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  1. ~WHAT'S NEW~
    Updated some stuff.

    Hey, all! I'm Mira. :3 I'm looking for a few long-term role-plays! Here's some stuff you should know about me right off the bat.​
    What Am I Looking For?Primarily MxM pairings. Straight pairings don't interest me very much and tend to bore me very quickly, and sadly I haven't had much luck with FxF (though I am willing to try again with the right partner and pairing). Most of the pairings listed here are MxM and will be specifically marked if they are not.

    Fandoms. I enjoy RPing fandoms more than originals in most cases. I prefer to play strictly canon characters, and I prefer that my partner play canon characters as well, but I'm open to Canon x OC and OC x OC pairings for some fandoms.

    Long-term role-plays. I enjoy long-term role-plays. Please be willing to settle in for the long haul if you want to role-play with me. I love lengthy stories, with plenty of room and time for character development, plot twists, and awesome scenarios!

    Someone whose writing style meshes well with mine. Please check my Roleplay Resume before you contact me! My average post length is three to four paragraphs. I thoroughly enjoy romance, but I'd rather not have romance as the only genre/theme throughout the entire role-play. I can't play super-dominant and sadistic characters well, though, so keep that in mind.

    My current cravings. These are my current cravings! But do keep in mind that these are just the topics I'm dying to role-play--there are quite a few more farther down.

    No big cravings right now.

    Bully/Canis Canem Edit
    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Invader Zim
    Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
    IZ/JTHM Crossover
    Left 4 Dead
    Warriors (Erin Hunter)

    What Do I Expect From You?Patience. I suffer from chronic health problems that sometimes force me to go MIA for a while. I also work irregular hours. I may not have time to reply every day, and sometimes replying may just slip my mind--I can be really forgetful sometimes and need a regular poke. Give me a poke if I haven't posted in two weeks.

    Try to mirror-post, and two paragraphs at a bare minimum. If you write a one, two, or three-liner, I'm liable to drop the role-play out of pure lack of interest.

    Please, please, please tell me if you're not interested in our role-play anymore, rather than disappearing off the face of the Earth. Do not do that to me. If you do, I'm liable to never speak to you again. :|

    Flexibility with characters and romance. I tend to play switch characters more than dominant or submissive characters, both personality and romance-wise. I prefer my partners to be able to play all sorts of different characters rather than sticking to one type. Be willing to split up side characters if need be--please don't make me play them all (unless I ask to).

    Decent spelling and grammar. Everyone makes mistakes, of course, but if they're happening frequently (as in every other sentence or more), maybe we're not meant for each other.

    Role-playing in a thread or via e-mails. I dislike instant messengers and despise chats. The dinky squished PM box on Iwaku also irritates the crap out of me, so I'm not really comfortable using it unless you literally won't RP any other way.

    Writing in third person. It just feels weird to role-play any other way.

    Absolute No-NosGod-modding without prior discussion. You do this once and I'll give you a terse warning. Dare to commit the crime again and we're finished.

    IM and Chat Role-Plays. When it comes to IM and chatrooms a fast response is preferred over a decent response, which simply isn't my cup of tea.

    No obsessive post nagging. Big pet peeve. I suffer from health problems and I have a job which forces me to work unusual hours. If you hound me about posting, particularly several times a week, I'll most likely get irritated and lose interest in our role-play. I do have a life that exists outside of Iwaku and I would prefer it if people respected that.

    If we have multiple RPs, constantly replying to one and neglecting or outright ignoring the other(s). Massive pet peeve of mine. My limit is three RPs per partner. If we have more than one role-play, I typically don't like to reply until my partner posts in all of our RPs. If you're stuck, tell me and we can brainstorm! If you're losing interest, just say something and we'll discuss new ideas or dropping the RP altogether!

    Extreme sci-fi and medieval fantasy. Nope, sorry--they just bore me. I love light sci-fi and other kinds of fantasy, though!

    Pairings and Plots
    • Titles listed in GREEN are things I'm currently craving.
    • Any pairings that are listed in GREEN are pairings I will LOVE YOU TO DEATH for if you're willing to do them with me!
    • If a role in a pairing is UNDERLINED, it means I would prefer to play that role.
    • YURI (FxF) pairings will be surrounded by $s. Pairings that could be FxF will have a single $ at the end.
    • STRAIGHT (MxF) pairings will be surrounded by $s. Pairings that could be MxF will have a single $ at the end.
    • I have listed some pairing and plot ideas that require three people including myself--I'm open to a teeny-tiny group role-play like that. That or one of us plays two characters while the other plays one. I've underlined the role I would most prefer to play in that setting.
    • If a plot has an X around its number, it means I'm already actively RPing that plot and may not be open to playing it with someone else unless it's tweaked.
    • No romance between adults and minors is permitted. Any pre-established fandom characters on this list under eighteen must be paired, non-sexually, with a character that is also under eighteen or their age must be altered for the role-play. We can discuss the details.

