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  1. Rumors have been going around lately. Rumors of a strange mirror. People say that this mirror is haunted and that a person lives inside it. Others don't believe such things. As people debated, the mirror got passed down through auctions and yard sales.

    It went through many homes and each one was quick to get rid of it. They always complained of seeing a strange girl in the mirror. She was pale and had long brown hair. She had blue eyes and almost elfish ears. She would always be begging for help and that scared the owners of the mirror.

    And so it continued its journey until it ended up in one home. This home was the home of a man who was very curious about this mirror. He wanted to meet this girl who the others claimed to be begging for help. Maybe he could help her. Who knows?

    The old mirror with a dark wooden frame stood in front of the man, only showing his reflection. The frame was decorated with small floral and plant-like designs. It seemed to have an almost magical air as the man studied it.
  2. Ron took a look at the mirror, examined it from all different angles. It's a nice mirror, but this superstition about a girl calling for help inside of it seems to be fake. It could be explanatory. They're imaginations must have gotten the best of them, he thought to himself. He straightened his glasses, sat down on a nearby stool and wrote on his notepad. He jotted down a few facts about "The human mind fooling it's owner" he looked back at the mirror and watched intently.
  3. The mirror started to ripple. The girl in all of the rumors started to appear. She looked defeated and had different bruises all over her. She looked at Ron. "You're going to leave like the rest of them." She said, her voice dull. After all of the people ran away from her pleas of help, she lost all hope. "Go ahead. Run away from the ghost. Ignore my cries for help."
  4. Ron stood up quickly. "Amazing!" he exclaimed. He examined the mirror some more. "How're you doing that!?" he asked in a shocking tone.
  5. "Magic. Though you all don't seem to believe me. You're just gonna leave. You won't help me. None of them do." The girl said, looking away.
  6. Ron shook his head and smiled. "I'll always help out a beautiful girl like you...magic, or not...just tell me how I can help," he said keeping a sweet smile.
  7. The girl blinked, surprised. "Y-you'll actually help me? You won't back out?" She asked. A lot of others would talk to her but as soon as she told them how to help her, they ran away.
  8. "Yes of course!" Ron exclaimed. "I'm just so fascinated about you, and this mirror, I have to dive deeper. What do I need to do to help you?"
  9. "You need to walk through the mirror." The girl said. She was dead serious.
  10. Ron nodded with confusion, and eventually certainty. He stuck his left leg through, and astonishment became obvious on his face. "This is amazing! A revolution in human history maybe!" he then fully walked through the mirror.
  11. Once he walked through the mirror, Ron found himself in a lush forest. Birds flew through the air as a bear with a platypus beak and tail strolled toward the river. The girl stood in front of him, wearing a cloak and a torn dress. She had large bags under her eyes. The sun shone through the trees, letting him know it was daytime.
  12. "Th-this is a beautiful place...so peaceful...why on earth would you need help?" he asked with a wondering smile.
  13. "It may look beautiful but this land is under the control of a ruthless tyrant. I need your help to stop him." The girl said, jumping at almost every noise.
  14. "Listen...I'm just a normal human being...I can't help you stop a tyrant! I'm a researcher, a part time journalist! I'm not a fighter!" he exclaimed. "No matter how much I would love to help you, there's no way that I could..."
  15. "You're a human. You know how fellow human minds work. Another human used this mirror to take over. He brought strange metal weapons with him. Our magic was no match for them." The girl explained.
  16. Ron paused. "Tell me about this magic, you speak of, because maybe if we mix the magic with these so called "metal weapons," we could defeat him!" he exclaimed.
  17. The girl tilted her head. "Does your world not know of magic? It's the source of all life!" She said, looking confused.
  18. "Maybe life in your world, but in my world, magic is simply an idea, that a lot of people do not care to even think about..." he said. "You're just lucky you found the guy who believes in it all!"
  19. "It took a while." The girl said. She looked away, her hand bleeding slightly.
  20. Ron noticed the wound on her hand. "Are you okay? What happened to your hand?" he asked taking hold of it gently and examining it.
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