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  1. have you ever met someone wonderful, only to part ways and realize you don't know how to find them again?


    Tell me your missed connection stories!
  2. maybe not in that way you describe it. O_O But, there was a guy in high school that I think had a crush on me cause he sent me a little rose and card for valentine's day one year. But at the time I was so UNBELIEVABLY DENSE AND STUPID ABOUT BOYS I didn't recognize it for what it was until years and years later when I found the saved card in my box of highschool goodies. @______@ Then I kicked myself because that could have been a cute relationship had I known.

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  3. I was 14 and on vacation in Florida with my step-grandparents when I met this boy named Chuck at the hotel we were staying at. He actually noticed me and not my slutty cousin who was all over him the entire time. We spent most of the time hanging out at the pool and talking, and the day before he left he kissed me. He didn't live in Maryland where I lived, but he lived in PA, close to my grandma. He was going to give me his address and phone number the day he left, but my grandparents decided to take is to the beach that day and I missed him. :(

    And Diana's story reminded me of my high school crush! He wrote a poem about me and read it in front of oh English class, so the feeling was mutual. Then on graduation day he asked me to go to a party with him, but I had plans with my family. That was the last day I saw him.

    Kind of glad he was a missed connection. Guy posts all his relationship drama on Facebook and he's a Trump supporter....
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  4. Not personally. But I still have stories!

    Just 45 minutes ago a friend and I left an event and she only told me AFTER we left that she had her eyes on some guy she thought was attractive--and that she hadn't spoken to him. She probably told me after because she knew I'd make her introduce herself otherwise...

    I met one of my best friends (let's call her A) on an MMO and we both ended up pretty much quitting; but I logged into the game one day just for kicks and another old friend messaged me saying that A had told her to give me A's email should I ever log back in. So, basically, our continued communication was totally up to chance. We still haven't met in person but we mail each other holiday gifts and the like, kind of like pen pals. Funny how the world works.
  5. Thought this was like the craigslist missed connections..

    "We fucked around behind the gas station. Wanna see you some more"

    Otherwise.. So many people.. So many lost..
  6. I don't think I've actually had this issue much...

    Like I've met some interesting people briefly, but you meet interesting people all the time if you put yourself out there.
    I don't think there's any individual I feel particularly bad about not keeping in contact with much.

    The most likely candidate would be someone I met at ConBravo and ended up hanging out with quite a bit (and ran into again the following year). But even then we just got along decently well, and it was mainly just small talk and shit while we waited in lines.

    +Facebook is an amazing tool to keeping in contact with people.
    I usually make a point of adding people on there if I can. Exceptions being if they're not a person likely to use it, or don't like adding a ton of people.
    But it's usually those people where contact get's dropped, because if distance is a factor (which is usually is if connections get's missed) facebook is basically the way to keep in touch.
    Well, other than mass texting. But that usually results in conversations eventually dying out. Facebook even if you're not directly talking much, you're still decently up to date on what's happening with them and can make a lot of small talk with PM's, comments on posts etc.
  7. Vhen I was 15 years old, high-school. A resident class-room nerd vith a BIG crush on me. A real sweety, several times during exams he wuld sit next to me at my desk, and let me take peeks at his answers... safe to say if it werent for him, I'd have droped-out sooner then I had (was a realy bad student, had alot of issues). But I wuldnt make it easy for him, even if I liked him and thoght he vas cute, I enjoyed playing hard-to-get, in those days, I liked to tease him for his shyness (actualy a understatement, I'v never met anyone more sensitive and timid in my life, he vas the kind that wuldnt hurt a fly), and I waited for him to develop the nerve to actualy ask me out. He never did, in fact I just pushed him away. Or maybe he vas just scared of that punk/rebel persona I vas in-to back then, all chains, leather, goth-makeup and BAD attitude. These days vhen I think back on him, I cant help but wonder vhat it wuld have been like if I actualy given him a chance.

    Oh wel.
  8. I went to an Architecture Camp this summer.

    I met three kids. They were the type of kids who would never associate with me. You know, the popular kids that everyone thought are awesome, and we're just the guys everyone wanted to be like? Not the type of person to associate with the quiet, calm, kid who was always listening to Coldplay or Classical and reading a book.

    Well, on day one, these kids became attached to me. Not to bully me, or to do anything, but they wanted to be my friend! They invited me to join their group, they had these small gatherings every night in their dorm room (it was on a college campus.) where I was sort of the center of attention. They asked me questions about stuff the had, we all laughed and joked, and we just had fun. They even woke me up in my room all week so we would not be late for anything.

    They were the coolest guys I've ever met, and they even said 'I'm gonna miss you most of all." When they got off the bus to get on a train to their home.

