Mirror of The Shade

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    There is a land known as The Shade's Mirror. It is a gigantic, lush island in the Mediterranean, that until now was not known to exist. There is a pool of water in the center of this island. Most of the time, the water bubbles up, like a spring. People often go swimming in it, and the animals drink freely, and birds sing in the surrounding forest. However, the water holds a terrible secret. Every full moon the water ceases movement for it's duration, becoming calm and clear, like a mirror. However, it is no ordinary mirror. Looking down into the pool at night during this period of stillness gives you a glimpse into an alternate realm. A mirror replica of our world, but dark and evil. The full moon peeks out from grey clouds, dead trees grow rotten, poisonous fruits, corpses of forest animals roam the area, the singing of birds is replaced with the piercing screams of agony and mortal terror, the ground is but dry, useless dirt.

    Do not fall into the pond at this time, as you will be sucked into that realm, and trapped if you cannot get back through the watery portal before the full moon ends. The cause of the springs' bubbling is shown as the phase ends, a waterfall of blood gushing into it, clouding the clear waters and blocking the way back. You will be then trapped there forever, because once there, you are not likely to survive until the next moon...
  2. spotting the island a boy aged around 19 drags him self ashore after swimming from a wreck of his ship. he lies on the beach drying out in the sun and breathing hard as he catches his breath.
  3. And at the same time, an odd looking young man, with strangely premature silver hair stared into the pool of water. His vest top revealed his marked left arm, spiralling sigils tattooed all the way up the flesh. The sun was just beginning to go down, and he was awaiting the strange phenomena that happened once night took hold of the island.

    The other world. The place beyond.
  4. A young girl peaked from behind a tree looking at the pool with anticipation. She had lived on the island since she was a baby, but she still had not seen the other world in the pool. Her parents had forbidden it and kept her inside the whole day during every full moon. This time, however, her curiosity was too much for her and she snuck out to see the other world. As she looked out from behind the tree, she saw the man by the pool but decided to stay hidden. She was afraid that if he saw her he would send her away, and she would not be able to see the world that had inspired the countless number of legends and stories which she had heard throughout her life. She wanted to see that terrifying world with her own eyes. She wanted to see the truth behind the legend.
  5. the boy gets up and heads in to the woods
  6. Distracted by rustling in the woods, the girl took her gaze from the pool and looked behind her. She saw the figure of a person coming towards her. She couldn't make out what the person looked like due to the diminishing source of light. Frightened, she hid in a bush next to her tree and stared at the figure as it came closer and became more clear. It was a tall boy who was covered in sand. He didn't look familiar to the girl at all so she continued to hide hoping that he wouldn't notice her.
  7. the boy hears the movent of somthing and hurls him self into a bush
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    The silver haired boy heard the activity in the woods and turned briskly, broken from his poolside reverie. What was going on? He immediately sensed he wasn't alone on this island. Still the sun dipped further, evening here, and night approaching. He tentatively walked towards the trees, brushing through foliage and walked into the spot from whence he'd heard the sound.
  9. seeing the sun dipping and the figure looming above where he was the boy stands up and calls out "hi there'"
  10. The girl screamed when the boy jumped at her and scrambled out of the bush. She quickly got to her feet and ran behind a tree. From behind it she stared at the boy that had attacked her and the man she had seen earlier by the pool. "W-who are you?" she asked in a trembling voice.
  11. He was surprised by the two strangers - of course - but tried not to show it.

    "My name is Kai. Are you here because of the story? The story about the water at night?"

    He looked them both over with an arched eyebrow. How long had they been on the island with him? Well, he needed to know their intentions at the very least. Soon, the time would come in night's embrace.
  12. Slowly, the sun sank into the ocean. In a hour or two, the moon would rise, bringing the fabled Mirror of The Shade to necrotic life. Already, a light fog began to spread across the ground from the edge of the pool, and the burbling of the spring died down as the sun sank, bringing darkness to this world.
  13. The boy replies " my name is Percy...im here because my ship crashed and im the only one who got left behind.. more like forgot about but i saw this island and swam over "
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  14. "M-my name's Thessalia," the girl said hesitantly, "but everyone just calls me Lia." "I live in a village a little ways from here," as soon as she said this she wondered if telling two strangers where she lived was the smartest thing to do. Well, there was no taking it back now. She watched the two men carefully wondering what they would do next.
  15. Percy and Thessalia. A ship wreck, and a girl just visiting? But had something more led them here? Had something pulled them?

    "Did you see the pond in the centre. When the sun goes down, something strange happens. Come with me."

    Whether they followed was up to them, but Kai walked back out of the copse and towards the edge of the water. Already it began to still, and if one looked deep enough you could see just the hint of a reflection. Another world beyond this island.
  16. Percy looks worried and said " eah i think im going to keep my distance from that pool ive heard tales that bad things happen when theres a full moon but ill still come but i wont go right to the edge of the pool"
  17. Thessalia watched the strange man walk back to the pool. She still didn't trust him, and she trusted the other man even less, but she still wanted to see the other world. She took a deap breath then quietly followed the man to the edge of the pool. Sitting a little ways away from him, she stared into the pool. The moon was coming up, and she could faintly see something in the pool. 'That must be the other world,' she thought as she looked into the water with awe.
  18. Percy follows and sits with in a good distance from the pools edge but is still able to watch the other mans every move and see the other world in the pool
  19. The moon had risen a good deal in the sky. It was about a third of the way across the sky, high up, casting it's silver light across the land. The water was stilled, and now the reflection could be seen perfectly. As they stared down into the small pool, about the size of a car, a reflection of the moon could be seen clearly, along with the tree line. Except, in the pool, the trees were all rotted and dead, ash grey with no leaves.
  20. A man watched the group of people surround the cursed pool from a tree nearby. Awaking only recently to find himself seemingly alone on an island, with no recollection of how he had gotten here, or who he was, he was pleased to find theese travellers, to let him know he wasn't completely alone. However, he was also hestiant, unsure if they were actually humans or not as he couldn't get a good glimpse at them since night was falling, and he could only barely hear them. Deciding to get a better look, he jumps from tree to tree, getting closer and closer to the group of people.