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  1. I am Myalin Vaiz, but I go by Mya. My appearance is attached below, and this is my story.

    I wake up suddenly, looking around silently. Immediately, I notice you are standing by the door. I try to speak, but all that comes out is a cracked sigh. I close my eyes, taking a deep breath, which hurts..a lot. "Who..are you?" I ask quietly, my voice almost a whisper.
    Why don't I know you?
    Because I was in a car crash.
    I am the president's, Makov Vaiz, daughter. You are my bodyguard, and you have been since I was 2 and was put under the radar. Makov has forgiven you for this incident, but tells you that you need to get me home once I am well again. When I first entered the hospital, I was an unidentifiable, messed up, bloody corpse. I now look like I had before, but I am scarred, physically and mentally, because I have amnesia. I remember skills, like the piano, how to read a map, things like that. I have forgotten names, people, my own name, my own age, who I am, who my family is, my favorite things. Everything. Will you help me remember, or twist me to your own will? will you protect me, or let me die?

    ((Only 1 bodyguard, 3 enemies, 1 president, 1 president's wife, and as many civilians or others you want))

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  2. vladamir was her bodyguard. he was in the other car when the other car wrecked. he was the first to respond he tried to to get the presidents daughter. his right arm was burned badly. after the firefighters arrived it took them 2 hours to pull mya out after that they were both transported to the hospital. "miss mya youve been asleep for 2 months. i am your body guard vladamir," (appearance below)

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  3. I frown slightly in fear and confusion. Using all the energy I can muster, I push against the bed, painfully forcing myself to sit up as I lean gently against the headboard. I take another deep, agonizing breath. "I-I have a bod-dyguard?" I ask in the same quiet voice, looking at my scarred arms and raking my eyes over the white sundress they had put me in. I swallow, hesitantly pulling my knees to my chin and resting my chin on my knees. I felt drained.
  4. "miss mya you shouldnt push yourself. the doctors say it will be months even years before your back to normal. somewhat. they can fix your body but your amnesia they cant fix."
  5. I look back at you fearfully. "Wh..what happened...wh-why can't I..I can't remember anything.." I say, my voice shaky. I hug my knees only slightly tighter, biting my lip, scared, afraid, terrified-almost.
  6. Vane was the person doctor of Mya. He was a really caring man. He looked like he was old, but in reality he was not older than Mya.

    "Miss, is the man troubling you? You need all the rest you can have." Vane looked over to Vladamir and back to Mya. "Excuse me, i am Doctor Vane, your personal doctor and caretaker." He looked back to Vladamir. "Please make sure not to give her much stress. I'll be back in a few minutes." Vane left the room.

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  7. I look at Doctor Vane. "N..no.." I say quietly. "Ok-kay Dr. Vane.." I say, looking back down with a slight sigh. I looked around the room a little, taking deep breaths to stretch my lungs and to calm myself.

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  8. "Miss mya you should rest i will explain it all when your much better"
  9. "Miss mya you should rest i will explain it all when your much better"
  10. I thought over what you said before shaking my head slowly. "I..I'm too scared..to rest.." I say in an even quieter voice, closing my eyes tight. I didn't understand anything. All I was able to piece together was my name was Mya, I was in an accident that made me forget everything, I have a bodyguard and a personal caretaker...the thought made me whimper a little. What happened....
  11. Vladamir sat down next to mya "plz rest i will explain it all to you when your better" he said it his soothing voice
  12. Drake growled as he watched them through his binoculars from the roof of a few building away from the hospital. He thought that killing the president's daughter in a car crash would be a perfect way of revenge, but that damned bodyguard. The president was in his schools when he was a kid and was snobby, a show off and bullied him constantly. And he turned out to be the president. Drake didn't like that. He hated it, in fact. It'd taken alot of work, to hack into those roads at the exact time and find out which car they're in and she managed to survive. He chuckled to himself though, he'd kill that bodyguard, one way or another.
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  13. I sniffled a little, leaning against Vladamir. I was terrified. Nothing made enough sense, but sleep was overruling. Slowly, I started to fade back out, leaning against Vladamir as my breathing slowed and my body relaxed.
  14. vladamir put an arm around mya and whispered gently in her ear. "everything will be alright."
  15. I shift closer, relaxing more, feeling slightly safer. "P..promise...?" I mumble in a sleepy tone.
  16. "What the hell is going on in there?" Drake asked to himself as he brought out his laptop setting it onto the ledge. Within minutes he was hacked into the hospital's cameras and flicked through them until he found Myalin's. He was thankful that the camera had built-in audio and heard mumblings of reassurance. "Interesting..." Drake muttered, tossing his fringe out of his eyes as he continued to observe.
  17. President Makov walked into the conference room to the sound of applause. He'd taken a month of absence because of his beloved daughter's crash..it had thrown him so far off balance. Now, he was back, and he was serious. He had a job to do, and he was going to be sure that his daughter would come back to a brighter world. He sat down, and the doors where closed. The National Conference meeting began.

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  18. I fall asleep, my head rested on Vladimir's shoulder. I was warm, comfortable, and most of all, I felt safe. Despite the fact this was a fake feeling of security, it allowed me to sleep comfortably and peacefully.
  19. "Sleeping?" Liam asked as he continued to observe the laptop. His eyes slightly widened as he had an idea, instantly switching the cameras to the doctor's quarters. He easily heard the discussions. "Miss Vaiz has a serious case of amnesia and we don't have an idea when or if her memory will come back." one of the doctors said. Amnesia? Drake laughed. This was much better than he thought! He flicked back to the room of Mya and the bodyguard and continued to observe them. "I have to make a move on that bodyguard. He'll leave soon, she looks asleep." Drake said.
  20. After several minutes, I shifted, my head now resting on the pillow instead of Vladimir's shoulder. She curled up in the warm bed. Vladimir stood, leaving to retrieve water for her when she awakens because she had asked him too. Alone, she stilled, falling deeper into sleep.


    In the doctor's quarters, the doctors split up, going to do their rounds. Mya was off to one section, the ICU, and she was the only patient there at the moment. None of the main doctors for the patients checked on her.