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(Introduction By Loveless)

This is a story about a young planet, soon yet to be discovered by mere….. mortals..

Misca, a planet of which no human would ever dream of seeing, or could ever imagine. In fact, it's not a planet at all, it is in fact a whole new world. A world with unimaginable creatures and plants, a world of which there are no seasons, and there is no night and day. The skies are always a purplish/blue/ orange color, and the life is always hidden.
Mikurs are always on the look out for anything that moves, as they will eat it. Mikurs are young, swift, beautiful creatures that stand to six feet tall, sometimes even larger depending on their rank in combat. They are like dogs to their masters, their masters? They are an organization, who exactly, built this new world.

They are not human, they are not aliens. They aren't even living souls, they aren't robots or androids, they aren't hybrid. They themselves don't know what they are. They think they are the dead souls of once human beings. But are they? They do not know. Each one of them has an element they control, and that is how they made this world. But rather, it is how Misca made herself. Misca is powered by these elements.
She takes them in and lives off them, she in fact controls the organization. Could she have made them? For her own use perhaps? There is much unknown about this world. Until now. . .

~ ~ ~

"Sir! There is news that I bring!" A man dressed in ……………>_>, and who had blue eyes with blond hair came running down the hall through big doors, that stood to twelve feet tall. He took a breath before bowing in front a man who wore a great robe with a sword, and who had long black hair and black eyes.
The man spoke, "Yes, what is it, Tesame?"

Tesame bowed once more before saying, "I have received news that apparently humans have entered the veins of the heart."
"Impossible! Do you deceive me, Tesame? How in Misca's name, did mortals enter the barrier, in better recognition, how did they even come past the illusions? Merely impulsive!"
"That is the news I have received. I did not see the proof."
"Tell me, Tesame, who has told you this?"
"Zibrex, the Gate Keeper, did Sir. He is the Eye Watch 'round here. He sees everything."
"Zibrex… Ah, yes. Is he quite sure that they were humans? Eye Watch…Eye Watch… Bring him to me at once, Tesame. This is urgent."

"Yes, Sir." Tesame bowed before leaving out the doors once again.

The man watched as Tesame left, before turning 'round, and facing out a crescent shaped window.
"Misca, what have you done now?"

AMHe said to himself with a deep sigh.
The leaves bristled in the winds below, as if Misca was trying to respond in her own ways. The man put his hands on the ledge of the window. "Right…," he sighed to himself, "as if the winds will tell me anything. But I trust your plans Misca, though I do not understand them. Letting humans in this world? I hope you know what you are doing, I'm not cleaning up after your mess, dear I say it!"
(October Knight)
Meanwhile, hundreds of miles of any known coast, a large passenger ship sailed onward. While its immediate destinations is unimportant the fact that a large storm was headed directly in it's path was. Although the captain had enough warning of the storm to turn the ship around, he pushed on. It was too apparent that he was endangering the lives of all his passengers, but apparently not to him. He was more concerned with making good time, docking the ship and getting drunk at the local pub. One mans stupidity would be the possible death of hundreds.

Just ahead of the ship the skies were blacker than the darkest, light less night. It was almost like a pitch black "presents" more than it was a cloud formation. In the distance long blueish white streaks of electricity could be seen shooting across the sky. Heavy rain poured down. The noise it made hitting the water was tremendous, seconded only to the periodical explosion of crashing thunder. By this point every passenger aboard the ship was well aware of the impending fate. As many preyed for their lives, twice as many ignorantly ignored it. Surly the captain wouldn't sail straight into the storm?

Little did the passengers know, they would all die.

All except two.

Keemaki was nervous. It wasn't the fact that this was his first trip alone, no he had traveled lots of times by himself. It was something else. Throughout hs youth, Keemaki could remember having bad feelings about things, and more often than not, his feelings were right. He had a bad feeling about this Ship, about its passengers and above all else about the storm that was slowly approaching. Already in the distance Loud Booms of thunder could be heard and rouge sheets of rain were battering the ship. It was definitely not a night for a walk above deck, but getting out of his cabin was the only thing on his mind.

He looked down at his hands, they were white around the knuckles and had a light film of sweat covering them. He was nervous as hell; shaking ever so slightly as he exhaled. As he sat and waited he reached down to his pack of Lucky strike cigarettes, finding that he had nay two left. He reached down with a fear stricken hand and grabbed one, placed it in-between his lips and lit it. HE sucked the smoke deeply into his lungs and slowly exhaled. Just then a violent wave crashed on the port side of the ship, sending Keemaki flying to the ground and landing on the floor in a heap. It had started, the great storm that that had been thunderously looming in the distance had hit. And as the lightning crashed, a scared Keemaki ran to the door.

Once out in the main hall, but still underneath the hull of the ship, he saw people scrambling in panic. They ran and screamed and cried and begged for their lives. It was disaster. Soon the ship would begin to sink, but no one knew that yet. When fear over took a person all they can think about is their immediate situation, the fact that they would all be drowned in a matter of minutes was all too real.

…..Another violent wave hits the ship as lightning strikes furiously from the black sky above.
Alice was waken by a tremendous shake to the ship. Startled, she got to her feet and looked out the cabin window. A storm. A big storm. Alice sighed to herself, this was suppose to be a relaxing trip! Well, that's what she was told anyway. Alice walked out of the cabin that she slept in and into the hall. People were scattered everywhere. Alice forced herself through the crowd and to the door that led outside onto the deck. Once on the deck, she walked to the edge of the ship and looked out to the sea. From the sight of things, it wasn't good. Alice watched as the clouds darkened and the sea became more torrent. She heard a loud crash not too long after that sent the whole ship going a little sideways. She latched onto the railings and held on, until the ship gain itself again with the waters. Alice took a deep breath and took her hands off the rail. She looked at the clouds and before long more lightning crashed.

