Miss Robichaux's Academy

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    Miss Robichaux's Academy
    Welcome, Ladies to the academy for gifted girls.
    You have been invited to come to this academy, due to the abilities that you as a young witch posses and the current supreme has come to notice these abilities, for her self or through a source, whether that source be your parents, a member of the council or by you sending in a letter to request to join.
    This school was designed to take the girls it is given and help them discover their true potential as witches. At the end of every year a new supreme is chosen and the old one dies. The witch in question for being the next supreme goes through the test of the 7 wonders. This includes Telekinesis, Divination, Pyrokenesis,Vitalium Vitalis, Concilium, Transmutation, and Decensum. The girls at this school over all are competing to become the next supreme, but each witch is treasured just as much as the next one.
    Student Agenda:
    >You will be taught the history of academy and role in its future
    >You will be taught how to become better at your abilities and also study the powers and abilities in which you hope to posses
    >You will unlock your full potential
    >You will survive
    Life as Student:
    *You will be given a room to stay in, this room includes you and one-two other girls in which you will share it with.
    *You will wake early each morning to begin lessons
    *You will make friends, and enimies
    Life as teacher:
    *You will have a group of girls that you will instruct.
    *You must keep these girls alive.
    *You will help discover who the next supreme is
    The help:
    Some people (3-4) will be able to play as the help, if you choose to do so you will be the one that keeps the Academy clean, you will also have to put up with these girls attitudes and problems. As the help, You have to have something creepy about you, whether it be a strange pedophile problem that you keep in check with a collection of pictures of the girls, or a collection of dolls, or you have a obsession with blood or something like that.
    The Supreme:
    Anyone is able to submit a request to play as the current Supreme. You will be the head of the school and you will in the end decide who the next Supreme is and you will have a special bond with this girl, considering she is taking your very life source as soon as she enters the building. though who she is is very unknown to you until much later in the rp.
    Member of Council:
    The council will a group of 3-4 people that will live in the house but be very very descret. You will have no significant role unless a problem is to arise with in the staff or with the supreme. Unless you really want to have this a character, I will just ask people to have it as a sub-charie in case its ever needed or I will just play as the council when they are needed.
    Character Sheet:
    Age: (16-20)
    Way of entering academy: (reguest, sent in letter, sent in by parents or council)
    History:((Student: Where did you live prior, how did you come to find out you were a witch, what was your life like outside of the academy)(Staff: How long have you been at the academy, what was the academy like when you attend, how did you discover your witch abilities)(Help: How did you become the help, life prior to being help)(Supreme: Life before academy, during academy, how did the seven wonders test go for you.))
    Peeves:(what really ticks your character off)
    Fears/worst nightmare:(needed for seven wonders test)
    Appearance:(picture and description: must include facial and body appearance as long as you characters style)
    Sample post: (supreme app. only)

    *follow all of Iwaku rules.
    *you are allowed to kill other characters but you must discuss with me and the character you plan on killing prior
    *if you want to be killed off, let me know, i can make it happen
    *Everyone is allowed to kill everyone, must be probable cause though
    *no god-modding
    *be respectful when not in character

    ***Supreme character sheets MUST be pm'd to me!!!!***
    ***Yes you may have more than one charie***

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  2. Alexandrine Bell
    Feline Manipulation and Feline Physiology

    Way of entering academy: Her father sent in a letter
    Alexandrine was born to Charles and Marie Bell in Paris, but they moved to the states almost immediately after she was born. They never told her why, but Alexandrine knew that it had something to do with her mother being a witch. From the time that she turned five and displayed magical affinity, Alexandrine's mother trained her daughter in the art of witchcraft.
    When Alexandrine was eight, her mother died while out in her feline form. Alexandrine's father was tasked with raising his daughter, but as she was magical and he was not, it was very hard for him. Due to the circumstances of her mother's death, he forbade her from transforming into a cat, but soon his daughter's disposition and mood began to change drastically. Eventually he allowed her to use her powers but only under the condition that she went to school and learned how to use magic responsibly.
    Personality: Alexandrine is a headstrong young lady who prefers to be seen and not heard but not in the way you would think. She is an observer not a talker. She likes to slink about behind the scenes and gather her information from afar.
    However if she needs to speak, she will and she will not be silenced until she shares her view on things and gets her point across. She can be quite harsh and critical when she does this, and so her social circle is quite limited, due to her frequent scathing remarks.

    Pet Peeves:
    • People who let their dogs do anything and their only excuse is 'He/She's only being friendly!'
    • Two faced people.
    • Bribery
    • People who sing loudly and obnoxiously.

