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    Atlia growled as she packed up for a few hours finding the things she would need. She finally went to her partners room "come on we need to go now" She said slowly as she walked toward the car she had and put her bags in the trunk and smiles gently. She watched her partner put his stuff in the back and started to drive off toward the docks of the Ports.

    Atlia smiles as she parked and looked at them gently as two guys looking at them gently "hey guys" she grinned gently and walked over and they chatted. The two guys nodded slowly "alright we can get you there in this boat" grinned and took them to a nice boat that they could sleep in . she smiles as she got them inside and then sat down looking at the files and sighed gently ,

    "they are all over the place" said slowly looking at the ocean that rushed past them and smiles her dress blows in the wind. it was a long golden dress that blew in the wind and showed a bit of clevage and chuckled looking around the place gently. she closed her eyes and leaned back, loving being on a boat. She looked at them all slowly ,

    "so shall we have aplan i might have a couple and Xander your choices and ideas mean alot as well" she muses gently her deep green eyes looking at him gently . She smiles gently as her dress blowing in the wind and smiles and looked at her fingers and chuckled softly.
  2. Xander glanced toward his door at the sound of Altia's voice and clicked his tongue. "I'm coming, I'm coming," he said, putting the rest of his stuff in the suticase. He then followed behind the woman, his eyes dropping to her ass every so often. He dragged himself from her body and started loading his suitcase into the trunk. After doing so, he climbed into the passengers seat and watched the road as Altia drove them to the docks. He wasn't exactly looking forward to the boat ride, he had been sea sick ever since he was a child. Though he never showed it, that would be showing weakness, something he couldn't afford to do.

    He nodded to the men once they were parked, they nodded in return. He followed them inside the boat, narrowing his eyes at the men who kept staring at the woman. If he didn't have control over his anger, he would have pushed them in the water and watched them frail around. He kept it down though, he rarely voiced his jealousy, he would annoy Altia if he did, he was sure. He was pretty sure she knew of his feelings, but in case she didn't, he didn't want to just come out and say he was in love with her.

    "They are," Xander replied, sitting down across from her and taking one of the files in his hands. "We have to pinpoint the most activity, because that's where we'll need to be. The highest activity will most likely be where their gang leader is," he said, opening his file and staring at the image in the top left corner. Neriko, the RedBlood gang leader. One of the most dangerous men he'd ever heard of, something about him seemed familiar, but he didn't comment on it. He stared at the picture, his eyes narrowing. He hated the man, as he had told his boss earlier that day.

    He looked up at Altia and noted the two men trying to stare down her dress, causing him to clear his throat. They looked at him and backed away a couple of steps, his expression scaring them just as he had planned. They didn't need to look at her like that, she wasn't a piece of meat. She was a human being, a beautiful human being, but a human being nonetheless. If they wanted to stare at a woman's cleavage, they could simply pick up a magazine, plenty would be printed there.

    "I think going undercover would be the best idea, someone needs to infiltrate their corporation." He stated, reading through the files. His eyes were intense as he took in every word, he needed to remember every single piece of information. "Though you may have come up with something better," he added, glancing up at her with a smile. They would soon agree on a plan, it was their process. They threw out some of their ideas and sometimes they agreed to mix them. It's how they worked, neither one of them was the boss, they were equals. Something rare in a partnership, that's what Xander always thought.
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    She thinks about that idea nodding gently "that could work but you need to remember that they are trained to kill. Maybe one of us need to stir up something in the town" she said smiling gently looking at the two guys that stared at them both. her eyes narrowed sharply and stood up slowly

    "Do any of you know this gang? I am sure you do" she said as she grabbed one and smacked him into wall sharply and took his gun away "you sent to stop us?" Asked.

    The male just shocked and shaking "he just said to bring you to the lair....his boat so you could be brought in for excustion Atlia " said weakly. She sighed and glares.

    "Well its not going to happen sorry you two will no longer be needed" grabbed them both shoving them off the boat calling coat guard pick them up.

    She looked back at her partner "well lets try to fool them but be careful they are deadly" she steers the boat twoard Russia smiling looking down gently at the necklace she had. She blinked as she watched the ocean pass them by and smiles gently. She let the wind pass her by and eyes widened hearing other boats and saw two boats behind them and eyes narrowed .

