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Missing in the Island IDEA

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Wizard Secretary Doxa, Mar 5, 2012.


Does this interest you?

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  2. It needs improvement...

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  3. Not my type of thing.

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  1. After hours and days of thinking I have come across to an idea for a Modern/Mature Rp.

    After an airplane has crashed into an island while going to the Bahamas, a group of people are fighting for survival. Most of them were survivors of the terrible accident while others died. They find their selves in an island that seems to be abandoned and deserted. All there is to the island are trees and a couple of species of animals but nothing more. The objective is for the survivors to find a way of help or to get out of the island using the resources around them( ex: what they brought in the plane and what the plane has...).

    [ Could have added more details but I just wanted to get straight to the point]

    Would any one find this acceptable for an RP?
  2. Interested. I would like to have a bow and arrow though, seeing as my guy would do some compediative archery.
  3. So, you were going to bring a bow into the Bahamas? Or are you making one in the island?
  4. Bring one.
  5. Alright if that is the case you would have to state in the post( If I get enough people to join and make a thread) why you brought the bow...cool?
  6. Yah. I can explain it as my character meeting an archery friend in the Bahamas. Sun, surf and arrows. Perfect beach.
  7. -grins- I might make this a jump in today after school
  9. Hehe thanks for the support Redy
  10. OMG!!! I'd LOVE to do this. (prolly cause i AM from the Bahamas lol)

  11. -hugs bassy- shhh calm down I will as soon as I get out of boring high school >.<
  12. xD i'll wait lol
  14. right now is 12:45..and I am done at 3 so >.< yeah 2 and a half more hours in hell
  15. Okay so then you will end school at nine PM in my time, if you post within three hours after that then I will be able to write a post today x)
  16. What time is it there now D:
  17. Almost seven PM
  18. Oh jeez >.< It is only morning in here, kinda
  19. pff, since when is one PM morning? xD