    Fears/worst nightmare: Being locked into a place and not being able to escape.
    Alexandrine is a tall and lanky girl with medium brown skin, dark brown eyes, and short black hair. She has thick eyebrows, and dimples on both sides of her mouth, her eyes are usually lined with coal eyeliner and the only other make up she wears is lip gloss.
    Her style is usually gray or black skinny jeans with plaid shirts, buttoned all the way up to the collar. As for footwear she wears short cut boots all the time, no matter what the temperature or weather.
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  3. okay so by your characters style I mean like alternative, goth, prepy, emo, athletic. Like if this were highschool what click would you fit in.
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    Hello there.

    Are you still looking for members to join this particular roleplay?
  5. yes indeed.
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    Yes, sorry, I forgot about this rp for a moment. She'll be finished either today or tomorrow.
  7. Alyssa Matthews
    Alyssa Matthews | Ally or A&W | 17 | Student

    Alyssa is a very charming young woman. She has white colored, blemish free skin and a bright, whiten smile. She has long locks of blonde hair that cascade down to her mid back and she usually keeps it straightened or ties it up into a high ponytail. Her eyes are a bright color of blue and are accented by her beautiful, normal length eyelashes. Alyssa is a girly girl, so her clothing attire is color coordinated and she has a purse for almost every single outfit that she owns. She usually wears loose clothing but sometimes wear tight clothing, just depends on the matter - Even when she decides to wear a dress.

    Alyssa has the ability of an Empath. She can sense others feelings and emotions and make them into her own. She can also make other people feel her own emotions and place her emotions upon that person.

    How did you learn about the academy:
    Alyssa was requested to join the academy by her mother, who is also a witch. So, days and days after fighting her mother that she is not going, she finally decided to give the academy a shot.

    Alyssa hates sarcastic people. She literally cannot stand them.
    She doesn't like for things to be disorganized.
    She hate it when people talk with their mouth full.
    She doesn't like backstabbers.

    Alyssa fears that another witch hunt will ensue and she will be killed, along with her friends and family.
    She is terrified at the thought of being burned at the stake.
    She is scared of snakes and spiders.
    Alyssa is also very afraid of heights.

    Alyssa is a very nice and care free type of person. She likes almost everybody and everything. She is also very friendly towards others even animals. She is Eco friendly. Alyssa is a sensitive person and let's things get to her really bad. She tries not to let her sensitive side show but cannot help it. Like all people, Alyssa hates one trait about herself. She is naive, meaning that whatever someone tells her, she believes. Though, she does a little research and background check now but sometimes she'll just run with whatever someone has told her.

    (Will write later?)
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    Nene {Ne-nay} Anderlock
    Healing: Nene has the ability to heal anyone or anything, including humans, plants, or animals. She also has the ability to mend any inorganic or inanimate object.
    Her mother attended the school.
    Nene was born to w Witch, so it was assumed that she would be one too. When her abilities finally manifested, her parents couldn't have been more proud. It wasn't a very dangerous gift, so she was fine around other people and her parents didn't worry much about her. They did tell her that no one was allowed to see her using her powers. Finally, when Nene was old enough, they sent her to the school her mother went to.
    Nene is quite the optimist. She is bubbly, kind, and always looks on the brighter side of things. However, Nene is not one for being in the spotlight. In fact, she prefers to stay in the background without eyes on her. However, around friends, Nene does not hesitate to open up and be happy. Nene does have a problem with actually telling people how she feels though. She usually just wears a happy face, so people don't know how she's feeling. She tends to avoid any empaths for this reason. Nene doesn't hesitate to help people, especially when they obviously need it and does not tend to hold grudges.
    Anything dirty
    Fears/Worst Nightmare:
    Standing at 5'2", Nene is very short compared to most girls, something she doesn't really mind. Her style can easily be described as classic. She only ever wears skirts or something modest.
  9. @Cyline
    Accepted. I love her :)

    I want to get at least one more student. Before we start.