    "early home coming I see" mutters gently as she started to turn the boat around clicking a button and smiles as it made the weapons shone through and started shooting the bosat making them stay away and growled. She drove the boat backwards and kept firing weapons at them and then the boat engine caught off and scowled angrily.

    She watched as the boats came closer and grabbed a rocket launcher and shot it making one boat fly out of the water and glared at the other boat that circled them. She growled angrily and eyes stayed narrowed and annoyed. she saw two man on the boat and weapons pointed at them. she smirks "hey Xander kick it into over time " she said smiling allowing him to steer the boat and came out looking at the two males that looked startled . She shot on in the knee cap.
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  4. Xander Cross Image (open)

    If Xander wouldn't have been paying so much attention to the jealousy he felt, he would have figured out that the two men were actually there to stop him and Altia. While Altia dealt with the first one, he grabbed the second by his collar. He lifted him off the ground and glared. He wouldn't let the likes of low life gang members lay a hand on Altia, nor himself. He had heard the man say something and his eye shot to his partner, the man had said her name with slight respect. If Xander were in his position, he wouldn't be showing respect.

    When Altia came near, Xander let go of the other man and let the woman do her thing. It seemed personal in some way, he didn't understand it and as much as he wanted to ask questions, he kept them in. He'd wait for her to tell him when she was ready, he owed her that much. He watched as she threw the two men off the boat, a proud grin on his face. He was happy to call her his partner, he wouldn't have another if something were to happen to her and they couldn't be partners anymore.

    "I'm aware of how deadly they are," Xander said, the boats catching his attention when Altia looked behind them. "They don't know how to wait, do they?" He asked, shaking his head. He'd seen many blood thirsty people, the ones that wouldn't wait to have a solid plan, they would just throw themselves out there, setting themselves up for failure. Though he was sure they were sent to test him and Altia out, mainly to see what they were dealing with.

    He took hold of the steering and anytime Altia told him to turn, he did. This seemed to be her fight from what he could tell and he was always one to respect that. Though any chance he got, he took a shot. He had one hand on the steering and the other hand a gun, aimed for the other boat. If he had a clear shot, he would take it, if he didn't, he would let Altia handle it.

    "If they've been sent, I don't think my undercover work will help us," he called out, tsking in disappointment. They would already know what they looked like, going undercover probably wouldn't blow over well. "So, I'm thinking your plan is the best route." He stated, shooting off his gun when he saw a clear shot, hitting the man still standing in the shoulder.
  5. She sighed as the boats finally cleared up and fled. She sighed as now they where in the middle of no where the enegine had been shot through and no repairs. She hears something go off on her cell and picked it up "Herjio, Oh my god thank you friend I owe you one" smiles as she hung up and grinned at her friend "Come on we got a free fly to russia by my old gang friends" grinned as the helecopter came in and lowered the latter. allowing her friend up frist and then got on as well. She smiles getting in, a older guy with gruff voice and bread grinned.

    "We heard the shot and knew it must be an old friend" grinned the man looking at them. she smiles and nodded as they where flown to Russia smiling she thnaked him for the ride and they got out in a street to a hotel where they would be staying at. where in a few days the gang would be throwing a party for Christmas. She smiles as she got them inside and got them into two rooms "Alright room 280 for you and room 282 for me. Second floor" she smiles gently as she took her card and his and smiles gently. She knew he wanted to know why she seemed a bit uptight and she said on the evelavtor side .

    "My brother is the leader of this gang, He killed my mother and father along with my younger brother and younger sister. I was left to die but my friend Herjio took me in to the group and they trained and made me back togeather once more. So thats why i am a bit tense right now. this gang knows me and that might not be very helpful right now" said slowly looking at the door as it opened and stepped out with him and said.

