Miss Robichaux's Academy

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  1. It was a new year. The new supreme had just been chosen a few months ago. Emily Luchenball, a witch of 28 years and highly loved and known through the other witches. well, minus the few that tried to kill her. Emily loved the academy, she grew up here, she was accepted here. This was her home and she couldn't think of a better place to live he rest of her life.

    Emily walked into her academy. Renovations for the new girls had just been finished. She couldn't have been happier with herself. She was so excited to see her girls. Being the new supreme meant that she had to be the best example of a witch for these girls. She couldn't wait to start training and meet the girls. She walked down the corridor her heels clicking on the newly hardwood floor. The walls were white and a black chandelier hung from the ceiling in front of the stairway. The main stairway was big is went up about 6 steps. The divided off into two more sets of stairs the spiraled around the top floor. The room were upstairs 4 on the right, 4 on the left. Each room had two bunk beds. Which meant the school could hold a total of 16 girls. Her room laid at the end of the hall with tall wife double doors. It had been the same room that her supreme had slept in. The help stood in the dining hall in a line. The girls would get there any moment. Emily walked around the living room. Pictures of past supremes starting from the very first. Walking up to the picture of her supreme she placed her hand tenderly on the frame. She wasn't sure if she was going to be able to be as successful as her supreme. She inhaled the scent of the new house. "It doesn't smell very nice in here...more like paint and dust." Emily moved her hand across the room and the candles that were placed around the academy all lit. The help smiled at her. One of the maids walked over to her and quietly said. "The girls are ready to come in Miss Emily." Emily nodded and walked to the base of the stairs and nodded at the maid to open the doors.
  2. "Dove are you absolutely sure about this?" The bubbly blonde simply nodded, one of the brightest smiles meeting her face.

    Taking one step forward, her mind was abuzz. Two steps forward and it only seemed to be accelerating. The constant hum in her brain, could have her shouting to the heavens about how truly excited she was. Heart thumping against her rib cage, mind focused on only one thing. Bright blue eyes darted between the various girls that stand by the door, showing off her pearly whites as she nodded her head to acknowledge them. She could jump out of her shoes at this point, everything about this new experience brought her hope for a future with her powers. What if she had the ability to become the new supreme? Oh gosh. What an amazing thought! Holding in her squeals of excitement as the doors were opened, to reveal the beautiful woman standing behind them she simply bit down at her tongue and rocked on her heels. Filing in along with the rest of them, she couldn't wait to learn more about this place, these people, everything!

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