Alice took the warning seriously, but she didn't go back to the hall. If so, scared people would probably trample her. Just then a violent wave hit the ship. Alice moaned a bit and gripped the railings. Lightning was striking from the clouds, some of them hitting the deck and other parts of the ship. Alice closed her eyes, as she listened to the storm and the lightning strikes. She could also hear the screams and panics of other people.

She was stood there for about fifteen minutes, as before long she started to feel cold sea water on her toes. She kept her eyes closed. The ship was sinking. Alice heard the sound of running footsteps coming her way, before she could react and deflect the person, the person jumped in the water, followed by a few more people, soon there were even more. Alice couldn't out. One person went to jump, and as someone else was getting impatient, they knocked Alice into the water. She went head first, her face hitting the cold waters hard. She quickly swam to the top, grabbing a piece of wood that came off the ship and getting on top of it. She was copying the scene from the movie "Titanic," hoping for it to work. It did. She stayed afloat on it, but problem was, she didn't know how long it would last. Alice watched as the ship began to sink deeper and deeper into the depths of the waters. She looked around, and from where they were, no one was going to be able to be saved in time. They would all die before anyone came to help. Alice lay on the piece of wood and watched as people began to drown, some from panic, some from not being able to swim. After a while, Alice fell asleep. Not because she wanted to, but she didn't know what to do and she couldn't be of any help. They were going to die anyway, and Alice didn't want to see or feel it happen.
Keemaki was lost as to what to do. He took a deep breath and pushed his way through the hordes of aimlessly running people. He heard a violent scream and turned to see a man being trampled to death. As he ran towards the nearest exit the only thought in his mind was that he wished he had taken the time to grab his other jacket, it was much warmer and more insulated then the one he currently had on. Sometimes it was the little things you forgot that made, or would make, the most difference. By this point his hair was hanging loosely in his face, why hadn't he cut it before the trip? Pointless thoughts filled the head of the panic stricken Keemaki.

Just then another horrible, wood splintering, crash was heard. That was it, thought Keemaki, that was the sound of the ship being seriously shattered by an oncoming wave. He quickly bolted up a near by stair case. Then he got to another door and pushed it open with both hands. He stepped outside and saw that the entire left side of the boat had been horribly damaged and already people were making their escapes off the edge of the ship. This was it then, he thought, this was the end. Seeing he had no other choice, Keemaki summoned all his courage and made his way towards the edge of the ship. There was no question it was going down, so there was really only one thing to do. He jumped off the side of the boat and realized that he had landed near a piece of broken plank board. He grippe it with his life and preyed that it would stay afloat. At this point Keepmaki closed his eyes and waited for whatever Fate had in store.

The first twenty or thirty minutes were absolute hell. Crashing waves threatened to push him underwater while rain poured overhead. To his right he watched as a man drowned, sinking to his watery grave. There was nothing Keemaki could do to even try to help him as he was on the verge of drowning himself. Although it seemed hopeless, Keemaki held on. After about an hour he had floated away from everyone and everything. All he could do was hold on, there was nothing in sight. The bat was gone along with all the people. Overhead the storm ragged on. At this point, Keemaki was unsure about what happened because the next thing he could remember was floating n his back and the storm had calmed down a bit. It was still dark out, but the waves had died down.

He floated on through the night, unaware of anything except water, because that was all there was. It reminded him of the story of the ancient Mariner. He forgot the exact quote but it was something about being surrounded by water and having none to drink; A salty endless wasteland. Four hours past then five. Still there was nothing in sight. Keemaki laid back and stared up into the sky, which had lost some of its blackness but the clouds overhead still had an ominous look to them. By the time Dawn started to break in the sky Keemaki had realized that he wasn't going to die, at least not tonight.
She could feel the cold water of waves hitting against her body, as she then awakened and sat up. Alice looked around. She was still on the board piece and was still in the sea. How long had she been out here? She looked up at the sky, the dark storm clouds were gone and she noticed that the sea was calm. But to her, the sea seemed too calm. There was barely any waves or ripples for that matter. What happened to the sea's current? She noticed that the board that she was on made a few ripples in it, but she couldn't figure out what woke her up. There was nothing big enough to get on the board. She alice noticed that the board wasn't even wet, but yet she was. Alice put one of her hands in the water and swished it around a bit. She let the water go through her fingers for a bit as she put her hand deeper into the water. She suddenly felt dirt and sand. That's odd. She thought, as she looked at the water. The water was deep and she didn't see and sand or dirt. But she could feel it. It was hard and she couldn't put her hand any deeper.

Maybe it's just my imagination. Who knows how long I've been here. Alice kept staring into the water. She saw a little fish swim by and then it disappeared. Then she saw another fish, but this one was different. It was the same size, but this one, instead of being a light brown color, it was rainbow. And its fins had claws at the tips of them, and its teeth poked out of its mouth. And what got Alice's attention the most, it didn't have eyes. She stared at it for awhile and then noticed that it had a tail that stretched out over a foot long. She kept staring until it began to vanish in the spot that it was in. Alice looked around again, something was telling her that she was far far away from where the ship sank. She rolled onto her back on the piece of wood and looked up at the sky.

