Mirror Demon

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  1. So I'm a writer and I've just started writing this particular romance/supernatural story and I've been wondering how different would the story be like if I were to turn it into a roleplay. My curiosity got the better of me so here I am trying to test the water. The one that I will be writing will be very different from this roleplay but they shares the same plot line.

    Basically, this story involves a mirror demon that had stayed inside an ancient mirror for thousands of years, she had neither any perception on time nor facial features. She waits inside the world of mirror for her prey to come and she will react to that prey's deepest desires and entice him/her and after that draining their life energy as her food source, leaving the prey dead.

    So it had been a couple of hundred years since she had her last meal and the mirror rests in an antique shop at Hong Kong. A man entered the store and was attracted by the mirror. He had lost his lover a year ago and had moved away from the place where they shared their memories to an old mansion where the demons sleeps. He entered the shop, looking for furniture to be placed in his house when he spotted the mirror. The demon was equally attracted to him.

    He brought the mirror home and the demon appeared as the woman he once loved but she pretended that she had lost her memory, and so this starts the hunt between her and the guy.

    So just to give you a sense, below is my first chapter of the work. Read at your own risk, it's 3 pages long on MS word

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    She had forgotten who she is.
    “Welcome!” A crispy voice resounded from deep within the store, looks like another guest has arrived. Will this person be the one?

    A couple dressed formally entered the antiques store located in one of the hidden streets in Hong Kong. The exterior of the store looked torn; the walls were washed by the time, leaving marks on them. It does indeed deserve a new coat of paint. The wooden frame of the billboard sways responding to the wind passing by. Yellowish lights shines down from the ceiling light, giving the antiques an even more ancient look. Yet the weird atmosphere attracted those who are destined to enter.

    “Wow… This mirror is huge!” The woman’s eyes were attracted to the mirror standing at the far end of the store. Her eyes reflected her delight as she approaches it, pulling her partner behind her.

    What stood before her eyes was the mirror that was more than two meters tall, supported by the wooden frame that’s rectangle shaped. Simplicity was the main theme behind the design of the mirror’s frame.

    “You like it?” The man asked with a scoff plastered on his face as he studied the mirror. It looked to him that the mirror was a tad too aged for his own taste, who knows whether the reflection will be distorted or not.

    “Yup, I loved it. And recently isn’t the retro style really popular nowadays? I think that it would look good in my bedroom.” The woman was all smiles as she grabbed his arms tighter. Her mind started filling with images of the mirror in her bedroom. Besides she don’t know whether is it her over thinking or not, but she thought that her reflection off the mirror made her appears to be a little skinner and more beautiful. In fact she would go as far as saying that it made her looked angelic.

    The couple stood in front of the mirror and studied it carefully, but they were unaware that they in turn are been observed from the world behind the mirror.

    The woman who appeared to be beautiful in others eyes is ugly to her, she could determine that the woman was not truly in love with the man who she had entered. Her motive was to separate the man from his wealth to support her younger brother through the medical school and hopefully a house from him as a bonus.

    On the other hand, the man is already in a marriage and yet chooses to be in this relationship with a younger woman because he is greedy for her attractive looks and beautiful toned body. However the main reason why he is with her is because he wanted to have a son with her to carry on the family name. He had wanted a son since their first day of marriage, however it’s been tested recently that his wife is infertile making him very upset. As much as he wanted to divorce that incompetent wife of his, he can’t since she is the daughter of his boss. Hence for the sake of his future, he cannot be rash about his moves.
    She doesn’t remember who she is, or how long has it been since she’s been staying in mirror.

    What she does know is that she existed within the world of the mirror, having the ability to see through man’s deepest and truest desires reflected on their “true selves”. Most of the times, the things she observes are very repulsive, she prefers more beautiful things than that. The difference between their outward appearance and their true desires made her felt uncomfortable deep in her heart. Despite that, she understands it is not her place to pass judgment on those humans since she is merely a demon who is unwelcomed in the human world.

    “So how much does this mirror cost?” The balding man touches his forehead and asked.

    “…” The boss seems to know about her existence but she had never appeared before him. “Three million dollars.”

    “Three million dollars? Isn’t that asking too much for an old piece of wood?” The woman screeched and pulled her waist-long hair behind her ears. She couldn’t believe her ears, in her opinion, there is no way it would worth that much.

    “This mirror is only for those who are destined for it.” The boss replied softly as he turned his attention to the book that he was reading. His tone of voice was relaxed and carried no form of accusation but his message was clear: You are not the chosen one.
    The man was furious at the boss’s carefree attitude; he knew that the man did not view them with high regards. “You must be insane, good luck finding a buyer for that dumb mirror of yours.” He curses while the woman rolled her eyes. Whatever faint sense of interest she had on the mirror vanished when she know the hefty price tag that comes with it. The two of them leaves the store but the boss merely shakes his head as he watches their back view disappeared into the darkness.

