Mirror, Mirror, on the wall . . .

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  1. So most of us should be familiar with the magic mirror from Snow White, the one that answers any question truthfully . . .

    If you could ask the Mirror any question, serious, silly, just to see what the answer was, what would it be?

  2. Lotto numbers.
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  3. Mirror mirror on the wall, where is all the treasure at, if at all?

    Remember, asshole wants people to rhyme to him. What a petty dick.
  4. Is this sentence a lie?
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  5. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Are there any Loopholes to Murder?

    (I'm not a killer, just thought it would be funny.)
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  6. Insanity, Self Defense, I'm a woman, The Devil possessed me, OJ.
    Take your pick. :P
  7. How can it be a lie? There's no information in it to be misleading.
  8. Ok. Let's try this.

    "Mirror Mirror on the wall, tell me if the next sentence is true or not. 'This Sentence is a lie'".
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  9. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Where can I get the One Ring to rule them all?
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  10. It's still the same thing. There's nothing that be objectively true or false out of it, and there's nothing to draw a conclusion from. What can be a lie about it? What can be true? Nothing, because there's no real subject that could be taken as an opinion, fact, or fallacy.

    Your question is kiddy pool deep, yo.
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  11. So then what is it, true or false? :P
  12. Neither. It has no interaction with facts, therefore it is neither true nor false. That question is like holding up a rock and asking "is this an apple or a banana?"
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  13. Mirror mirror on the wall, can jet fuel melt steel beams at all?
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  14. That is why it counts as a silly question.
    But still one that I would ask. :3
  15. No, but it can weaken it to the point of structural collapse because they can't support the static weight of the floors above it.

    Next question!
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  16. Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the most fucked up of them all?
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Mirror mirror on the wall

    Why isn't this thread in bored games? Cuz it'd be a great addition
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  19. Given this day and age of retarded things on the internet, one can never be too careful because I've run into far too many people who seem normal until they open the Truther hole.
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  20. Jews are time-travelling aliens from the future, source

    Open your third-eye, man

    Now, dealing with the actual purpose of this thread...

    Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, will I ever grow 6' tall?

    Seriously, though, the short struggle is real.
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