There were no clouds but there were a few birds. These birds were like that fish. They were rainbow colored, some crimson and many other different colors. Alice watched them, like she was watching any other birds. Yes, she didn't know what was going on, but she didn't let it bother her. She closed her eyes and lay there with her arms crossed behind her head. The sun was hot on her pale skin, and she knew she'd get a sun burn after a bit. But after a few minutes, she felt her raft hit something. Alice opened her eyes and looked up, she saw trees. She must have hit land. She also noticed something different with the atmosphere. The sky wasn't blue anymore, it was a mix of orange, purple and blue. Alice sat up on the raft and looked out at the island she hit. This can't be real... She thought as she looked at the plants and the sky and everything. It was all different, it was abnormal and certainly not something that could be on Earth. Could it? She didn't know but what she did know was that she was sick of being on sea. She got up on her legs, which wobbled underneath her as she stood for which she hadn't stood in a long while, after she was use to standing she hopped off the raft onto the shoreline. She wondered what kind of things lived here and what there was to eat as she started for the inside of the island.
Keemaki was in a state of post terror. It felt kinda like someone kicking him in the stomach repeatedly then suddenly stopping. His guts felt like someone had put them in a blender. All along his side he felt tight knots in the muscles, most likely from the violent thrashing of waves from the night before. His face felt swollen and wet. He was a mess. It seemed like the only thing he could think about was how the hell he was going to get another smoke. It's funny how little things like that can sometimes replace the big picture. Most people would be thinking about their family, or the fact that they were alone at sea, or even the fact that the human body couldn't make it a week without water, but somehow all that was lost to the floating man. Tobacco was the only thing on his mind. In all honesty there really wasn't much else for him. He had no friends, bo Girl, no one other than his mom that really cared about him at all. And lately all she really cared about was him finding a job. Screw the old life!, he thought in a half crazed joke, I want a new one! Little did he know just how real that crazed joke was about to become.

Keemaki's head was swimming. His throat was dry and harsh. Although his vision was 20/20, he felt like he could barely make out his own hand in front of his face. He thought for a moment, - Thats not my hand!!-. He glanced down with a quick snap of his neck, yep there were his hands, laying at his side. He looked back. Coming out of the water was a hand and it was right in front of his face. Almost immediately it shot back into the water. Keemaki shook his head, in an attempt to get his vision working properly. He looked again into the water. What he saw almost gave him more of a shock than the storm from the night before. In the water were hands, at least what looked like human hands. They had surrounded his plank and were attaching to the sides. The way they moved was odd, they didn't quite swim like fish, but they moved like Octopi; using their fingers the way an octopus will use its tentacles. As a stunned Keemaki watched, the hands grabbed the side of his ship, then in unison propelled him towards another thing he just noticed. Land. L A N D!!!! He screamed out in his mind as he was carried through the water. This was it, he had made it! for the moment he forgot about the "Swimming hands" And focused on the landmass that had just came into view.

The closer he got, the more he began to think he had gone insane. The first thing he noticed was the beach, it was covered in a thick neon green moss, something that would never grow that close to the beach. And its color! It was the brightest, deepest green he had ever seen in his life. After that he noticed what appeared to be palm trees. The only thing w that on the tops was the same neon green on the leaves. And growing from them, where fruit might have been, were what looked like giant lunch pails. What the hell? Keemaki hardly noticed as the hands docked his plank o the beach and squirted off back into the ocean. He slowly stood up on shaky legs and took in his surroundings again. Then he came to a conclusion; Where ever the hell he was, it was not earth. Keemaki walked slowly onto the shore and thanked god he was alive.
It felt strange. The atmosphere. The farther Alice walked on, there was no sun, and it felt like there was no air and it was rather cool. She didn't see any other animals for a while now and the plants kept getting weirder and weirder. Some of them would change colors, some were rainbow, some had claws or teeth, there was one she saw with a nose, and there was one that could move, there was also some that were spiral. Really though, Alice didn't pay much attention to any of this. She was looking for food, and she guessed that there had to be fruit somewhere around this island. She shook a few trees while walking, but nothing ever came out. But that's what she thought, little did she know what came out the trees.

They saw what had shaken them out of their homes. They hissed at this strange figure, as it walked through their island like it owned the place. Some of them flew close to the ground, some high in the air, they also had friends that joined them, that crept behind trees and watched the figure from afar. They didn't like the scent of this creature, but they were also afraid to go too close to it. It had a strange ora around it that they never seen before or felt. Sometimes they questioned themselves if they should follow it or not, but yet, it was THEIR home, not this creature's home. They wanted it to leave and never come back. The only thing they hoped for was that this was the only one and that there was no more of these strange things.

Alice kept walking, but after a few hours, her legs were sore and she was tired. But she still didn't know if she should trust this place enough to actually sleep somewhere. Making her decision, she found a tree with a hole in the bottom trunk. After checking for bugs and anything else, she slipped into the trunk, got comfy, and fell asleep after a few minutes.

One of them hissed, as they saw the creature enter the home of one their kind. It was about to charge at it, as another one held it back. They could creep up slowly towards it and make sure it was asleep before attacking. So they made a route to get to it without it knowing or seeing. One of the land animals went first, and approached the tree with caution, and made sure it was asleep. It was. The land animal gave the signal, as the rest went up to it, all coming together as one big threat to the creature. They would get it over with in no time, if the thing didn't awaken.
After the hands carried him safely to shore It took Keemaki a moment to adjust to his surroundings. All over the ground was that neon green, bright moss. It seemed to cover every inch of the island, at least on the shore. His eyes were too taken in by his immediate surroundings to look any further that that, at least for the time being. The sky was a bright blue, it was deeper and more brilliant than any other sky he had seen back home...even on the clearest day. Then his mind went back to home, he felt no nostalgia whatsoever. He honestly didn't care about anything other than being alive, damn, he thought, that was a close call. He quickly looked over himself, it seemed that his attire had stayed more or less intact. On his feet, his brown Doc martins were still tied, with the black laces hanging loosely to the sides. As he knelt down to tie them he noticed that the pockets of his black cargo pants were filled with sand, he had to laugh at the thought and something his father used to say came to him in a flash, "Get the sand out boy", Why had his father said that? It was such a stupid thing to say. Without another thought on the matter he tied his boots and zipped up his Denim jacket over a white shirt. More or less, Keemaki thought he looked o.k., not that it mattered really. For the first time since he had washed ashore he wondered if he was alone on the island?

