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  1. The tavern emits a warm glow to all who pass, enticing them to join in the revelries that can be heard from behind the closed oak doors. It is run by a human woman named Amelie Brightsea. Her adopted daughter, Kezia, helps whenever she can but does like to party with the guests. There is wine, mead, and whiskey to be had and rooms above the main room to sleep or get to know another patron. There is always loud music and everyone is merry. No fights are permitted within these walls.
  2. Kezia sighs under her breath as she impatiently wipes down a table and waits for the night's first patron.
  3. A girl, clad in blue wanders in. She Heads for the bar, and quietly orders a mead.

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  4. Kezia hands the girl the mead and flashes a smile. "Welcome to our tavern! I hope you find your visit quite enjoyable."
  5. " Thank you" Rowan takes the mug and sips at it. She watches the younger bartender with curious eyes.
  6. Stepping out of the forest the tall woman entered the town. Her ears picked up all sorts of sounds, noises from the local inn, townsfolk still selling the last few of their items before making their way home for the night. Friends giggling as they joked with each other, couples muttering sweet words to their significant others. The night was crisp, the air cold. It didn't greatly affect the woman, her blood was practically burning, it always had, since she had broken free. Nonetheless she was dressed for the brisk weather. A long black coat which hung just centimetres from the ground, black fur with hints of grey adorned the cuffs, collar and bottom of her jacket. A hood covered her face, loose wavy black tresses with a hint of silver within them spilled from the hood. She smirked as she walked forward, her smile was sharp, fangs noticeable but just barely. Her boots clicked as she walked ahead.

    It seemed like the tavern was the place to be at the moment. She brushed passed a young lass as she entered the bar. The establishment seemed rather empty, quiet and peaceful. She was sure that the tavern would slowly fill up, the night was still young. The tall woman stepped made her way to the bar. Sitting down she removed her gloves, her fingernails were painted a soulless black. Runic markings and tattoo's adorned her hand. The symbols actually adorned her whole body. Thin ribbon like silver chains were wrapped around her hands, starting from her middle finger wrapping around her wrist and continuing up her arms. The chains too were wrapped around her whole body. Beneath the thin silver lines her skin was scorched. It did not hurt her anymore but it had when the chains had first been placed upon her body.

    Removing her hood the smirk remained on her lips. Her face had been revealed to the bartender, few symbols adorned her face as her eyes burned a bright orange/red, like fire.it was brief before fading to a more human hazel/green colour. Her jawline was strong, her features attractive and sharp. She raised an eyebrow at the bartender with a slight nod. "Good evening." Her voice was sweet a slight rasp within her words. "May I have a glass of your finest wine?" She requested.
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    Deep in the woods was a hut. It was perfectly placed; away from large trails let alone roads, no one was bound to stumble upon it even by accident. The hut was inhabited by a family on exile from a violent vigilante known as Udo Neder, also known as 'The Khan' by the few friends he has and his allies. Aside from the dark platemail full body armor he wore excluding the helmet, he also wore a black cape with his insignia, red sword and red hammer crossed. He had blonde hair, green eyes and spoke in a strong accent. He had his sword drawn as he finally found the hut of the three exiles. Without a warning, he kicked their door in and marched in, sparing no time for them to live any longer than possible. What earned them their deaths? Their breed. They were peaceful but one of them was a werewolf and the other a human, and their child of a mixed breed.

    As he exited the hut after finishing his 'job', he noticed a dog with black fur in a chain barking in sheer anger to what he had just done and growling with a murderous intent. Instead of killing the dog too, he detached the chain from the pole it was attached to and said: "Methinks a better name ist in order", said Neder as he noticed his name tag saying Belial, "so, it ist decided zhen. Ich shall call you Cheek from now on." Belial wasn't amused at the ruse of a name he had received from Neder, but could say no objection as his new owner already had grabbed the chain and pulled, forcing Belial to walk with him, whether he wanted to or not.

    As they exited the forest and entered the open, they realized they were just outside the town and proceeded inwards. "Ich need a drink. How about you?" Neder asked Belial. The dog said nothing, thinking: "Something strong." But Neder couldn't hear the dog's thoughts, as he was just another foolish human on their way to Hell during their miserable life in Belials eyes. "Ich take zhat as a 'Ja'. Zhere's a tavern", he noticed and went to the door. He entered with Belial on a short leash to avoid causing any damage. He locked eyes with the Brightsea and leaned on the counter. "An ale, bitte", he asked and waited. The dog propped his forelegs on the counter and lifted himself up, opened his mouth and instead of barking, he said in plain human language in a low tone of speech: "A strong whiskey."
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  8. A hooded figure with a tall staff enters the establishment. A rather large owl is sitting on top of the cane's cross bar. The owl has a scowl on it's face as if it had been out in the rain and wind way too long with no food. The hunched over figure slowly walked over to a nearby table, ignoring the grumpy owl totally. Once the figure reached the destination, a solid thump could be heard and 4 sturdy 'legs' fell from the staff. The cloak was whisked off to reveal a slender female with a large backpack on her back. She carefully places the cloak across the cross of the cane and then places the backpack next to the cane.
    She had a belt with various sizes of pouches on it as well as a short sword. She was wearing a long flowing green robe with grey edging. On the grey edging were various runes that seem to shimmer in the dim light of the chosen corner. It did not matter what the room was like for Zane wanted what Zane wanted and did what she must to get what ever it was that caught her fancy at the particular time.

    "Bí ciúin agus féachaint ar, Archemedes. Ba mhaith liom aon fadhbanna anocht." (( "Be quiet and watch, Archemedes. I want no problems tonight." )) she spoke softly to the glaring owl.
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