a while so again, thank you. You're a star hehe! *I smile warmly showing my appreciation at you*
  2. "Not really...I just came because were friends," Leslie stated, now smiling at her.
  3. "Well either way i appreciate it. Its nice" Jaimee then proceeds to turn to you. "What do you wanna do then?"
  4. "What do you wanna do?" Leslie asked kindly, smiling at her from behind her glasses and bright green hair.
  5. "Anything, i dont mind. long as i can spend some time with you" *She quickly trails off*
  6. Leslie blushed lightly, and she smiled more. "Anything specifically."
  7. "Hmm, not that i can think of hehe, how bout you, any ideas?"
  8. "Hmm..." She ended up shrugging.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.