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  1. Ready to go, full speed ahead? Read these 4 rules and jump in!

    1. LENGTH
    1-worders are the new 1-liners. Posts should not be less than 3 words but please, don't exceed 2-3 paragraphs!

    2. GRAMMAR
    DisEezNawt0K4Y. tHIS IS OBNOXIOUS sO cHECK YOUR CAPS lOCK. 3 requirements: Capitalize 'n punctuate, speak English, and use that spacebar.

    Rapid fire, ok. Random junk (the M&Ms guys, a character larger than the solar system, etc.), godmodding, etc., NOT ok. You can make as many charas as you can use.

    Don't make the actual people you're rping with unhappy with you. Follow basic common sense stuff and the Laws of Iwaku.

    WARNING. As this is meant to be a rapid-fire roleplay, the plot is expected to change rapidly. The setting may not remain consistent.
    >>>If you have reason to believe you will be gone for more than a few days, you could try killing off your character and reincarnating them later, or having them disappear on some separate adventure to return eventually (or not return at all, if you prefer).

    The current setting seems to be a little in the past.
    Dwarves, elves, and indescribable creatures, and the like exist.
    Magic is currently ALLOWED.​

    Clumsy she-dwarf (Nameless)RiletteMaybe
    Elven woman (Mia)Y'JolandiYes
    Black kitten (Pace)RiletteMaybe
    Jittery Bunmun (Nameless)CronoYes
    Green-cloaked woman (Nameless)CronoYes
    Tank operators (General Admiral and minions)CronoYes
    Hooded disappearing stranger (Nameless)CronoYes
    OP brothers (Peter and Shaun)ShiroKiyoshiYes
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    A she-dwarf walked into a bar. "Ouch," she said. "Does anyone have a bandage?!"
  3. Screenshot_2015-07-12-11-26-17-1.png Mia looked up at the dwarf as she sipped on an old mug of ale. She let out a belch as she wiped the remainder from her lips.

    "Bandages are for children, have a shot...you'll feel better" the elven women motioned for the barkeep to serve the girl a drink
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  4. If you give a dwarf a drink... The dwarf attempted a grin, but a gash down the side of her face made her wince in pain. She got her shot, chugged it down, and exhaled. "Ahh, that's pretty good stuff," she said. "What's your name?"


    Meanwhile, just outside, a black cat was chasing <insert your character here> through the snow.
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  5. A small, rabbit like creature with a sky blue robe scrambled through the snow away from the cat. "I'm not tasty I swear!" He yelled back just before he tripped and fell face first into white. His fishing rod clattered next to him as the creature got onto his knees and begged not to be eaten.

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  6. ((Kawaii O.O))

    When the creature fell, the little cat raced after it at full speed. Wordlessly, it gave the rabbit-thing a gleeful look and drew a paw up into the air and let it drop onto the something's head, almost as if it were claiming ownership of the thing. It began purring and made an attempt to rub up against the creature.

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  7. The little creature was in such a fright that he saw the cats smile as a hungry grin and its motion as a slash of its claws. He curled up into a ball so he seemed like a lump in the snow. When the cat rubbed against him it could feel him shivering.

    The tavern door creaked open and a green cloaked human woman. She carried a rolled up piece of paper and a cool smile. "You alright dwarfy?" She asked, taking a lean on the wall.

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  8. "Eeww, yer bleedin' all over the place"

    Mis wrinkled a nose. She reached into a small satchel and pulled out a pungent smelling tiny jar. She unscrewed the top and scoop out a bit onto her fingers, with out warning she pressed it into the Dwarfs wound.

    "Names Mia, dark elf at your service, that'll be 20 gold" She smiled at the girl.
  9. "I'll be fine, probably, so come drink with us," the dwarf replied in response to the human. Then the elf pressed something into the gash on her head. "Stings-!" she threw in, gritting her teeth until the pain quickly died down. Upon hearing the price, the dwarf frowned. "20 gold, eh..? Can you make change for a Platinum?" She passed the elf the fancy coin worth 150 gold with a sheepish expression.

    Meanwhile, the kitten jumped away into the distance, but it returned before any normal rabbit would have the time to escape, carrying some wriggling red blob in its mouth and depositing the baby Demon Cabbage at the creature's feet as an offering.
  10. The bunnmun, as they were called everywhere exept where they actually lived, looked up. He saw the moving, red, creepy... thing. "Um... I'm good thanks." He smiled awkwardly, unfurling from his ball and sitting down. "So... You don't want to eat me?"

    "Be my pleasure." The woman responded. He walked over and hopped onto a nearby stool. "My usual Dan." The bartender looked up. "Still minus the little guy?" "Yeah..." Her smile sort of faded after the last sentence.
  11. "But of course" Mia grinned and dropped several gold and silver coins in front of the dwarf.

    She ordered another round and grinned as she gulped down her beverage.

    It would have been a fine day, had the top of the bar not been blown off.

    A huge explosion caused her to spill a drip of her drink onto the table in front of her, she frowned and lazily reached for her weapon
  12. "Um, I think you gave me extra change back," the dwarf said, revealing that although she was rich, she couldn't count. She tried to hand Mia an extra ten gold as she asked the human "Hey, you wanna talk about it?" And then the bar was attacked. The dwarf shrieked and cowered under a barstool. "They followed me!" she wailed, her first assumption being that she was the cause of the problem.