Again, Keemaki shifted his attention upward, to the strange tree with the "lunch Pail" looking fruit. It looked like an ordinary palm tree, but instead of coconuts there were, as odd as it sounds, lunch pails. This was a strange place indeed...and he hadn't even ventured off the shore yet ! Upon approaching the tree, Keemaki saw that there was no way he could climb it. So, Driven by an incredible appetite, Keemaki shook the tree. He found that it shook pretty easily. Small leaves fluttered down onto the neon green shore as Keemaki really started getting into it. He used all his might and soon enough he heard a ~SNAP~ as one of the Lunch pail looking fruits fell from the top of the tree. It his the soft ground near his feet with a dull ~thump~. Upon closer inspection, he saw that it was a real Lunch pail, complete with little latches and a handle. Keemaki turned it right side up and opened it. What was inside blew his mind; It was a full lunch, there was a sandwich, an apple, some cheese and crackers, a bottle of pop labeled "Palm soda" and a piece of what looked like blue berry pie. Keemaki, having been through a seriously traumatic experience, was absolutely famished. He attacked the Lunch, still amazed that it grew from a tree, with the ferociousness of a wild animal attacking its prey. It was Delicious and Keemaki ate every last bit. Once full and satisfied he stood up and decided to walk inland a bit.

As Keemaki made his way into the mainland he noticed how quickly the scenery changed from a tropical ocean to a wasteland. Although to the west he could see greenery and such, all around him was sand and rocks. It seemed void of life entirely. Far off in the distance he could just barley make out a stone structure of some sort. It kinda looked like the ruins you might see in ancient Greece or something, but as it was, it was too far off to really tell. Large rock formation shot up from the sandy waste on either side of Keemaki as he walked. He was a very perceptive person, but even as that may have been he was not perceptive enough to notice that he was being watched as he walked. Just behind the rock formation to his left, a pair of steady eyes watched his progress.
They formed an army around the tree, as the land animals stayed the closest to the tree. They watched the sleeping figure closely. It would make a sound every now and then that would startle them, but they soon got use to it as they edged towards the tree for an attack.
The sound was heard from the front of the island that scared all of them almost out of their shells and skin. "Zimiquanti." One of the land animals said to the group. "Omala zi seqa." It said again as the group started to back away and leaving. Soon they all left one by one, but one of the land animals stayed behind.

Alice was awoken by a loud BOOM. She opened her eyes, and the first thing she noticed were creatures surrounding the tree she slept in. They were all weird. The ones that flew were obviously bugs, huge bugs, and they were all different. There was one that looked like a giant ladybug but was blue and white, then there were some of them that reminded her of all the plants that she had past, and whoa, there were just so many! The land creatures were different than anything so far. They were all either brown, light brown, or dark brown. Each of them stood from four to six feet. They were four legged animals that could also stand on two legs. Alice didn't get to see much of anything else as one of them began to talk, but it was in a language she never heard of. They soon all began to leave the tree.

As soon as they were all gone for good, Alice poked her head out of the tree, as she grabbed a piece of bark in case something came for her. Nothing. But she couldn't take the chance, but yet she didn't want to stay in the same spot. They could easily come back. Alice held the bark by her chest and slowly crept out. She looked around and didn't see anything. She took a deep breath and started to walk forward, trying to protect all sides of her body.

He stayed in the bushes as he swiftly followed the creature. He would find out what this thing was up to before attacking it. He did notice that Misca was changing lately, maybe it was telling them something. He would follow the creature into a trap.
Full and satisfied from the meal, Keemaki walked on. All the while prying eyes marked his progress. Although he was oblivious to the fact he was being followed, a small pain started developing in his gut. Sometimes, a gut feeling is the best one to trust. It comes, without warning, and leaves only when the unknown is gone. Its similar to the idea that going with your gut feling in any situation is usually the best option, but as it was, Keemaki saw no immediate danger. It was the kind of pain that a more experienced person might pay attention too, it was the kind of pain that said "all is not well". However, Keemaki passed it off as indigestion, foolish. Just how foolish? HE would find out in a short amount of time.

The scenery didn't change much over the hour it took him to get to the ruins, ad as they appeared from a distance, they looked much like ancient greek ruins he had seen in pictures. There were several tall pillars along with a few half crumbled buildings. Whatever stone was used to build these so many years ago, looked foreign to Keemaki. Like nothing he had ever seen on earth. For the first time he considered the possibility that he had left the earth he knew and ventured into some other place (although the "helping hands" back in the ocean should have given it away). The thought sent a small shiver down his spine, but at the same time he welcomed it. After all, there was not much in his real life that he would miss.

Tired from the walk, Keemaki decided to take a small rest. He sat down, resting his back on a partial brick wall and closing his eyes. his thoughts drifted, as he thought about the situation. If he was somewhere other than earth, he would have to find a way to survive. He was not sure if any other humans occupied these place, but finding them might be key.

Then, the pain in Keemaki's gut took a sharp turn for the worst. Something was wrong. His eyes shot open just in time to see two hooded and robed human forms hovering over him. One of them lifter their hand as a dark bluish light illuminated from it. The next thing Keemaki knew, the lights were out.
She knew something was following her as she walked. But she wouldn't let it scare her unless it came for her. She knew that this was probably its home, so she knew it probably thought her as something that didn't belong there, which she probably didn't. She passed by a humongous tree. She stopped and looked at it. There were vines and roots shooting up the trunk, higher, the leaves had claws growing from them. Twisting around the tree was a crimson like vine, it too had claws, and...a set of eyes. Alice jumped as it began to move. Its eyes glared right in her own. It stunned her. She couldn't move anymore, or blink. All her thoughts had disappeared, and she was clueless.

He got her. Or rather his friend got her. He knew the creature would travel near that tree and look at it. He went towards the tree without looking at it and said, "Liquin ra minasqe." The vine blinked and swirled back around the tree as the creature fell to the ground. He smiled and picked up the creature in his jaws and went onward into the forest.


