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  1. tumblr_m5f14pbTRO1rub2v3o1_500.jpg ( This is Andranious)
    ~~ Welcome to the lost City of Frimallia. Here, we keep watch over all the long forgotten creatures of myth, and I - Andranious- am the protector and leader of this city. I keep it hidden from the humans, and those who wish harm upon us. but there is no need for you to fear me as I am just about as harmless as a little old butterfly, I wouldn't hurt you if my life depended on it. Now come, you have much to learn and much to see. I understand you may be somewhat confused, but I will answer all your questions once you have been settled in. There is room enough for plenty, and there is always enough food and water for all. But stay away from the outer forest as dangerous creatures and fearsome beasts lurk beyond our limits.~~

    The City of Frimallia is home to all creatures of both myth and legend, and Andranious, the proclaimed leader and guardian of the city, is also mentor over an orphanage of sorts, where all the children stay. His reputation for being quite a softie is well known, giving him a way with children. And he is here to guide you, so please, make yourself at home.

    Welcome to Frimallia.

    No god-modding
    No Inappropriate content
    Basic Iwaku Rules Apply
    Limited to three characters
    Post limit is two to three paragraphs
    No Cursing
    No One Liners
    No humans
    No character death
    Keep violence to a minimum if you must

    CS ( will accept anything form myth or legend, all have the ability to speak, so it can be an animal or it an be bipedal, your choice.)

    Image (or description. But be very detailed):
    Any Relations:

    My CS-

    Name: Andranious
    Age: Unknown
    Image: ( is shown above)
    Species: Dragon
    Gender: Male
    Any Relations: N/A

    Name: Angel
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Unicorn
    Gender: Female
    Any Relations: Her Mother Crystal
    Unicorn-3.jpg ( This is Crystal, mother to Angel)
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    In human form, she would appear to be about the age of fourteen but she's much younger than that.

    Yuuki appears as a small fluffy white fox, the size of a full grown rabbit. It's not very difficult to mistake her as one considering her snow colored fur. In her human form, she has pure white hair just like her fur and ocean blue eyes. Although she cannot fully appear to be human, having fox-like features such as her ears and tail. She's usually in her fox form since she finds it more comfortable being in her original form.




    Any Relations:
    She doesn't remember her family so she always assumed that she had none.

  3. Accepted. Love it.
  4. Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to the roleplay's beginning ^^