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  1. Hello~ My name is Little Miss Nova, but you can call me Miss Nova for short. I'm going to keep this short and sweet, alright? I'm simply looking for a long term Roleplay partner that posts at least once a day, posts more than 3 simple sentences with decent grammar (no one is perfect), and shares their ideas with me. I know I'm asking a lot here, but if any of the fandoms below interest you, message me in a private conversation. I look forward to hearing from you~ <3

    **Undertale or any of its AUs
    *Soul Eater (Haven't watched it in a long time)
    **Wakfu (Recently finished season 2)
    Durarara or Durarara x2 (Finished a little while ago)
    Hellsing (I haven't watched this in ages)

    (Canon X Oc or Oc X Oc is preferred. I cannot play canon characters for they are quite limiting. Two asterisks mean that I'd love do a Roleplay based on that topic and one means that I'd still like to do it but not as much as the others...)
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  2. You might want to move this thread over to the Seeking One on One thread, you might get more views over there. c:

  3. I don't know how to move it and I didn't see a one on one interest check anywhere.. ;-; I haven't been on here in ages so I don't know much about this site anymore XD
  4. No worries, you can always ask an admin to help you out-- I think they could move it for you. Otherwise, I included a link in the first post that should take you to the thread. c:

    Good luck.
Thread Status:
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