"The Lord is arriving soon. You better have a good explanation."
"Like I know how they got here! Yes, it's strange, but I don't have the answers for everything."
"You ARE the Eye Watcher."
"And YOU are just a delivery boy. Now be quiet."
"The lord... I'm out, good luck, Zibrex."

"Tesame, might you stay? I think I can trust you with this information. Can't I?"
"Yes, my lord."
"Good. Now, Zibrex, come here."
"Yes, my lord."

The two men walked near the humans, Zibrex held his head downward. He was probably going to get banished for this happening. He looked to his lord. He had a firm grin on is face. He looked so serious, Zibrex knew he was going to be banished, no matter what he said.
"Look at them Zibrex and tell me what you think might have brought them here and how."
"It seems that.. that... I don't even they know that this is a real place. The female got a lot of salt water in her while she was asleep. And the male.. he's a mysterious one."
"Hehheh. Zibrex, don't get yourself all worked up. I knew this was suppose to happen. Didn't know it'll be so soon, though."
"What do you mean, my Lord?"

"These two humans...are actually going to help Misca. She is growing weak, and two humans will one day give her their strength so the island if Misca can be saved. If Misca is ever revealed to the human world... Disaster will occur.. These humans before us will help us. But we must figure out who they are. If they are the right people...

...then Misca will be revived."

Keemaki's senses were shut off from the world, and even more than that, from himself. In his state of unconsciousness. He had a small ~~dream~~ more of a vision, it depicted himself as a child waiting on a sunny day for the mail man to come. His feet touched the hot cement as smells of Friday night cook out filled the air. It was Friday! The young Keemaki, in his dream, sat and waited. There was a feeling of something strange inside him though, similar to the one he had just felt seconds before being knocked out. Was his subconscious trying to tell him something? Had he been been born with the power of precognition? As the afternoons sun beat down relentlessly onto the street the feeling peeked, then, as if it had summoned a great danger, a bright light - brighter than anything Keemaki had ever seen - burst out through the sky. As it was, the young Keemaki screamed and began to cry. Then the dream ended and again there was Black.

------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------------------ ----------------------

Lord Dante Varlok, known simply as Lord Varlok to his underlings and associates, was in a desperate mood on this day. His world, his peoples world, was being threatened - or so it seemed- by an outside force. And now this! Two people just showing up, more or less out of nowhere. Lord Varlok fastened a thick leather belt around his waist before tightening his long charcoal colored robes. He lit a candle, watching as the flame jumped to life before exiting his chambers. Waiting outside the door was his chancellor and retainer to the kingdom, Chavalka. His robes were also charcoal, but a lighter shade.

"They are on their way to northern cave" Said Chavalka waiting to try to get a read on his Lord's mood.

"Good." Said Lord Varlok, not even making eye contact with his Chancellor. "We will go there and find out who they are. This could be the key to saving our world." And with that the two steeped outside, and on towards the northern cave.

---------------------------- -------------------------- ------------------------------- --------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------

When Keemaki finally opened his eyes he realized he was no longer outside. His hands and legs were bound and he had no idea what had happened, only what was apparent; He had been captured. His head ached and his wrists throbbed from the rope. Everything had, in a matter of hours, gone from bad to worse....or so it seemed. All he could see from the ground where he lay was hooded figures. He only hopped they were not as bad as he feared they might be.
The dream was weird. Every corner of it was filled with blackness and shadows. the only lighting was the middle. She was in a room. The room consisted of only one little light in the middle, the rest was bare and there was nothing. She walked under the light and looked up into it. The scene then turned to a sea. She could see the ship that she was on. It was sinking. She looked around herself and saw that she was standing next to someone else. A man in a cloak. He was a skinny, pale; tall man, with midnight blue hair and crystal blue eyes. From the looks of it, he was controlling the sea and talking to the storm. He was telling it what to do. The scene began to grow dark again and soon she found herself waking up.

Alice slowly opened her eyes. She took a glance around and found that she was tied up in some room. She was also sore and tired and her head throbbed with an endless pain. She rested her head back on the pole that she was bound to, only to find it warm. She jumped. Alice found that she bound to someone else. A man, who from what Alice could tell, was around the same age as her. Perhaps he was from the same ship? Alice nudged at him a bit to see if he was awake. Then she realized something else. They weren't alone. She saw the hooded figures that was above them. She looked at them. Who were they? Strangely enough, or from Alice's views, she didn't sense any negative ora around them, but they didn't have good either. They actually had no ora. But she did sense fear. Maybe they weren't so aggressive, but she guessed that they would find out soon enough who these hooded figures were.
The Cave, although dimly lit, had surprising visibility as far as caves go, but Keemaki still had trouble making out the faces of the hooded figures. Their drooping hoods hung low past their eyes, it made Keemaki think of the emperor in the "Star Wars" movies, but that was in a world that was long gone so the thought soon left his mind. For the first time he realized he was tied up with someone else. He could feel the persons body against his, and from what he could tell they were tied up in the same fashion he was. He wondered who it was? Maybe someone off the ship? He hopped so, anything familiar would be nice as he felt totally alone. All in all, Keemaki was completely confused and had little to no idea what the hell was going on.

~~Little did he know…he was about to find out.~~~

Lord Varlok And his loyal chancellor, Chavalka, made it to the North cave where the two "prisoners" were being held. When they entered the cave, all the other members of the Organization lowered their heads in respect. Varlok hardly paid any attention to his followers and instead cast his full attention onto the two prisoners. He walked up to them, taking in their strange dress, not surprised, but just concerned. He walked up to the Boy and looked him in the eyes, as if trying to see something beneath the surface.

Seeing that they were both waking up, Varlok spoke.

