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  1. Couldn't really find any one x ones I was interested in, so I decided to make a request of my own. Looking for something over private message.

    What I really want:

    I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want.

    The following are some loose plot ideas that we can use to help spring board plot creation. We do not need to use one of these, but I feel they help give a good idea of what I am searching for.

    Fantasy: All sorts of fantasy, but in particular something new and unique. I have a few ideas, but am willing to form something together with you.
    Merchant's Caravan: A group of merchants and artisans go on a journey throughout a fantastical world, interacting with a large variety patrons and each other.
    Alchemy Shoppe: Another chance to create a lot of interesting NPCs. A seasoned alchemist hires an apprentice to help around their workshop.
    The Dome: A character discovers and enters a mysterious, foreboding stone dome; in which lives a society that has been cut off from the outside worlds for hundreds of years.
    Tarot Bullshit: A roleplay in which the characters have powers and abilities based off of tarot cards. I dunno. Been really into tarot recently.

    What I will not do:

    Under no circumstance will I play the following.

    Vanilla Modern: Modern roleplays with no sort of fantastical elements. Why roleplay something that can happen in real life?
    Vampire x Human: These bore me and if not, often fall into the category below.
    Rape and abusive relationships: I've no interest in being abused or abusing. if there is romance in the roleplay, I want it to be healthy.
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  2. Would you be interested in doing a fantasy onexone with me?
    I mainly play gay men or lesbians if thats okay with you. ;u;
  3. I'm fine playing and interacting with characters of any sexuality. c:
  4. Hey! Its Tit! I'd be down to do any of those. Is there one you wanted to do in particular?
  5. I feel like the dome would be really cool, if that's okay with you.
  6. Yeah, I was interested in that one. Unique idea, that one.
  7. Send me a message and we can set something up!
  8. Plots? Plots!

    The Underground Library: The Kingdom of Tel'adrisi has for centuries been rules not by the crown, but by the church. The church of Sidisi follows the god of wisdom, and places intelligence above all else. However, knowledge is seen as something belonging only to the privileged few; those less fortunate are banned from reading or schooling. Lurking deep within the capitol's sewer system lies a school meant to teach those brave enough to seek the knowledge the state has withheld from them. Run by goblins, a race the church has deemed to primitive to earn the right of citizenship, the school aims to educate in hopes that one day the church will be overthrown.

    Guardians of Meridiem: In the futuristic city of Neo Meridiem, every individual is born with a affinity towards a certain element, wind, rock, flora, water, fire or ice. Recently, those who display strong affinity towards their element have been disappearing; being taken by the government and brought institutions in order to be trained and brainwashed in order to serve as an elite fighting force. It is up to those captured to break out and reveal the government's corruption in order to save both themselves and those they love.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.