    I will play ad the current Supreme since no one has sent me anything on wanting to play her. I will make her character sheet right now so you guys can see her.
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    Emily Luchenball
    (Miss Emliy)

    Emily posses all seven wonders. However her most powerful power is the power of Vitalium Vitilus. She can bring life into things that were once dead and can enhance the livleyness in things dying.
    Emily went to the academy when she was young and was chosen to be the next supreme after she had completed the seven wonders with flying colors. She was one of the most beautiful witches her supreme had ever seen. She was happy to be the next supreme, even though some of the girls were jealous of her as they found out she was to be tested. She even had death threats and assination attempts. She grew up in the academy after the council found her in a psych ward that her parents put her in after bringing their dog back to life after getting hit by a car. She loved her life their and felt more at home and has made it her goal to make sure the next witches that she brings up feel just as much at home.
    Entrance in academy:
    Emily was put into the academy by the council after being found in a psych ward.
    Emily is very sweet and kind. She is understanding and has a big heart. She is open minded and is a good listener she cares very much for people and that can sometimes make her gulible. When need be she can be very stern and strick. She can come across rude and well...a witch when she is scolding you.
    Emily always wears dresses ussualy lace. They are normally short, but never show too much cleavage, or short enough to show her butt. She always is very fancy and dressed very high class. Her hair is always straight and is either down or in a bun or a high ponytail.
    She hates mess and disorganization.
    She can't stand when a girl doesn't respect her body.
    She doesn't like rude pwople or pervs.

    She has a fear of death. She fears that someone will kill her and her girls out of fear or anger.
    She is also afraid that one if her girls will die while training for the seven wonders

    Sample post:
    Emily walked into her academy. Renovations for the new girls had just been finished. She couldn't have been happier with herself. She was so excited to see her girls. Being the new supreme meant that she had to be the best example of a witch for these girls. She couldn't wait to start training and meet the girls. She walked down the corridor her heels clicking on the newly hardwood floor. The walls were white and a black chandelier hung from the ceiling in front of the stairway. The main stairway was big is went up about 6 steps. The divided off into two more sets of stairs the spiraled around the top floor. The room were upstairs 4 on the right, 4 on the left. Each room had two bunk beds. Which meant the school could hold a total of 16 girls. Her room laid at the end of the hall with tall wife double doors. It had been the same room that her supreme had slept in. The help stood in the dining hall in a line. The girls would get there any moment. Emily walked around the living room. Pictures of past supremes starting from the very first. Walking up to the picture of her supreme she placed her hand tenderly on the frame. She wasn't sure if she was going to be able to be as successful as her supreme. She inhaled the scent of the new house. "It doesn't smell very nice in here...more like paint and dust." Emily moved her hand across the room and the candles that were placed around the academy all lit. The help smiled at her. One of the maids walked over to her and quietly said. "The girls are ready to come in Miss Emily." Emily nodded and walked to the base of the stairs and nodded at the maid to open the doors.
    ((Yes this will be the first post as well))
  11. [​IMG]
    Dove Lennox // 18 years old // Student
    Mind Manipulation, Telepathy, Luring
    In hopes of learning new ways to harness her powers, she asked her grandmother to send in a letter of recommendation.
    A mother who was never able to use her powers and a father who was a strict religious man wasn't quite the ideal family for a small witch just learning to harness her abilities. At the age of seven years old, she began to truly show her abilities by tapping into her brothers mind. Her father was furious telling her that she was insane and needed a proper cleansing from the evil inside of her. Her grandmother would not tolerate such treatment and soon won custody over her, leaving her in the hands of a old woman who knew much about the history and other things that came along with being a witch. Excitement and glee from the small girl was shown, and throughout her years there she learned to control her powers with an upper hand. Though her abilities aren't amazing yet, she wishes to give schooling a chance and see how far that will take her.
    An exuberant and overly excitable girl, one that shows loyalty and love to everyone she comes across and never wants to hurt anything, not even a fly. Only ever looking for ways she can be helpful and kind to her friends and the people around her, she has grown to be a little weak minded. Though she is a sweetheart sometimes she can possess a rough edge, betrayal is not something she takes lightly too and will ultimately seek revenge on that person in the end. Of course being the nice person she is, she goes through silly measures to make things worse for herself and the other and it never does end up working. Though she is wise and well balanced in her characteristics, sometimes she can be a tad out of control with her emotions.
    ♥ When people find a reason to baby her.
    ♥ Being interrupted when doing something of importance.
    ♥ Not looking her very best.
    ♥ Overly-flirty men/women

    ♥ Death
    ♥ Her father
    ♥ Falling in love

    A pale girl with a quickness to burn in the sun, bright blue eyes that remind some of the sky, blonde hair that reaches a little ways past her shoulders as well as recently dyed brown tips. A natural pout on her lips and a button nose, she has been told she looks somewhat elfish. Though she stands at 5'3 and is quite averagely sized, she has strangely small feet and hands. She wears a lot of makeup, her favorite being mascara to accent her already long lashes. Her style is very cutesy, including frills/ruffles/bows/sparkles and floral patterns along with a variety of other things. It's not entirely childish, but she does really like to show off her femininity.

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