"I am Lord Varlok, I am the leader of civilization on Misca. I imagine that you are confused as I am as to why you are here." He pulled his hood back slightly, revealing a more or less human looking face." I know not where you are from, or what your intention are, but know this; Nothing happens on Misca without reason, so it is our job to figure that out. I believe you have a purpose here, one that I and my advisers are unaware of. In order for us to understand what you must do, you must prove yourselves. I have decided to send you to the west, across the badlands; a barren waste land occupied by fierce and strange creatures. If you survive we'll discuss your part in our beloved world," Varlok stopped for a moment as if thinking about something that would not be understood by anyone else, then added " if you refuse, we will lock you up in the underground prisons….and there you will rot." The Lord turned to leave then said, almost like an after thought " I am certain you both have powers that will bring you safely to the other side of the Badlands." And with that he was gone.

Keemaki, learning for the first time that he apparently had "powers" felt a little more confused by this whole thing. Now he was to venture to place called the Badlands with this person he had never seen before? It was strange, but so were all the events leading up to this. Keemaki's confusion was soon alleviated when two of members of the Organization began to untie his hands.
She didn't like him. She didn't like this "Lord" guy. What were these "Badlands?" and powers? C'mon! The dude was out of his mind. Alice soon found that her hands were being untied and that she could actually move around. After she was untied, she sat on the ground a little bit longer, thinking. She didn't know what was really going on. She did know that she could sense sadness in the guy's voice, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. So, whatever was going on with this place, it must have been serious to this people. Alice looked towards the guy that she had been bound to. The both of them would have to become friends enough to get through these "Badlands." The sound of foot steps made her look up more.

A guy in a coat came out of the shadows. he had blond hair and blue eyes, fair skinned from what Alice could tell. He was holding a piece of paper in his hand. He came up to the both of them.
"This is a map of a way to get to the Badlands. You shall need it. Once you get to the Badlands, you are on your own. The Lord trusts you to follow this map to the Badlands. He will know if you try a different route. This is as much as I can tell you." He handed the map over. "Good luck to the two of you." And with that the man left. Alice stood up and looked at the guy. "Well, we better get a move on then. We can probably stop for food and water along the way. Now, let's figure how to get out of this thing." she said meaning the cave like place they were in, as she hoped this guy was friendly and smart.
Keemaki rubbed his wrists, thankful that the rope had been untied. There were dark red marks where the rope had been and his hands were pale from loss of blood. As the color began to flush back into them, he ran a hand through his messy, dirty blond hair. It had been ages since he had combed it and he imagined he looked like a wreck. Keemaki found it funny that he should think of something so trivial at a time like this; He had to laugh.

He looked for the first time to the person he had been tied too. He wasn't surprised that she was female, but more relieved that she was unlike their current captors. He managed a weak smile, before again using his hand as a comb on his hair. Well, it appeared to Keemaki that they were in this together, he just hoped she wouldn't be overly whiny and annoying like his sister. Only time would tell, after all, by this point there was much more to be concerned with than her attitude. They had to survive..together.

Keemaki stood and turned to his new partner.

"My name is Keemaki" He paused for a moment taking the map from the man that had emerged from the shadows. "looks like we're in this together, huh?"

It seemed that they were free to leave and to find their way out of the cave and to the entrance of the Badlands. According to the map, they were not far. In fact, it seemed that the cave they had been in was right on the border of the badlands. Keemaki was a little uncomfortable about the whole situation, but even more so when he saw the utter vastness of the badlands; They seemed to be just that "Bad Lands"

Standing right at the border, Keemaki thought that this would be as good as time as any to get a little acquainted.

" So I am a little confused about all this, but not as much as I should be. Throughout my life I have always felt different, like I had something about me that no one else did. I have premonitions about things, usually bad things, Since I was young i have always been able to tell when bad things are going to happen. It makes me wonder if there is more to it than that, maybe I do have powers that are amazing and special." He stopped, not wanting to talk the ear of of his new acquaintance.

Ahead of them was an endless sea of nothing, or so it appeared. The Badlands awaited.


Bandlands, a word referring to barren and desolate Lands. An area so bleak that it seems washed of feeling; Void and empty. It is, in most places and in most circumstances, avoided at all costs. Traveling through its endlessness is both mentally and physically exhausting. Just looking apron it brings a feeling of hopelessness to the heart.

As Jagged peaks and rough, surrounding mountains marked its borders. The two travelers, not of this world, entered its boundaries.
She looked at the man next to her when he started speaking. His name was Keemaki, that was nice to know at least. She watched as he took the map for the other man's hands and as he opened it. She then looked up and out, and saw them. To her surprise, they were very beautiful, in her opinion at least. "Well, you are right, we're in this together. And taking the meaning seriously, we're going to have to work through this together, even put our minds together." She stopped and listened to the rest of what he had to say. "I see. I can sorta say the same, well it different than that, but, I know where coming from. We could probably talk about this during the travel. It could possibly take our minds off of what we're doing." She said as they began to walk out the cave and forward towards the Badlands.

Up close, the Badlands were amazing to Alice. For some reason, she couldn't wait to explore them. Alice picked up a long stick that was near her and found a rock and started scraping at the edge of the stick. She kept at it for a few minutes as it began to form a sharp point at the tip. She found another one and did the same. Once she was done with both she gave one to Keemaki. "Here. Pretty sure there's probably rodents and snakes crawling about down there. Better prepared, right? These also help for fishing." She looked at the small little stream in the middle of the Badlands. Which to her amaze, the stream was crystal blue and very very pretty. She looked at the rest of the Badlands of what she could see. It was rocky, sandy, really beautiful sky overhead. She looked at Keemaki and smiled slightly as she started walking down into the Badlands. She used her stick as a gripper in the sand to keep her more steady while walking downwards.

This could be really fun she thought, perhaps she could get learn her so called powers more. Get a feel for them. But what she couldn't understand was, why did she like this place so much? It was just a huge desert, yet she felt more calm here. She smiled to herself a little as she stopped to let the guy, Keemaki, catch up a bit.
Keemaki could feel all hope being drained from him as he swept a quick glance over the Badland. It was possibly the most void of life (at least at first look) place he had ever seen. All of the sudden he remembered John Steinbecks book "Travels with Charlie". In the story Steinbeck drove through the American badlands located in south Dakota, the way he described it was similar to this. Keemaki thought that these Badlands were much, much worse. It was as if a god had sucked the life out of them with a giant vacuum cleaner. Keemaki kicked a rock and wished he was out of this place.

