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  1. "You'll have to be super careful, alright?" Her loving brother said, looking into Ashlyn's blue eyes as he wrapped her left hand. It was broken. In a car accident. Luckily, that was the only thing broken, besides the car... Other than that, just some cuts and bruises. Nothing too major.

    It helped that he was a doctor, and a good one at that. But at the hospital he could only watch as others took care of her. He also had to watch as the beeps on his parents' monitor turned into a long, high pitched sound.

    Ash nodded subtly, looking down at her hand as she gently bent her fingers, earning a small look of pain. "Alright. You're all wrapped up. I recommend you sleep on your right side..." He ran a hand through his hair. "You think you'll be alright in here tonight?" It was only her first night here after staying at the hospital for three days. She was now only speaking rarely, most of the time nodding and blinking in response. The shock never left her. It's like a movie, where you're in a crash, but both parents die instead of one.

    Again, he was answered with a nod. "Okay... my room's right down the hall. Yell if you need me. Night." He turned off the light and closed her door to leave a line of light into her new room, and walked down the hall into his own. He set a reminder on his phone to schedule a therapy appointment- for both of them.


    Ash sat up on the bed after tossing and turning, a light layer of sweat on her forehead, and her hair in disarray. Her hands soon made their way to her eyes as she felt tears threatening to spill. If only she could tell herself it's was just a dream...

    Creeeak, creeak....

    He opened his eyes a bit with awakening from his sleep. Someone was awake, and in the house.

    Ashlyn held her blue teddy bear with brown buttons for eyes and a red ribbon again her chest with her right hand, trying to silently make her way downstairs.

    That's the first post of my roleplay. I'm looking for the "he," who is Ashlyn's doctor brother! I will also need a therapist. If those two spots are taken, and you still want to play, make a character and tell me what their relation to Ash is (ex. Friend, neighbor, etc.) I WOULD LIKE to have the brother first then therapist, then any other characters you desire. YOU MAY HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER! Oh... if you are the bro, please have your character be at least 18, since they have their own house and job! :P Thanks lol

    PLEEEEEAAASE ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE ACTIVE AND NOT LET THIS RP DIE!! All of my rps in the past have died because people were lazy. Please don't be like that. But I understand if school is making you busy. Me too.


    NAME: Ashlyn Thompson
    AGE: 11
    RELATION TO ASH: She is Ash.
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT (OPT.): 4'5", 97lbs
    EYE COLOR: Blue
    HAIR COLOR AND LENGTH: Dirty blond, a little past shoulders, wavy
    BODY BUILD: Small
    MANNERISM(S) (OPT.): Biting thumb nails when nervous, avoiding eye contact when upset sometimes.
    ANY EXTRA INFO: Maybe tba


    Happy roleplaying! :)
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  2. NAME: Darren Thompson

    AGE: 27 (graduated medical school early, and got his internship/residency earlier then others)

    RELATION TO ASH: Brother

    6'2, 223

    EYE COLOR: Green

    HAIR COLOR AND LENGTH: Dirty blond (prematurely greying- maybe because of the stress), shaggy & curly

    BODY BUILD: Large, Muscular

    Darren is the best big brother a person could have. He is patient, kind, doting, and loving all wrapped in a large man who could beat all the guys who break his baby sister's heart. He always has his family at heart, even throughout his college life he was calling up home every other day. He is respectful to just about anyone, until he believes they do not deserve such respect from him. He is quite the chatter box when he is happy, and is quite the flirt on occasion. The only girls in his life are his family though. He is terrible with the date and time, and often loses track of it. He is forgetful about everyday occurrences, and often forgets where he places things.


    Checks his phone every twenty minutes or so, routinely.
    Blurting out the truth when he has the answer.
    He lives in a modest two story, two bedroom house.
    He has glasses because his eyesight is mediocre at best.
  3. Hi! You're accepted! I'll go ahead and start the thread, I thought I already did though lol. I'll be back with the link to it!
  4. I am not a doctor, whatever I say may be wrong if it has anything to do with that occupation. I blame the internet if it is. You have been warned.
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