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  1. Hello all! My name is Sarah (aka Scarlet or Misa), and I love to roleplay. I consider myself an experienced roleplayer (though I've been inactive for a few months) because I have been writing in roleplays for over 8 years. My interests are mostly video games and other gory stuff.

    I’m a bit more serious when I roleplay due to past roleplays where the lack of strictness lead to failure and sheer unpleasant experiences for me. But I hope to have fun while roleplaying. I can do either long term or short term. I am a college student and hopefully will get a job in the future so my schedule may change. I can be a bit of a grammar/spelling Nazi.

    I enjoy roleplaying in a few different settings, some including; post-apocalyptic, present day, supernatural (in almost any setting), medieval, different worlds, and sometimes a fan fic or two. Types of Characters I use and will RP with; elves (dark and light), vampires (if they sparkle they are pixies), wares, shape shifters, humans, demons (not too powerful), and sometimes half breeds (be reasonable no half vampire half human half werewolves or anything). I personally prefer not to do too much magic in RP's because it is way too easy to GodMod with them.

    Mary Sues are a No-No for me, if you don’t know what a Mary Sue is go here- http://www.springhole.net/writing/whatisamarysue.htm If you want help in learning if your character is a Mary Sue or help in making them no longer Mary Sues I could help. Go to this site to take a Mary Sue test- http://www.katfeete.net/writing/marysue.html

    If you have any questions still and/or wish to roleplay or be friends please message me on this site or on MSN- scarletkisses@hotmail.com
  2. \Welcome to Iwaku!

    It great to have you here!

    Please enjoy your stay. =^___^=
  3. Hello misa welcome to the forums. ^v^
  4. Hello, Miss Misa. It's good to meet you.
    You seem a little tense about the roleplaying thing, we but have tons and tons of people here to choose from and lots of fantastic roleplays with awesome players, so I doubt you'll have too much of a problem with that! Besides, everyone has something to improve on in their writing.
    Welcome to Iwaku, by the by, I'm Kitti. It's good to meet you.
    Take a look around, get comfortable with the site, and keep an eye out for the little projects and roleplays that interest you!
    If you need any help, don't worry about asking questions, we're happy to help out.
    Hope to see you around~
  5. Hi Misa. Is that Misa Misa like from Death Note the anime? That is a boss show.