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  1. World Navagation Panel District 1: Blaze's Plaza
    District 2: Market of the Four Races
    District 3: Atena's Shrine
    District 4: Harmony Neighborhood
    The Human World
    Missions Panel You have a mission in progress here or just looking around!
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    This is the special area where all the missions of Magica★Girls ONLINE will happen. All the locations (ICs) can be included here if that location has to do with the mission (for example, you can describe here the "Atena's Shrine" if you mission happens there). Nobody can post here, only when tagged by a GM. It's like: "You can see, but not touch until told". Don't forget to always tag the GM on every post for let your notification recieved.

    Also, notice that there's two kinds of posting expectations here: "Elementary" and "Give No Fucks" (believe it or not, it's called like that!). That last one, because there's some points in the missions that you actually don't actually need to post a full 5 sentences paragraph. And, remember, that posting expectation is only allowed in this section of the roleplay.
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  2. Hidden Mission: The Box of Memories Location: "Masks for Life" shop, somewhere in the Human World
    Magica Girl playing this Mission: Espianaj Hexla ( @Lu'Lexa Ashe Galaxy )
    Mission's Description:After entering Agatha's Mask Parade, you've noticed that Agatha, the owner of the shop, was desperately looking for something on her shop. She had a really depressed and sad expression, so you came close to her and asked her what was wrong with her. Agatha, glad that someone kindly cared for her, told you about her sad story and kindly asked you for help. As you agreed to help her, she remembered where she left the box and asked you politely to go to "Masks for Life", a masks shop right in the Human World. According to Agatha, that was the place where she remembered lefting her precious wooden box.
    Main Objective: Retrive the forgotten special wooden box that belongs to Agatha at all costs. Velma, the owner of the shop, may have the object.
    Mission Started!
    ||Actual Location: Blaze's Plaza||
    Current Objective
    :arrow:Go to "Mundi's Portal" and teleport to "Masks for Life", right on the Human World.
    :arrow:(Optional): Buy some useful stuff that may help you if you encounter Berserkers on your way.
    Completed Objectives

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