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  1. The rain poured on a late Saturday night in Downtown New York as the young woman kept running. She was soaking wet to the core as her clothes were the same. A black t-shirt, jeans and a dark green jacket with many pockets.
    "What do you mean she escaped?" Doctor Lye shouted across the railing on the top floor to all of his other scientists.
    "This is the fifth one that escaped this month!" He growled then stomped into his office and grabbed a clip board that was placed on his desk. Studying it he read some of it out loud.
    "So, the things named Myra eh?" He looked at it some more. "All of our experiments have one genetically altered ability...hers is to manipulate electromagnetic fields..." He then looked around the roof before he slammed his clipboard down on the desk and walked back out to the scientists. "I hope the lot of you are happy! This girl can control any object around her! I want her weaknesses brought to my desk then an army sent to find all of the little bastards! Total lockdown is initiated to all parts of the city until we find them!" He then leaves again to his desk.
    Myra moved her long wet hair from her face as she leaned against a car and took a moment to think, however all she could think about was the constant prodding and poking of the needles in the unknown facility she was born in. She had no real family, no friends, no one to go to. She was alone, alone and in the rain.
  2. Wanting things to get exciting Lyle was kicking a can down the sidewalk. Nothing much had happeened lately, and he forgot his umbrella so he was completely soaked, not to mention freezing his ass off. Tonight had been a cluster of fail. He tried phoning a taxi. But ultimately dropped his phone in a puddle of water in the end. Not only that, he lost his wallet. Oh, he just realized he left his keys back at the bar. He groaned and turned around to see a girl running and lean onto a car. He started walking back that way and looked at her, to make sure she didn't have the expression of someone absolutly terrified. Which she did. "Hey...Is everything okay? Ie someone chawing you?"
  3. The girl turned to him not able to stop her shaking. Without answering him she looked down at her feet, trying to remember everything. All it brought her though was a headache.
    "Are you one of them?" She asked looking back up at the strangers face. "Are you a scientist? Or one of us?" She then looked at him "or are you just a human?"
    The thought of him not being like her seemed to have brought her to tears but it was the fact that she didn't know what to do was the reason for all of her emotions.
    Suddenly the streetlights flashed on and off slowly and continuously until they popped. She was sucking away the electricity out of fear. She then backed up even more into the car which turned on from her touch.
  4. "Them? Are you being chased" He was going to approach her when, streetlights flashed and popped and the car turned on. He hadn't the slightest idea what was happening, but he didn't suspect the girl. "C'mom let's go to the police. You'll be safe there."
  5. The apartment is about as close to the epitome of spartan as it is possible to be. In one corner is a mattress. In the other corner, a laptop with a printer. The walls are pale, simple white, the floors plain wood flooring.

    This is precisely the way the current resident likes it.

    He stands in the corner next to the only apartment window, a disposable phone pressed to his ear. The suit and the haircut looks expensive, but everything else is forgettable. Eastern and vaguely European if you had to guess the ethnicity. Something physical and vaguely professional if you had to guess the job.

    "We've traced the latest escapee," the voice on the phone tells him, "We need you to locate her."
    "Yes, vozhd," the man in the apartment replies.
    "Electromagnetic manipulation. We trust you are prepared?"
    "Yes, vozhd."
    "Good. This is already getting out of hand. We do not have a lot of time. I trust you understand the stakes at risk here?"

    The man in the apartment reaches into a closet and pulls out a leather briefcase.
    "Yes, vozhd."
    "We're not the first coming at this. There will be competition." The man in the apartment reaches into the closet again, withdrawing a handgun and a silencer with a deft, practiced motion.
    "This is not problem."
    "Good, then get moving," the voice on the other end of the phone says, "time is of the essence."

    The vaguely Eastern European man with the vaguely physical build reaches into the closet and withdraws a thick overcoat, slinging it over his shoulders. He begins to screw the silencer into his weapon with his free hand.