"Yes, being prepared is a good thing." Keemaki replied, taking the sharp stick. He wasn't sure how it would hold up against metal weapons or amour, but it was sure as hell better than nothing. This girl was smart, thought Keemaki, who was always preoccupied with his own thoughts to think ahead further than a few minutes.

Huge black mountains loomed in the distance to the east while a crystal clear river ran north to south, parallel to the way they were walking. Straight ahead were what looked like hills. The ground was worn and dusty, but not loose dust. It was more like a hard packed dust that had been cemented by years of harsh weather. Keemaki looked up towards the sky and saw that it was clear, but still looked cold and menacing. Strange place indeed. Crossing through this place would definitely be hard. Keemaki could't help but wonder why exactly this "Organization" wanted them to do this, obviously it was a test, but a test for what? Keemaki knew he was different, but to have magical powers? It seemed like a far stretch.

After a little further into the Badlands they reached the hills that had been steadily approaching in the distance. They weren't large hills, as in height, but rather low, rolling hills. They lined either side of them creating a valley in the middle. As they passed by Keemaki noticed something odd; There were little doors in the sides of some of the hills. Could they be little houses of some type? Upon further inspection, Keemaki noticed that some of the Hills with doors had chimneys coming out of the tops and smoke was coming out.

"Do you see that?" Keemaki asked his new companion "I think we are in some sort of village.

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As soon as Keemaki asked this question, a very strange looking dreature stood in their path, not ten feet away. He didn't look menacing, but rather questioning. Keemakia tightened his grip on the stick before calling out to him.

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"Hello, we came from the other side of the hills. We mean no harm." said Keemaki, still gripping the stick.

Keemaki awaited response, looking to Alice to see if she had any ideas as to what kind of creature this was. The creature looked at them for a moment longer then motioned them to follow.

They followed him into one of the hill houses. Inside was small and cozy. The walls were not what you would expect the inside of a hill to look ilkr, but rather lined with long wooden planks. The only dirt inside was on the floor, but there were several large rugs covering most of it. In one of the corners was a fire place and in the other a small sink where dishes and cups and pots were piled up. There wasn't much furniture other than a bed, and three chairs around a little table. The man offered them a seat at the table.

He looked at each of them for a moment then spoke.

"Yesterday a messenger came to me from the organization, he said that two people would come who could help me with my problem. The man then removed his hood and revealed himself. It appeared that he was covered in large warts, but upon further inspection Keemaki saw that they were rocks. It was like he was turning to stone.

"As you can see." Said the little man "I have been cursed. An Evil Wizard has cast a spell on me that will turn me into a golem in three days." He looked down to the floor before continuing " You are my only hope, the organization refuses to help me." He lifted his head once again and looked directly at both of them " The wizards name is Merlok and he lives at the end of the valley past these very hills, can you help me?"

Keemaki looked to Alice. Was this a task for them or just a coincidence? Keemaki didn't know. Infact, he wasn't even sure what it was they could do for the man.
Alice walked on sturdy legs and never lost her balance in all the dirt. At one point she found a clump of clay by the river and picked it up. She took the clump of clay and set it down on it's best balanced end. She then took her stuck and shoved it through the top of the clay. She pulled it back out. Alice grabbed a rock and and tore at the clay through its middle, making it hollow on the inside. She put some of the clay back on the top and left a small opening. She dipped the clay into the river, water going into the clay. It held pretty good. Alice plugged up the hole with the rock, making an a canteen bottle. She smiled and tucked it away.

Alice let Keemaki lead, as she looked around at the surroundings. She looked at the saddened looking sky, that yet still held color. One thing that caught Alice's attention was that she never once saw a bird or any other animal around. Taking a little thought into this, she started to not pay attention to where she was going. In which case, she almost ran into the back of Keemaki when he suddenly stopped. Alice looked up at him and then looked in the direction he was looking at. She saw the human like creature that was approaching them. Alice took her guard as Keemaki called out to the man.
Idiot. She thought. You don't call out to some random stranger. She thought this as she had a stern look on her face.
She wasn't the one to trust anyone right a way. So when the thing came closer, she made sure she was in position to defend or attack if she needed to. Alice had been through many of years of martial arts experience, she knew what to do if the time was right. She had the stick to her side and held one hand in front of her and let Keemaki do the talking to the fellow.

She found herself following Keemaki who was following the man into a small house that was part of the hills. Alice stood by the door even though the man asked her to sit down if she'd like. He response was a stern face and a glare. The man backed away and started to talk when he got to where the table was. Alice listened to what he said. She gave no reaction when she saw the rocks that was growing out of his skin. When he finished speaking, in the corner of her eye she could see Keemaki looking at her to help with an answer. Alice looked at the man straight in the eyes before speaking.

"Sir, we can help you with your problem, but we need you to guide us to where this wizard lives. For I don't trust the directions of a stranger." Alice said the last part with a stone hard voice. The man looked at her, a little fear, she could tell, was stricken into his eyes.

"Miss, I uhh... I don't think I could guide you that far. I... I um.." The man never finished his sentence so Alice finished it for him, "You're afraid of this wizard, aren't you? Well then. If you can't guide us, then you'll turn into that golem you were talking about, and if I heard right, that would be in three days. So, you either guide us, or you'll be sorry in three days. Because after that, we can't help you, even if we wanted to." Alice's voice came out cold with no feelings in it. She could see that the man went white. The man sat down and looked at the table for a long while before he spoke a word.

