Missing Stories

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  1. In a land hidden far from humans, there is a city, filled by creatures of legend and myth. Things here are magical and unusual in more ways than one. In this city, fantasy comes to live and legend becomes reality. Things may occasionally seem quite normal, but if you take a closer look, you might find that in fact, many things here are not what they appear to be. So come, I will snow you the way. make yourself at home, find your own reality in this world of myth and fantasy. Welcome to Frimallia, home to all creatures real and imaginary. Come one come all, you are always welcome in my sanctuary for those who have lost faith n their stories and those who have been forgotten by they who live in a world filled with facts and logic, come to the one place left where dreams are real and hopes are what fill the air.

    Just walk through the front gate...
    And you will find that your story is not lost, but has only begun.
    Welcome friends and children, here you are safe. My name is Andranious, and if you need anything at all, I will be here, just drop an orb into the well and I will come to your aid.

    stock-footage-mystical-glass-ball-with-lights-dancing-around-inside.jpg (( these are the orbs with which you can use to summon Andranious. Just drop it into the well and he will come.))
    tumblr_m5f14pbTRO1rub2v3o1_500.jpg ((Andranious))