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  1. For my next experiment, I'll be crafting a game from a combination of a little literary theory and some of the worst split-second impulses I get. As a rule, I have to avoid my usual stalling

    If any of you are willing to be my guinea pig, please say so here. I'll probably be asking you a few questions before starting.

    I'm a big fan of genre mashups, and the fact that this game is intended as a protracted act of whimsy will make it even more severe. You've been warned. :)

    Base style will be a mixture of surreal/mildly-absurdist urban fantasy, walking the line between "slice of life" and "adventure." The general intended tone is light and a little silly, but I can't guarantee it will or won't stay that way.

    Not random, but strange. Weird things happen, and your characters generally recognize them as strange yet, regardless of their feelings, they have to deal with it.

    I'm also planning to try GMing NPCs and making use of timeskips a little more than average to maintain pacing.

    So is anyone interested? Or does this strike you all as being as unpalatably wishy-washy and awful as I suspect. :P
  2. *signs registrasion*

    You had me at GET OUT YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF.......

    Oh wait, lets just say I'm in...... anything run by coffee is bound to be good.
  3. You believe in me! :)

    Uh, oh. Now I can't back out of this and blame everybody else >_>

    Oh, well. In before Asmo-snark! :P
  4. yeah, lol, if you bsck out of this one the last thing you'll hear is me ringing your doorbell

    will characters be scary, nprmal, or wimsicle?
  5. Coffee, where's the pancakes?
  6. Ranging from average joes and janes to head-turningly eccentric but generally capable of at least existing somewhere in the world.

    Basically "realistic" minus usual connotations of "probable" or "likely," so even if something about your character is uncommon, for purposes of this game, as long as it happened or could happen in the real world, it's still "realistic."

    So all PCs are human, but they can be as normal or as strange as is humanly possible.

    I know that leaves me open to all sorts of challenges depending on what players think of, but I want to see how well I can adapt to them.

    That brings me to another point: I know some members have differing playstyles and I'm hoping to find a way to reap the benefits of any differences rather than necessarily phasing anyone out.

    You remembered. I thought it was probably too silly and action oriented for the current climate. A few elements might make it to this. Try to guess which ones as we go. :)
  7. sounds interesting, I'll join :)
  8. *RAISES HAND WILDLY!* If this means whimsical and silly roleplay playing it with real character development and not lolsorandom and whysoseriouslol, I'm totally in! XD

    Cause Diana looooves playing normal people put in to weird situations. >:D (...Or quirky people put in to even more weird situations! >>;)
  9. i guess this interests me... count me in.

    yeah... i guess you know what to expect out of my characters.. so yeah....
  10. Could be nice. And an excuse to use more kung fu.
  11. Alright, I've got a diverse little group. That means I'm going ahead with this. And thanks for the support. :)
  12. Any way I could still get in on this?

    It sounds super fun!
  13. Of course, you can. :)

    Okay, instead of getting complex with the questions, here's your mission:

    PM me a stream of consciousness list of adjectives and nouns you expect out of this game. They can be related to characters or plotlines or anything. No worries about format. No over-thinking just slap-dash it.

    If you don't have any, that's cool too. OOC goes up soon. K thx bye.
  14. PART ONE

    Azar: 'You must never indulge on your emotions, Metrion.'
    Me: 'Yes, I know Azar...'
    Azar: '...your birthday approaches. Anything in particular you wish to retrieve?'

    How about being normal? That's what I wished to say. How about stripping me of these burdens that makes it uneasy for me to walk through life. Or....my mother, or father. Father...Azar never really mentioned him whatsoever. The last time I asked about it was a couple of cycles ago in meditation, and Azar suggested that he was as useless as anything in this universe, that he should never be spoken of. So not only may I never meet my mother, nor only may I ever feel any true emotion, I also can't speak of my father...I'm to be a drone in the realm of Azarath. It consumes me, it weighs me, but I can't feel any way about it. Such burden that no one will ever know, except Azar.

    Me: '...A cake would be nice.'
    Azar: 'But of course dear, anything else?'

    I was going to say it.

    Me: 'To see the realm where I came from....Earth?'

    In a split second Azar opens her eyes and looks over to me with deep eyes of piercing. Never in our time of meditation has she ever broken focus. Until now. She arises and walks to a precious tree in the garden and speaks as she rubs the branches.