    I wish I had gotten their cell numbers before they left, I would love to find them again. That was my largest missed connection.
  9. Immediately I remember this one time several years back when I used to go to some Christian Summer camp somewhere (back before I became an Atheist). I met this really Awesome girl; we hung out, had a lot of fun, and it was bloody great. Definitely one of the more pleasant social interactions of my life. The next day, however, I was unable to find her and I spent the rest of my time at camp wondering where the hell she had gone. Nowadays, whenever I think back to that time, I'm paranoid that she might've been avoiding me because she secretly hated me or something. Curse my low self esteem for poisoning such happy memories!

    Honesty, given how bad my social anxiety is and how much of a nightmare it is for me to interact with people, I've probably had more missed connections than I'm even aware of. I kinda don't wanna think about how many potential friends I've missed out on, it just makes me sad. :(
  10. Her name was Emily.

    After moving back to my home town last year and picking up a hard, but well-paying job, the concept of finding someone to spend time with was still low on my priority list. I went to the little hair salon in Walmart for a cut one day, the woman who worked with me was about 2-3 years younger, almost a 7-9 inches shorter, a little geeky looking, and 100% my type. We ended up talking, about the usual shit first, then an entire discussion on history. What was a 10 minute cut, (I have short hair), turned into an hour of nerding out over history. At the end of it, when checking out, she asked if I wanted her card. I said yes, and watched her flip it over to write her cell phone on the back of a business card. Feeling quite good about myself, I went to the car and drove home.

    I never found that card.

    I still continue to go back to that place monthly, but I never saw her there again, sounds like she left for school shortly after.
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  11. Met a nice girl when I was super young on this Japan group tour who sat behind me on the buses, we became fast friends. I don't even remember her name now but she spoke Cantonese and we played games together when we were taking breaks. Our parents were pretty friendly with each other as well. Don't know where she is now but I wonder sometimes.
  12. Well, lots of connections I miss from music school, but at the same time not.

    There's this one gal tho, she used to always attend morning classes with me before. I guess after we switched professors we drifted apart... I guess during the summer I just lost her forever, probably.

    Can't remember much at the moment.
  13. Suffice it to say, I was naive, but I turned down someone because I was already in a relationship (and being cheated on -- whoops!) because I was trying to play it good. Now I know better -- if you're in a failing relationship and someone like that comes along, you gotta ditch fear and go for it. I do regret the lost opportunity, but it was a life lesson. I was at Maryland and my girlfriend was in Edgewood, and it was very long distance and she was messing around with at least one other dude, though I was actively suppressing that mentally and pretending like it was a healthy relationship.

    Knowing what I do now, I would have dumped my girlfriend in a milisecond and jumped for even a wild weekend with the lady in question, and regret not doing so. I also don't judge people that cheat so harshly because I understand the impulse in a sense -- harsh moral judgment is for people who have never tried anything and therefore haven't failed at anything. I don't have any dislike for the ex in question either; she eventually moved to Michigan and popped out a kid and I guess she's okay. No idea where the other woman went...

    Edit: Also, had a coworker give me her personal number and someone I met at a professional function do the same, outside of her work contact info, just haven't moved on any of that, because I'm not exactly Mr. "Carpe Diem" on this stuff. But the person I was taking out for stuff just got a job that keeps her entirely out of doing anything on a normal schedule, so I suppose I could get cracking.
  14. Read this story aloud, roommate commented "that's so sad . . . I had that happen with food once"
  15. Fucking public transport.


    I guess I'd be amiss to deny it, but I don't have any good stories to go along with them. So instead ya'll got this shitty joke.
  16. A few.

    The first one I did end up finding again, she was HILARIOUS. But after school, we lost contact, and I couldn't find her. Turns out, she was using her nickname on facebook and not her real name XP

    Now for ones I haven't met again.
    1. She was pretty cool and nice, like even MORE cheery and nice than Diana o.o (She was too nice actually, I mainly loved action packed RP's and she wasn't a fan of violence in the slightest. Actually, we only became friends because of our goofiness. Our first PM talk XD Coulda been so awkward if I decided to say no to her question XD So we We mainly roleplayed in in PM. Why PM? Take a guess XP But she vanished so that went to a stop, and I ended up not going to that forum much anymore. I kinda found out where she ended up through mutual kinda friends, but the place she was at was EXTREMELY complicated... And not my kind of community o.o (more of the sexual side XP)

    2. You know how they say you cannot get along with yourself? Well that is true... Just not for me ^^. This girl was HILARIOUS! She was often called my clone, and we were a little destructive together, but it was all for good fun XD My boss and I actually forced her to be a hyper mod (Basically an admin) she refused but we knew she secretly wanted to XD. But something happened in her personal life and she had to vanish DX DX DX DX That was a big shame for all of us. My other buddies because she was SUPER FUN AND FUNNY, yet very proficient (Just like me) and a shame for me, because she was mah clone DX Let me tell you how difficult it is to find people so close to my personality, it's fairly difficult. I've found about 3 girls that came close, but had ONE trait/ideal that just didn't make things work out XP
  17. I think those times I've met someone really cool on omegle but never got their contact information.
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