"If that's how it is... Then I guess I have no choice but to guide the two of you there." The man said looking unsure of himself. Alice smiled a little. "And sir, you wont die either. I'm pretty sure one of us could help if you start to panic or pass out. And you may want a canteen bottle. We only have one, and I doubt the three of us would be able to share it." Alice said before she opened the door that was behind her, a bit. She looked outside. "And you might want to be quick about it, because we don't have an exact three days before your Golem transformation." She looked at Keemaki and motioned him to help the man out.

Alice went outside and looked around at the sky and surroundings. Something was different. She noticed that the sound of the river had stopped. She looked down at it, or where she could have sworn it was at. She couldn't find it. Where was it? IT just completely vanished. Alice took a few strides away from the house. She noticed something else... The other houses that had been around this one... they were gone. The house she had just been in was the only house that was there. As she looked at this, behind her the sky turned to a dark red. She looked up quickly, and saw that the sun had gone red An eclipse? No this something else. Something was wrong. The sun itself had changed.

Alice turned to go back into the house. Yet, when she turned, no house was there. It was gone. It had vanished. She looked around, she didn't see Keemaki nor the other man. What was going on? What happened to everything? She gripped her stick and began to search the area.


"kekeke, This is excellent. It wouldn't be fair to have two humans to do the same test. Besides, this test we have put the girl in is much more to her levels. But she only has two days to figure out what to do and to get out." The Lord cackled excitedly. He couldn't wait for the end results. He also still didn't believe that these were the "heros" that Misca was looking for. Well that, and he also didn't bother to ask her either. He didn't want her to ruin his plans for these two.

Although, little did the Lord know that Misca already knew about the humans, and was already protecting them from any harm that may come to them. Even if she couldn't get them out of those Badlands, she still had enough power to protect them. And that's all they needed for now.
Keemaki started walking after the Little man, who was turning into a golem with each passing second. As they headed out of the valley Keemaki turned to Alice to say something, but then realized…she was gone. Nowhere to be seen. Keemaki stopped, looking in every direction. Trying desperately to find her. He had a moment of panic, something inside him was telling him he could not do this alone. Something inside him told him - he needed - Alice to complete this task. Judging by the way he was acting at this moment, there was no way to tell he was a man. Keemaki would be the first to admit that he was never one to be brave in the face of danger. Little did he know all that was about to change.

He was roughly snatched from his thoughts by the little man, who was obviously in a hurry to cure his current condition.

"Hey, what are you looking for." Said the man, waving his arms around in a frantic fashion. Then he stopped, and looked around "Where did your friend go? Was she not right here with us? Well, never mind her then." He said continuing down the path. "If she isn't here you'll have to help me on your own then." Keemaki's stomach felt as if it was going to jump into his throat, but with no option other than to follow and complete the task, Keemaki followed the little man. He had no other choice, after all, It was the Organization that had kept him alive, he had to do their bidding.

They continued down a narrow road that led through a barren valley. On either side of the path were rolling hills. They were not green anymore, but brown. The shade of brown that only dead, dried out grass can create. The sky had taken on a grayish tint that had not been present before. The further away from the little man's home they got, the more dismal everything got; It was like the color had been sucked out of the surroundings. The only thing more droned than the surrounding was Keemaki's spirit, as they got closer to where the dark wizard Merlok lived, his hopes were slowly leaving his body. At this point he was about 100% sure that death was just around the corner.

After going up one more small incline, the little man stopped. The small patched of skin on his face that hadn't turned to stone were now very pale. He pointed up ahead.

"He lives up there in a small house, you'll see it cause its the only thing up there. As far as I know he lives alone." It was apparent to Keemaki that the little man was not going with him. This was it, all or nothing. Keemaki summoned all his courage and headed the rest of the way to the Wizards house alone. His vision was slightly blurred; A side effect from the fear that he was feeling. He was unarmed, save for the sharpened stick. His hands were visibly shaking.

As he made his way to the front of the Wizard, Merlok's house, Something started to change inside Keemaiki….

He felt as if his blood was boiling…

His spine started to tingle and it shot all the way up his back through his head…

For a moment he doubled over in pain, but it was soon gone….

When he straightened up, he noticed the veins in his arms had gone red and his movements were masked by heat distortion…

He felt as if something had exploded inside him, and let a rush of pure adrenalin into his body….

Keemaki….was ….fearless….

Whatever change had taken place, he was unaware of. He did not attribute it to powers or anything to do with the Organization and their prophecy regarding him and Alice. All Keemaki knew is that he was not the same person that had approached the Wizards house, well in a sense he was. His thoughts were just altered along with his body. He no longer was thinking in terms that he had grown accustom to his entire life, he was now on a whole other level. The only thing he felt was rage and anger laced with sheer power and strength. With no fear he walked up to the door. He placed a hand on the center and focused his energy, in an instant the door blew off its hinges and flew into the house, Keemaki heard a frightened scream from inside, but ignored it and entered.

As his vision went red he yelled one thing


He spotted the Wizard huddled in a corner, his face white with fear and his eyes wide.

"You…you're….you're a demon." Were the old wizards last words.

Keemaki, with seemingly inhuman speed, reached the Wizard and with one arm grabbed his neck with incredible strength. There was a deep, solid ~CRUNCH ~ Before the Wizards body went limp. Keemaki had a smile on his face that didn't express even an ounce of happiness, it was the smile of a truly insane man…a demented smile. a Demons smile.

Keemaki had the unique ability to bring out a demon within himself when confronted with fear. In a way, the demon inside him was only accessible through fear.

Of course the Organization saw this, and probably knew about it. Behind closed doors they were watching as Keemaki left the Wizards house.

The Little man, who was now hopeless and going to become a Golem now that Keemaki had killed the wizard without getting the cure, was forgotten as a bright red light swept Keemaki away. The mission was a success as he had been forced to access his true powers. When he awoke his head was throbbing and he had no idea where he was. Only vague memories of his transformation were with him, like the aftermath of a truly chaotic dream.