    Azar: "How long have you been thinking about this?"
    Me: *looking down* "For some time now, Azar."
    Azar: "For what is your reason to impart upon Earth? You have no reason...no cause.."
    Me: "Because it's where I'm from...I've had years of training and honing my senses for events such as this."
    Azar: "The quiz and the test are two separate things, Metrion."
    Me: "Both which I've never failed."

    I've had some shaky moments in my past time. Azar even said when I cried as an infant Azarath shook with earthquakes and violent lightning storms. As a youngling, when I used to get sad or throw a fit things would break or move harshly around me. Azar has taught me to not bottle it, but release it in a balanced way of meditation, that I was a special breed that had enormous power, and in wake of that power I literally had the ability to destroy dimensions lest I succumb to my darker and mortal inhibitions. Ever since, it's been a daily meditation period. Another things that's helped my is my companion Zinthios. Azarath has very rarely seen any animal life since it was created, but Zinthios saved me one day when I was 8 cycles old and has been with me ever since. He's the only being I can fully unwind to and share everything with; even with him being a three eyed black bird. I often chat with him telepathically, and link emotions with him when he's happy so that I may feel joy myself.

    Azar: "Metrion, until you have an absolute understanding and grasp of yourself and abilities, you must remain here."
    Me: *clenching my jaw* "Very well, Azar."

    I get up to leave the domain of the Azar when she looks back and imparts that inevitable knowledge onto me: "Sometimes the shadows reveal themselves, only to mask that there's light."

    I turn around to see that I'm already back in the main halls of the temple. The lush golden bright aura radiating from an unknown source of light. We didn't have a sun as the mortal realm did, just light. I remove my hood as I trek through the palace temple and make my way towards the grand doors opening to the outside environment of Azarath. Again I feel the curiosity and contemplation of my fellow Azarathians as they stare at me from behind with eyes of indifference. Something I'm all too familiar with...

    I open the grand doors to the outside nature of beauty before me. The crystal waters, the sounds of waterfalls rushing in the distance, the smell of fresh air and plants. This was an utopia I had to admit, no matter how twisted Azarath was towards me and my "ability". I levitate across the soft, lush blades of grass until I get to the river stream that shows only the most absolute perfect water. The current flows with ease through the rocks and stone objects at the bottom of the river. This was mesmerizing. I close my eyes as a slow breeze runs through my spirit. A sudden sound of a shriek causes my face to involuntarily smile. I knew that shriek. That caw. Zinthios. I look to the sky as I see a black-winged figure soaring at uncanny altitudes. It flies so gracefully, so peacefully until it locks eyes on me from afar. With another shriek, it darts from the sky in extreme haste like a dark missile from the sky. I look on at it with a grin as I read it's emotions: overly joyous. I copy the emotions into my own self, my heart warming and spirit brightening. I reach out my arm as Zinthios spreads its wings and glides onto my forearm, scooting up near my neck and rubbing itself against me.



    Me: *giggles* "Good to see you too, Zinthios."

    I place my feet in the river as the cool, crisp water rushes past them and slightly soothes them.

    Me: "What shall we tamper with today, Zinthios?"

    Zinthios: "CAWW!" *flies to the river and picks up a rock then drops it*
    Me: "Ahh, the rocks huh? That's easy, watch this...."

    I close my eyes and begin to feel the energy of the things around me. The roots in the ground, the flowing water, the rocks the lie at the bottom. I can feel their signature, their vibrance. I sync with that resonance and become one with it as I begin to make the rocks vibrate. Slowly and gracefully I begin to lift up the rocks with my mind as they levitate with peace above the liquid surface. Zinthios caws with anticipation upon the menial show being provided. I smirk as I'm not satisfied with just these small rocks. I dig deeper. I lift up the moderate sized rocks underneath the waters as well, as they join the unseen orbit of objects already floating. I open my eyes to the wonderous sight. I rarely got to exercise my abilities, well the mental ones anyway. This was the closest that I'd get to tapping into these gifts...or curses. I lift them high in the air as they begin a centripetal orbiting motion in the air. Zinthios jumps up and down with excitement as the velocity of the rocks increases more and more. I shape the rocks in the form of a giant hand and I roar while reaching for Zinthios, scaring it a bit as it flutters backwards. I chuckle and then I turn it into a heart. A simulated pulsating, pumping heart...I can get more creative than that. I levitate slightly as I mold the rocks into a copy Zinthios...well I tried. It looked more like the winged animal known as a bat. Zinthios caws and jumps on my shoulder as I bring the presentation of my abilities to an end. I clap my hands together as the rocks all collapse back into the water.

    Me: "How was that, Zinthios? Pretty fun huh?"