    He adjusted his glasses and rested his chin on his palm as he flipped the pages restlessly. He was glad that the store’s peace was restored but his happiness was short-lived. Just moments after the couple left, another entered. The man was dressed in a suite but his tie hang loosely around his neck, his hair was a little messy. His brown eyes looked dazed and unfocused and he reeks of alcohol

    “Welcome.” The boss greeted the new guest sounding unenthusiastic, his eyes never leaving the book that he was reading.

    “Thanks…” The man returned the greeting without any strength in his voice.

    The boss had a smirk masked by his emotionless expression as the man made a beeline towards the mirror. Looks like the mirror had made her choice, finally.

    She finally noticed someone new approaching the mirror, feeling interested she made her way to it as well—curious as to whom the stranger might be.

    He finds himself attracted to the mirror for reasons beyond his understanding, this was not logical to him, not at all. He couldn’t find a reasonable explanation for it , but yet his feet moved against his wishes and his hands reached out longingly to touch the cool surface.

    His eyes were overflowing with sadness which stared back into him. She stared right into his, surprised that she was able to see right through his deepest secret.

    “What a special mirror,” He mumbled as he stared into the mirror.
    The boss closes the book with a thud and walked towards the customer, he spoke softly so as not to startle him. “Sir, have you taken a fancy on that mirror?” He asked with a grin on his face.

    “Yah, I suppose… I’ve just brought a new house,” Truth to be told, he had decided to leave the place that reminds him of her and returned to his old house. “so I’m looking for new furniture.” The man explained and traces his fingers cross the wooden frame of the mirror smoothly.

    She inhales deeply and sighed. She is merely a mirror so she can only reflect the exterior appearance and the desires of the human. Hence she does not have any facial features; her face is as empty as a blank piece of paper. But in that instant, a human figure started forming.

    It was a lady, she was wearing a long-sleeved faded yellow dress decorated with lace, her long brownish hair touches her waist, her soft brows highlighted her dark almond eyes, her small pointed nose complements her rosy lips. This is the man’s one and only desire, this woman occupied his mind. She is the only one he wants.

    “Sir, do you like this mirror?” The boss reappeared with a big sheet of white cloth in his hands. His voice startled the man who was looking a study table nearby.

    “Yup, I think it looked good.” He responded, and thought that she might loved it if she is still around. “How much are you selling it for?”

    “One thousand dollars.”

    “What?!” The man was caught off guard at the low price he was offered with. “Isn’t this mirror an antique? Or perhaps it’s an imitation?” He asked and looked at the mirror a second time, it looked like it had been glazed by time but despite that, it attracted his eyes.

    “Oh no, this piece of work had been around for thousands of years. And precisely because of that, she chooses her owner and not the other way round.” He smiles and spreads the cloth over the mirror. “So Sir, about this mirror… Would you want to get this mirror?”

    “… Yah sure, I would love to.” He snaps back to reality and decided to purchase the mirror. It wasn’t simply because of the affordable price tag of it that he decided to get it. It was the thought that she might like it if she is still alive that made him felt attracted to the mirror. He casted one last glance at it before looking at the boss once again. “Are you certain about that? It feels…” He was at a loss of choosing the right words to continue his sentence.

    The boss ensures that the cloth covers every last bit of the mirror before approaching the man. He bows at him and gave a wide-tooth smile. “Please do not worry about that. This mirror is destined to be yours. I think she had been waiting for you.”

    “Thank you very much. I appreciate it.” Perhaps indeed it is fate that ties them together. But he isn’t too bothered about such minor details.

    The man leaves after payment had made and the delivery process had been settled. The boss watches as he existed and looked at the mirror and wondered how long the mirror will take before it returns to him once again. He chuckled at the thought of that and relaxes on the chair.


    So that's that, sorry that it's a little longer.
    So back to the roles:

    I wishes to take the demon and the storekeeper which leaves you with the man.

    My rules are just below:

    1. I'm expecting at least a paragraph, but depending on the scene a one liners are okay too.
    2. Just good English that will not disturb the flow of reading will do. (Minor spelling and grammar mistakes are okey)

  2. I'd be interested if it was a little more flexible; you seem to have everything planned out and it doesn't leave much room for a partner to be creative with backstories, motivations, and character design =/
  3. Well this is actually a story I'm working on as a writer, but I'm separating the story into two different components--one is the one I'm writing on individually (That's for my own pleasure) and the other is the RP which is more flexible.

    The only thing that I'm asking for is to keep the general plot the same. A mirror demon meeting a man who had lost his love and decided to make him her next prey.

    Other than that, it's totally free for you to design.

    I was just curious how a story with the same plot would differ between a writer and a RP, that's all.