Misc-Pre-Disc: The Day The Toast Went Bad: Part I

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For my next experiment, I'll be crafting a game from a combination of a little literary theory and some of the worst split-second impulses I get. As a rule, I have to avoid my usual stalling

If any of you are willing to be my guinea pig, please say so here. I'll probably be asking you a few questions before starting.

I'm a big fan of genre mashups, and the fact that this game is intended as a protracted act of whimsy will make it even more severe. You've been warned. :)

Base style will be a mixture of surreal/mildly-absurdist urban fantasy, walking the line between "slice of life" and "adventure." The general intended tone is light and a little silly, but I can't guarantee it will or won't stay that way.

Not random, but strange. Weird things happen, and your characters generally recognize them as strange yet, regardless of their feelings, they have to deal with it.

I'm also planning to try GMing NPCs and making use of timeskips a little more than average to maintain pacing.

So is anyone interested? Or does this strike you all as being as unpalatably wishy-washy and awful as I suspect. :P
*signs registrasion*


Oh wait, lets just say I'm in...... anything run by coffee is bound to be good.
You believe in me! :)

Uh, oh. Now I can't back out of this and blame everybody else >_>

Oh, well. In before Asmo-snark! :P
yeah, lol, if you bsck out of this one the last thing you'll hear is me ringing your doorbell

will characters be scary, nprmal, or wimsicle?
Coffee, where's the pancakes?
yeah, lol, if you bsck out of this one the last thing you'll hear is me ringing your doorbell

will characters be scary, nprmal, or wimsicle?

Ranging from average joes and janes to head-turningly eccentric but generally capable of at least existing somewhere in the world.

Basically "realistic" minus usual connotations of "probable" or "likely," so even if something about your character is uncommon, for purposes of this game, as long as it happened or could happen in the real world, it's still "realistic."

So all PCs are human, but they can be as normal or as strange as is humanly possible.

I know that leaves me open to all sorts of challenges depending on what players think of, but I want to see how well I can adapt to them.

That brings me to another point: I know some members have differing playstyles and I'm hoping to find a way to reap the benefits of any differences rather than necessarily phasing anyone out.

Coffee, where's the pancakes?
You remembered. I thought it was probably too silly and action oriented for the current climate. A few elements might make it to this. Try to guess which ones as we go. :)
*RAISES HAND WILDLY!* If this means whimsical and silly roleplay playing it with real character development and not lolsorandom and whysoseriouslol, I'm totally in! XD

Cause Diana looooves playing normal people put in to weird situations. >:D (...Or quirky people put in to even more weird situations! >>;)
i guess this interests me... count me in.

yeah... i guess you know what to expect out of my characters.. so yeah....
Alright, I've got a diverse little group. That means I'm going ahead with this. And thanks for the support. :)
Any way I could still get in on this?

It sounds super fun!
Of course, you can. :)

Okay, instead of getting complex with the questions, here's your mission:

PM me a stream of consciousness list of adjectives and nouns you expect out of this game. They can be related to characters or plotlines or anything. No worries about format. No over-thinking just slap-dash it.

If you don't have any, that's cool too. OOC goes up soon. K thx bye.
Sorry for delays. I've got a lot of back-to-back technical reports. It can be murder on my sense of whimsy. :/

I'll update you all as ASAP.
My instincts are telling me to cancel this for now. I'll run a refined version at a later date. Since I know there's interest in the concept, I'll jump straight to posting an OOC next time.

I'm sorry for falling back on my word, but I think sandboxes are harder to run than more linear plots, and simplicity was supposed to be the defining element of this.

It'll be back though. :)
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