    The black furball shook its head in a gesture it had learned from one of its past owners. It was an environmentalist and only ate Demonic Herbs -- it was proud to call itself a demonivore. When roof shrapnel fell and one chunk of roof fell on the demon cabbage, it sliced the demonic herb in half. Well, the cat had been intending to grow it to full size, but this worked too. It dug in, revealing its glowing red fangs (which it had obtained courtesy of its extreme diet).
  13. The bunnmun calmed down when the cat told him he was not on the menu. However he screamed and curled up again when a chunk of roof fell inches from his face. "Roof demons! I knew they had it out for me!"

    "Thanks for the concern. I'm looking for my little buddy-" and then the bar roof exploded. There was the sound of military drums and the back of the tavern was next to blow up. The human ducked under the counter to doge the wooden shrapnel. A massive metal behemoth crushed chunks of glass and planks as it entered what remained of the bar. A loud voice boomed from the war machine.

    "Infidels! You are ordered to surrender all of your alcohol in two minu- what?! What do you mean we shot the drinks?! I thought you said this was the back!" A muffled argument appeared to ensue inside the machine.

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  14. Mia, clenched her weapon, in her dominate hand and then poured the remaining liquor down her throat with her non dominant. She sprung to her feet and hissed in anguish.

    "I really liked this bar you Damn fools" She manage to make her way outside through the rubble. She would make them pay for spilling her drink
  15. The dwarf shook her head when she heard the argument. Weren't drinks usually stored in the back of the bar? And these definitely were not the people that had been chasing her earlier. Her nerves calmed and she watched as Mia began to advance towards the machine threateningly.

    The demonivoric cat nudged the Bunmun with a paw, urging it to uncurl -- the danger was gone. The shards of bar roof had already all settled, so if there had been any roof demons around, they would have probably been killed by now (like all but two or three of the drinkers that had been gambling in the attic, and the twenty-something people who had been mingling on the lower floor who got crushed.) However, the cat had a bigger problem on his paws than dead roof demons. If it touched any of the blood left by the individuals who had just recently been crushed or were still bleeding out, they would have problems... Vegetarians had their protein deficiency, but demonivores had their severe transmutational reactions, and this particular cat did not really feel like turning into a ten-ton demon at that moment in time.
  16. "Well that was unexpected." The woman muttered as she drew two curved daggers out of her cloak. She herself had used this tavern as a home away from home many times before and was rather peeved at its destruction. She made her way through the smoking rubble with the dark elf.

    The hatch of the weapon swung open and a red blur was thrown out. Several soldiers in red hoods and white masks wielding rifles with bayonets climbed out and onto the roof of the vehicle. They were followed by another in white general's garb. "Idiot... Huh? Oh come on! It's just one little bar and like, fifteen people killed! Not that big of a deal!"

    "Huh?" The bunnmun looked up and quickly got to his feet to follow the cat. He picked up his fishing rod and caught up, pinning his eyes to the ground so he wouldn't see the blood. For that reason he didn't see any of the bar's living tenants.

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  17. Mia nodded to the women and gave her a wink.

    She lunged forward toward the vehicle, quick and precises, even with the crude liquor flowing through her elven blood.

    "Time for some fun" she said ad she moved through the men, disarming and robbing some, and cutting the throats of others.

    She had killed at least 5 before she stopped to move her hood from her head. The look of blood list in her eyes. Her movement were fluid as she moved almost like s shadow back toward the rubble of the bar.
  18. Whoa, now the dwarf was impressed! Or scared! Naw, she was both! "That was... exciting to watch," the pudgy little woman remarked, trembling obviously.

    The cat looked back for a moment as the creature followed behind it. Well, it hoped that the rabbit-creature was capable of hopping like its feet would suggest, because they had a log to clear before the cat would feel safe. Though it was just a kitten, the equivalent of a young adolescent to be exact, it was able to get over the meter-high fallen trunk in a single bound. With that, it turned around and sat its little black rump in the snow and waited to see if its new encounter was following.

    A young blonde boy walked in carrying his head. His clothes clean and no blood apparent anywhere. It was as if he had no insides. He stopped and raised his own head looking at the mess that was occurring entirely unaffected by it. "Wow, would you look at this mess?"
    Another walked in behind the mysterious one. He seemed more level headed as he seemed to be fully intact. "Put your head on nitwit."
    "What did you call me?!" The blonde haired one lifted his head up shoving it in his face. The other reacted by flicking his nose and slamming the blonde one's head on his shoulders backwards. "A nitwit. Problem?" "Yes!" The two short ones stopped to look at everyone at the current moment. Reality was catching up to them, but the blonde one literally grasped reality and tore it away giving way to a blank backdrop. "Peter!" the other screamed at the blonde known as Peter. "What is it Shaun?" "The backdrop give it to me." Peter threw it at Shaun's face who then proceeded to unwrinkle the wad of paper and straighten it out. When it was fully straightened they got into position and shook themselves off as they stood before the last wrinkle. The barrel of the tank. "Go!" Peter straightened it and started screaming with Shaun, but then realized his head was still backwards and stopped to fix it. He cleared his throat and resumed screaming.
  20. The woman moved like a dancer, jumping from one enemy to the next. A kick in the mask, a slash in the throat, a stab in the heart, so on and so forth. "Come on now. You got to do better then that."

    The general (who's name was General Admiral, his parents were very ambitious) ducked back into the war machine to swing its barrel at its assailants but was stopped by a certain wrinkle in space-time. He popped out of the hatch and began to curse them. "Damn you infidels! Do you have any idea the cost of a good minion crew nowadays?! Not to mention the bloody tank! You'll rue the day you messed with General Admiral!"

    The bunnmun hopped up and climbed over the log, falling face-first into the snow. Getting up and sitting down next to the cat he became thoughtful. "Can you help me with something... Oh, I don't know your name. Mine's Pace! It means man of peace."
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