    It was sad what my definition of fun was. Not like any of the young inhabitants here would want to play with me. They're all mostly afraid, but at the same time most are still friendly. Theron is the only one to go out of his way to try to make me cheerful. I met him when we were ten cycles old. He was crying over his dying bird and I felt the bird's agony and sadness, as well as his. So, I walked up to the bird, and used my abilities to heal it. However, I took the bird's injuries and was down and out for a day. Ever since, he's been really fond of me. I remain outside playing with Zinthios for hours, staying right in front of the temple palace the entire time. Not many ventured outside, only to see the utopian scenery or to cultivate plants for food and medicine every so often. This was nice. I drifted afloat the air with Zinthios on my chest moving about trying to keep balance. I had lost touch of how far I was up, still my eyes remained shut. Until something broke my attention. The sound of a great horn. No....The Trials of Peace.

    The Trials of Peace happened rarely, but it was an extreme crucible of one's mindstate. Azar would push thoughts in our heads, make us see things that weren't there, all as practice of the spirit, and of the will. I open my eyes to the sky before me, as I begin to drop gracefully throught it. I was higher than anticipated. The temple gets larger and larger as I zoom towards the ground with Zinthios flying right beside me, cawing. I gather my feet and slowly levitate and descend on the grass.

    Me: "Well Zinthios, guess it's time for trials...wait for me in my chambers..."
    Zinthios: *caws, then flys off*

    I place my hood over my head as I begin to walk back towards the temple palace. I open the grand doors back into the temple as hundreds of black robed Azarathians all converge towards the temple courtyard, where the trials take place. I join in the masses of pedestrians as we all uniformly begin to fill the space of the great courtyard. The waters gush from the golden floors as the temple overview can be seen from afar. Such beauty. The entire population forms a large circle arounf the perimeter of the area as we all begin to kneel at once. Many thoughts rush through my mind at this moment. Why now? Was it because of what I said? Was this truly random? I look up into the center of the yard where High Magistrate Coman and Azar enter. Coman is the second-in-command to Azar, and oversees all Trials of Peace to judge who is worthy of the Temple Guild. The Temple Guild is a collection of the highest spiritual people, with tasks divided in three sections: Law, Council, and Preservers. Law members look after and address the oaths and rules of Azarath, and keep a list on all who break them. Council members judge the laws, as well as the people who break them. They also handle special requests by anyone who wishes to do so. Preservers are the protectors of peace and oppose any violence of confrontations. Coman runs the Temple Guild also.

    Azarath Temple:

    High Magistrate Coman: "Welcome, my people, to yet another Trial of Peace. We have came so far in our quest from evil, and now we will practice the pacifist way by stretching our spirits. I'm proud of each and every one of you, as we have had NO laws or incidents broken in the recent times. May your inner light continue to guide you thoroughly. Now! Let our leader commence the trials!"

    Azarathians: "HUO!!"

    Azar then sits then levitates into the air, in the center of us all. We close our eyes in droves as the Azar then uses her spiritual power to sync all of our minds together into the same pocket dimension. The courtyard transforms into an all black abyss. We all remain floating, as we levitate from the now vanished ground. With my eyes closed, I project my astral self from my body and I begin to look around. No one. Just me. Alone. I knew they were with me, but when we venture off into our own tether, then everything else gets excluded. I only see my body, levitating and eyes closed. It's amazing how Azar could send different telepathic communications to multiple people simultaneously. The amount of energy and concentration....impeccable. A winding road then appears before me, leading deeper into the darkness. I follow carefully as the road gradually curves more and more uphill as I walk. Echoes of a baby crying hits my ears hard. I sway my head searching for the sound...what was it? WHO was it? It was everywhere...I continue to walk up the path as my calves begin to strain as I walk. My feet feels shaky against the stone road in the middle of darkness. The road begins to vibrate harshly as I crouch to keep my center of balance. Rocks and pebbles fall from beneath me as I levitate and keep myself up, the road now breaking apart into an asteroid belt made of rocks and pebbles. I drift cautiously through the belt moving the stones with my hands.

    Azar: 'Metrion....you can never leave. You can never be anything other than what you are now: nothing.'