    "But I intend to bring my family some peace , I will try to talk him out of being the leader if not I might need to do something else" she said and walked down and came to his room first "See you in an hour for dinner" she smiles and touched his shoulder "also look for anything in yur room thats odd or out of place" said and then left to her room/ She came in and smiles as her room was good and decent great view of the city. she went and took a shower after tareing the room apart looking for bombs or other weapons. finding none smiles and took a shower.
  6. Xander walked back to Altia and watched her talk on the phone. Sometimes he thought he was only a side character in the woman's story. The he didn't put too much thought into that, because it would only make him feel depressed and he hated feeling depressed. So he let it go and continued watching her. He couldn't help but feel jealous while she was on the phone, who was she talking to? Was it a guy, an old friend? He stopped thinking about it when she addressed him. He nodded and once the helicopter came, he climbed up without questioning it.

    He smiled at her and took his room key, putting it in his pocket. He leaned against the back of the elevator, his arms crossed as he stared off in space. One of the guys from the boat attack had looked familiar, he looked like one of his sister's exes. He was so busy thinking about the man, that he hardly heard Altia when she was talking to him. Once he figured out what she was talking about, his eyes widened and his face started to turn red. To say he was mad would be an understatement, he was beyond mad, he was fucking pissed.

    "And you didn't think to tell me or the boss? Altia, there are rules against missions connected to family!" He yelled, uncrossing his arms and taking a step toward her. "I'm sorry for what he did, believe me, I understand, but seriously? You can't keep that kind of information away from your boss, he wouldn't send you out if he knew," he stated, shaking his head. "He would have sent me with someone else, so they wouldn't be recognized, you being known could compromise everything!" Once he was finished and shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. He had never yelled at her like that, but he didn't regret it.

    He didn't say anything to her after he walked away, he just left it as that. Sure, he was looking for his sister's murderer, but that's because it was a coldcase and no one else was. They gave up on it, Altia is on a real mission, one that if they failed, could ruin everything. He unlocked his room and walked in, throwing his things down beside the door. He couldn't believe she would keep that to herself, she could have at least told their boss.

    He searched the room, but found nothing dangerous. He simply sat down on the bed and took a deep breath, nothing was out of place, so he could relax. He laid back and stared at the ceiling, miles and miles of thoughts clogging up his mind. He had probably pissed Altia off, but he didn't really care at that moment.
  7. His phone would ring aftet a bit of time on the other line was the leader of the orginzation and he said slowly "I sent her on the mission fully aware of who she was going up againsgt. The reason why she had to come with you is your would be dead if she had not gone with you" and with that he just hung up and left it at that. Atlia worked on the stuff in her room humming as she had regular clothing on as she made phone calls and nodded gathering alot more information about her brother. she then walked out of the hotel and walked down the street and sat down in a park and watched the snow and the windows light up with candles. She then smirks gently,

    "where are you sweet brother of mine?' asked slowly, to the wind that howled slowly. She smiles as it seemed to talk to her and shook her head and closed her eyes relaxed. She was sent to keep her partner safe not to ruin a thing. Most of the gang knew of her but they dared not to open their mouths in fear of her. Sahe walked bacj to the hotel and walked to her room and orders chense food not really wanting to leave that night knowing how dangerous it was to be alone. she ate her take out and did more work till she hears a knock on her door. she grabbed her gun and growled "who is there" snapped sharpy wanting to know who knocked on her door at ten at night.
  8. Xander didn't want to answer his phone, but apparently, he had to and did so. He didn't say anything to his boss, he didn't care what his boss said, he was in the right to get mad. He also didn't think he would be dead without her, because she was a good spy, but so was he. He sat in his room for a while, going through the files on his sister, jotting down notes he found important. He let out a yawn around nine thirty, he was starting to get tired. He had himself on a schedule, one that he tried following, to get an early start in the morning. A few minutes ticked by and once he was finished writing down valid notes, he tucked the files away and stretched as he stood up.

    He left his room and headed for Altia's, though he wasn't going their to apologize. He didn't feel like he had to and he wouldn't. She could have handled the spat like an adult, but instead sicked the boss on him. He knocked on the door and rolled his eyes when she got defensive, that wasn't subtle at all. "You sicked the boss on me? Really? All you had to do was come to me and explain, simple as that." One thing about Xander that would remain the same whether he loved someone or not, was the fact that he could get mad at them and tell them exactly how he felt on a subject.
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