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Page of Blood.
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Fantasy, magical, horror, romance (as more of a plot/sub-genre. I tend to be more focused on anything else other than romance. I can go from "kissy-kissy" to "sexy sex"), action-adventure, fandom, steampunk.
Okay, so long story short, there exists these two groups (one being an actual gang) are rivals of eachother. The protagonist group formed because of a man named Matthew who was considered an outcast. He cared for those who were also outcasts, thus creating the group "FoD". All members have a tattoo of group name on themselves, not having to matter in what design and place it is. The rival gang are somewhat known by others. They wish nothing more than to take out FoD. Laws will be broken- and blood will be shed.
Character bios:
Mattew Clark; 19 year old cancer (the zodiac, though has had battled it in the past), pansexual male who cares for generally anyone with a caring soul. He created FoD because he feels it's the best approach in helping outcasts. He's not so much of one himself, though he likes to call himself one because "fuck mainstream society". He's a bit short for his age, and very pale. He has chesnut brown hair, and blue eyes. He likes to wear red goggles, a blue sweatshirt that's three sizes larger than his actual size, white girl leggings, and regular sneakers. His weapon for long range is a pistol, and for melee is a crowbar.
Anthony Mauz- a 20 year old aquarius male who created the rival gang known as Scripiant.He's a bit strict, and has some anger issues, but does actually try his best to be fair with his memebers and certain other people. He wants to get rid of FoD for, reason unknown. He won't say why. He's the average height for a male his age, and has slightly tanned skin, blonde hair, and green eyes. He likes to wear the same goggles Matthew wears, a green jacket with a red t-shirt, jeans, and socks with sandals. His weapon, in a planned out attack is a shotgun and machete. He usually carries around a pocket knife.
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