    I continue to drift, looking for Azar. Nothing. Her words resonate in my head, and I start to feel the cold distant sting of what I already knew. The truth. These trials were all the same. Words of how I can never experience anything, and be nothing. What really made them hard was that they were true....but I've started to get used to it. I'm stronger now, I had to show my strength to the Azar. I use my telekinesis to adjoin the many stones back together and continue to walk forward. I felt a surge of confidence. The road begins to level out as I make my way towards more darkness. Now I see dozens of robed Azarathians lined up on both sides of me. They're snickering and looking fearful. Soon it increases to them pointing and casting me out like I'm some evil entity. The road shakes again, but I use my focus to keep it joined. I use my telempathy to project my feelings of indifference and burden onto them, making the numerous robed citizens quell their words and actions, and simply remain staring at me. I begin to speed up my walk as I rush down the stone road. I've never felt this amount of momentum in the Trials. Ever. I'd gotten considerably stronger in spirit.

    Azar: 'You will forever be here, Metrion. You must never venture outside your inner self...you will destroy worlds. You are powerful, but you are weak. You do not belong, but you MUST belong.'

    The road then breaks from underneath me, as I aptly use my abilities to stay afloat in the void of pitch black.

    Azar: 'You are a mistake, your parents abandoned you. Your own flesh and blood wanted nothing to do with you...they tossed you aside as if you were nothing but a rock in the sand. You have nothing. No one. You are a foreigner in a strange land. Lost, like you are now.'

    The words ring in my head and begin to bring forth a slight bit of sadness, but I knew it was a test. I had grown too much and come to far to let those words influence me. I knew they were true, and that they would forever be my burden, but right here, right now, I had control of who I am and the power to control the situation.

    Me: 'You're wrong Azar, I have you. You took me in, and I'm grateful. You care, just like you care enough now to push my spiritual strength to better ensure I'm responsible.'

    Azar: 'Is that what you think? I had no other choice! I couldn't let you destroy the planes of reality! We took you in for the safety of the realms, NOT for sentiment. YOU. ARE. A. MONSTER. You don't realize it and can't realize it because if you do, you will kill. You will destroy. Your emotions are dark and wicked, Metrion. As are you.'

    The words resonate heavier this time, but I can still ward off the harsh words of the Azar. Suddenly I feel emotions of isolation, despair, lonliness. More cries echo through the dark plane, but this time it was a woman not a baby. Who was it? Was that me? No, .........mother!? I swing my head around as I think through the emotions eating at me. If I can find the Azar, I can counter her telempathy. But nothing. I didn't know what else to do....this was tricky. The Azar didn't let up. It was like she was bringing my greatest insecurities out before me. The woman kept screaming my name. Loudly. It kept pounding in my head, like a screeching that wouldn't stop. I close my eyes and try to resist.

    Woman: 'METRION!!! METRION!!!! METRION!!!!!'



    The rain falls with heavy prejudice as the people on the streets scatter about like rodents. The traffic is backed up around primetime as usual. Beeping horns and cursing Gothamians collide with each other as the dark and loomy day presses on. One woman runs about the sidewalk in the utmost haste as she covers her head from the barrage of precipitation above her. Her umbrella thumps the rain off as she runs into the Gotham Public Library in her blood red heels and retracts her umbrella. Her heels click against the hard pressed floor as she unbuttons her trench coat and smiles at the librarian as they instantly recognize each other. The woman briskly walks to an isolated table and sits down where the librarian brings her routine book of the day.

    Librarian: "Here you are dear, quite the weather outside ehh?"

    Woman: "Tell me about it, thanks Mrs. Connors."

    Librarian: "Anytime dear, no one ever reads from the religion section anymore these days anyways...always warms my heart to see someone with some faith. [smiles]"

    The woman simply returns a smile as she opens the book and begins to read from where she left off last time. The title of the book was stated: 'Religion, Concept or Practice?' She raises her eyes through the library to see if there was anyone out of the ordinary or suspicious. No one she could see at least. She digs back into her book and begins researching. She was that much closer to the truth. A very important truth. She skims the book with her fingers as she zooms in on a particular symbol, it appeared much like a red diamond-shaped ruby. Her breath stops cold at the realizing fact of this icon. She couldn't forget the image even if she wanted to. She had seen it many many years ago....and now she was face to face with yet another lead. She was getting closer to them. To her.

    The Woman (Appearance)
  15. I wanna join...just because. ^_^
  16. *Waits for coffee cradling a large club*

    Don't be too long.
  17. My instincts are telling me to cancel this for now. I'll run a refined version at a later date. Since I know there's interest in the concept, I'll jump straight to posting an OOC next time.

    I'm sorry for falling back on my word, but I think sandboxes are harder to run than more linear plots, and simplicity was supposed to be the defining element of this.

    It'll be back though. :)
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