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  • Hogwarts year 1977, three years before the boy who lived came into existence. This was the year that James Potter, one of Hogwarts most troublesome student was named Head Boy. This is the year that Lily Evans after spending so much time with the Potter boy as Head Girl would come to terms with her feelings for him. This is the year they would get together not knowing they have four short years left together. This is the year that Severus Snape would fall in deeper with the bad seeds of Slytherin house, so much so that he would take up the dark mark in name of Lord Voldemort. This is the year that Voldemort would reach the height of his power and remain there until that tragic night of October 31st, 1981. This is where it all began. And before the war and the pain, they were just Seventh years unsure of their futures, living their lives to the fullest, and enjoying their last year of Hogwarts, no matter the bumps along the road, or the war raging outside it's doors. This is the era of the Marauders.
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