Mirrors edge

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  1. Above all the oppression and corruption, stands a force that is willing to stand against those who seek nothing more than power. Or more accurately, outrun them.

    They call themselves runners. A group of individuals that use the flow to keep them moving; to keep them alive. They makes themselves ghosts, but ensure their work is known. They seek to bring down the corrupt officials that have found their way to the top of the city's council.

    The city is under strict control and runners are high value targets for gaurds that patrol the city. Runners go places that no one else can go and achieve things that are seemingly impossible. They live their life on the edge....on the Mirror's edge.


    Chase sat perched on the rooftop looking at the city below him. The constant humming of cars below served as a white noise to clear his mind. He stood up and waited for his partner to join him. She should be here any moment. They were set to meet on the rooftop to carry out their recon mission and get evidence from the mayor. Rumor has it he was planning to create a whole new set of rules for the city that further restricted the rights of the people. As if things weren't bad enough
  2. Walking through the streets, Blair looks up at the quaint apartment building where Chase told her he'd be waiting for her. She eyes it and walks around to the back, immediately seeing the fire escape. In one fluid motion she begins sprinting towards the fire escape and leaps, grabbing the first rung. Leaping, With ease, Blair hoists herself onto the ladder and begins her ascent. Her hands glow orange from the metal's rust. In three minutes, she is at the top floor and hops onto the roof.

    "Chase! Darling!" she calls, spreading her arms wide with a cocky grin on her face. Her voice drips with sarcasm and there's an amused gleam in her emerald eyes. She's clad in a leather jacket and dark jeans along with combat boots that are caked with dust and dirt. Her blond hair swishes in its tight ponytail and she squints from the morning's bright light.
  3. "Well, how nice of you to join me" he said walking over to her. "How's it going blondey" he asked a smile spreading across his face. "Office building is just down the street, let's go get this bastard." He said as he took off running to the edge of the rooftop then jumping to the next, rolling upon contact. He got up and vaulted over a generator then slid so that he was hanging on the side of the wall. He turned and jumped to fire escape of the next building, he pulled himself up with ease then made his way down to the second floor. He jumped down to the ground below and rolled opone meeting the gravel of an empty parking lot. He turned to ensure that Blair was still close behind him
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.