    "Yes, vozhd."
  6. "Rosanna...my names Rosanna...but you can call me Rose" the young woman said as the two walked towards the police station. "I know it sounds silly...but I can't remember much about myself at the moment..." The cold wind blew and Rose shrudders as she held herself. She was only wearing a white worn out t shirt with some jeans.
  7. He took off his coat and handed it to be. "Amnesia? Well, what do you remember, if anything at all?" He hopped over a puddle, into a larger one, splashing himself. " Oh come on!"
  8. The young woman smiled and held onto the coat. The dreaded rain had stopped but puddles were still around which splashed the man she was talking to as he tried jumping over one. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked into the puddle, she wasn't sure weather or not to tell him everything. All she could remember was her screaming, needles, faces and charts. She took a deep breath and with fear bubbling up she decided to take a leap of faith and tell him the truth. "A white room...needles, charts and...faces in blue masks...like doctors" she then turned to him and walked around the puddle, being afraid of it for unknown reasons.
    The two were at the entrance to the police station now.
    With the young woman's fear rising deeper and deeper within her strange things started happening. The police stations lights flickered on and off over and over again then finally went dark as well as the surrounding streetlights.
  9. What the hell...? Was she being experimented on? "Um...Do you need medical attention or something? That doesn't sound pleasant in the slightest." He opened the door her and dried his shoes on the mat. His expression was clearly worried, but he didn't want to hide it. He was truly concerned for this girl. Sounded like she had a rougher night than he.
  10. "Do...do you think I should? Oh my gosh...what if something is wrong with me?" Suddenly all the light bulbs in the Police Station shattered and everyone ducked to avoid the glass.
    That wasn't the worst of it, the computers started going crazy constantly shutting on and off.
    "What the hell is going on?" Diane, the chief of police shouted running into the room.
  11. He suspected it might be her...It didn't sound all too extraordinary, seeing as it sounded like shewas being experimented on. "Yo, Diane. Long time no see. I got a girl here. I think she was being chased..." He puts one hand on her head and pats it. "She also has amnesia."
  12. "Hey Lyle" Diane said then looked at the officers who were trying to fix the computers. "She was being chased huh? Hmmm" she stood there pondering for a moment before speaking.
    "Unfortunately we most likely wouldn't be of any help because the computers are down right now..." She then looked at Rosanna and kneeled down in front of her so that they were eye level. "What's your name?"
    Rosanna slowly turned to her terrified "Rosanna...my names Rosanna..."
    Diane studied her for a moment before speaking again "do you know what the people who hurt you looked like?"
    Rose looked at her some more, slowly she gave out the information.
    Diane's daughter Marissa walked up to her mom and blushed as she saw Lyle. She had always had a crush on him. "Hi Lyle" she waves.
  13. "Hey Marissa!" He smiled and gave her her a hug. "Been a while, huh?" He looked back at the computers. "Let me take a crack at em. I'm sure I could get them up and running."
  14. Marissa smiled then looked at Rose, jealousy was already blossoming within Marissa.
    However Rose wasn't concerned about that, she was trying to focus on her memories.
    Marissa walked towards Lyle, "so uhh, who's the girl?" She asked trying to sound casual about it.
  15. His became serious as he said,"She's my fiancee." He then grinned saying, "Just kidding. I found her on 5th. She was running, I think she was being chased. Also she has amnesia." He sat in a chair and laid his head back. " How've things been going with you Marissa?" He sat up and started trying to fix the computer.
  16. Marissa blushed with fury until he was joking then she cooled off when he said he was only joking. "Funny" she smiled "same humor as ever I see."
    Suddenly someone screamed, everyone turned to see Rose who had raised both her arms up. Blue electricity was buzzing around her arms.
    "What is she!" Marissa shouted, completely terrified.
    Diane ordered everyone to evacuate to the back door immediately as each computer was being drained. Marissa grabbed Lyles arm "we have to leave! She's dangerous!"
    The sleeves on lyles jacket that was given to Rose slowly burned as Roses arms were becoming more powerful. She looked at Lyle then everyone else before backing up into the door. Electricity was transferred towards the door with her touch making the door explode.
    Rose ran out as more cars turned on and off going nuts.
  17. "Rose! Wait!" Oh great...Now she's vulnerable. "Diane. Lend me your gun. I'm gonna go after her and I don't know who we'll run into." His face was full of determination as he stood up. "Unless you want to do it yourselves?" Lyle wasn't scared of her, as she seemed harmless. She was scared and didn't want to hurt anyone. He held his hand out for the gun.

  18. The weather has abated, leaving only the grim assurance of future rain as the vaguely Eastern European man with the vaguely Eastern European accent, dressed in the vaguely Eastern European suit, moves through its streets, battered leather briefcase in hand. There's a practised knowledge to his movements, an understanding of the city's infrastructure, as he heads towards the city's police station.

    Finally standing opposite the building, the man begins to study the comings and goings of those moving in and out of the station; his only relief is a packet of chewing gum, the pieces of which he chews religiously.

    He waits, patiently, diligently, like some silent warden, until people begin to pour out of the station in a panic. The vaguely Eastern European man snaps a phone out of his jacket and speed dials a number.
    "We are risking exposure, the longer we are waiting for the approval."
    "We still do not have a reply from central," comes the reply.
    "Wait any longer, all of city will be knowings what this girl can do."

    There is a pause.

    Followed by a sigh.

    "Very well. Do what you believe is necessary, Obie." Obie smiles slightly, reaching into his jacket and clutching the grip of the silenced handgun.
    "I am never doing anything less."
  19. Diane gave him the gun, she trusted him enough and she knew he had a license to carry a gun.
    Marissa ran up to him "I'm coming too"
    Diane looked at her daughter "no we need you here...you as well as Lyle knows about computers, we need to get them up"
    Rose kept running through the streets terrified and draining the battery of every building soon causing a blackout.
  20. "I'll be back. Just get the computers up Marissa." He turned and ran out the door and followed the trail of flickering street lights. He knew whoever was in pursuit of her, could not have given up so easily. Letting her get away with those...powers could ruin whatever those experimentations were."Rose! Where are you?" He looked frantically, wanting to reach her before someone else did. He cursed under his breath as he leaned against a building, exhuasted. "Doesn't...this girl...ever
    tire...out...?" He continued looking and kept the gun concealed, so as not to draw attention to him.