    +Not really in the mood for these, but there's a bit of wiggle room if you give me a great plot.+
    Animal(s) x Animal(s)$$
    Merman x Human
    Twins x Twins$
    +Alien: Isolation+

    Amanda Ripley x The Alien$$
    OC (Human) x The Alien$$
    ( 1 ) [Amanda Ripley x The Alien$$] -- NOTE: A simple plot with lots of opportunity to alter the story line. Could go completely AU. Alien can be male, female, or a combination of both. While trying to trap the Alien Drone and send it careening down into KG-348's atmosphere to burn into ashes, something Amanda has never witnessed occurs. A large number of Working Joes suddenly turn on the Alien, cornering the beast and brutally assaulting it. Up until now, they simply stood by and watched the Alien as it passed by...and now they were suddenly attacking it. They're much stronger than a human being, and with their numbers it doesn't take very long for the Alien to fall. Knowing its limits, it plays possum. The tactic works and the Working Joes disperse. Amanda sees a chance to take the creature out herself. She approaches, shotgun in hand. She's ready to fire...but right at this moment, the two of them lock eyes. Amanda hesitates. She simply can't bring herself to pull the trigger, despite all the Alien has put her through. It's vulnerable, it isn't attacking her...and it's in a bad way. Amanda lowers the gun...and as she does, another idea comes to mind. A completely crazy idea. What if she saves it? Would it be grateful? Could she possibly reason with it? Perhaps the creature would even be grateful enough to work in tandem with her...it would certainly make her goal a lot easier.
    +Assassin's Creed+

    Leonardo da Vinci x Ezio Auditore
    Vieri de Pazzi x Federico Auditore
    ( 1 ) [Federico Auditore x Vieri de Pazzi] -- NOTE: This plot takes place a few months before the deaths of Federico, Giovanni, and Petruccio and goes slightly AU once that point is reached—somehow, some way (we’ll discuss it) Federico survives. Federico is returning home from a long night of drinking and good company with some local ladies. The Pazzis have been relentless as of late, so to be safe, he takes the rooftops home instead of the streets. He’s had quite a bit to drink, however, and is clumsy with his footing. He slips and falls a great height, but he manages to catch himself—just barely—on a ledge. He’s too worn out and drunk to pull himself to safety, but there’s no safe place to land if he lets go, and the drop is at least two stories. Vieri de Pazzi happens to be passing by, and the lingering bits of his iced-over conscience goad him into pulling Federico to safety. He quickly leaves, however, shaken and repulsed with himself for what he’s just done. Federico seems to have no reaction to the incident, other than relief that he’s not dead…he returns home without a hitch. When he wakes up, he realizes that what happened to him the previous night wasn’t a dream…and that incident has awakened repressed feelings. Over the next few weeks, Federico becomes a constant and rather annoying presence in Vieri’s life, following him and showing up at his various competitions (thus, making the distracted Pazzi falter and often lose). He pursues Vieri like a madman, but Federico has chased many potential lovers in his lifetime, both male and female, and he knows not to push Vieri too much, too fast. But will he really be able to surmount the infamous and seemingly impenetrable wall that surrounds Vieri de Pazzi, or was his blossoming affection doomed from the start?

    Delta x Sinclair
    OC x OC$$
    ( 1 ) [Delta x Augustus Sinclair] -- NOTE: Goes AU. Sinclair is spared and the ending (the good one, in this case) is altered. Delta has always seemed like a stalwart figure, for the most part driven by his desire to reunite with Eleanor and nothing else. He doesn't get emotional and his entire focus is on the mission. But things start to change the longer he and Sinclair are in contact, and Sinclair is the first to notice. The hulking metal monster becomes more expressive as time goes on and more dialogue is exchanged. Though he cannot speak, his reactions to some of the deliberately awful jokes and playful jabs at the world around them seem oddly...human. The two develop a peculiar bond of sorts. Not even they are aware of it until Sinclair is kidnapped and turned into a Alpha series himself. As requested, Delta manages to get him out of that little room by doing a bit of detective work and uncovering the code. The two have an almighty scuffle. Eventually, Delta manages to sweep Sinclair off of his feet. His leg is broken, and he can feel it. He once again begs Delta to kill him. But Delta doesn't. Instead, he smashes Sinclair's head into a nearby metal beam until he loses consciousness. Delta drags the unconscious Sinclair along with him on his final journey, even managing to hold onto him as the bathysphere rockets up to the surface. Eleanor abandons her initial plans of absorbing Delta's memories to combine their psyches when she sees how much Delta is fussing over Sinclair, realizing long before either of them do that there's something special there. With Sofia unable to control Sinclair, and in a catatonic state, Delta has high hopes of rescuing his old friend. But Delta is in a bad way himself. With the pair bond broken and unable to be reestablished, he's in the middle of having a slow, painful, and catastrophic heart attack. Eleanor reacts by injecting him with all of their remaining ADAM, in the hopes of shocking his body to returning into normal. It stops the heart attack, but the shock renders him unconscious. Eleanor paddles the three of them and the Little Sisters Delta has rescued back to shore, on an isolated beach. She has a game plan in mind--to wait for Tenenbaum to return to the surface so she can properly fix the two Daddies, and they can live in peace on the surface. But will that really work?
    +Bully/Canis Canem Edit+

    Bif Taylor x Johnny Vincent
    Derby Harrington x Bif Taylor
    Derby Harrington x Bif Taylor x Johnny Vincent

    Derby Harrington x Bif Taylor x OC
    Derby Harrington x Johnny Vincent
    Gary Smith x Jimmy Hopkins
    Gord Vendome x Jimmy Hopkins
    Gord Vendome x OC
    Gord Vendome x Vance Medici
    OC x OC$
    Tad Spencer x OC
    Tad Spencer x Peanut Romano
    ( 1 ) [Derby Harrington x Bif Taylor] -- NOTE: Takes place after the events of the game. Derby and Bif are one year above Jimmy Hopkins! One month. One month is all that separates the current seniors at Bullworth from the cold and unfeeling world around them. After one month, they'll truly be adults. Bif Taylor is dreading the end of this month, for it means that there's a chance he will be violently separated from the only thing that makes his life worth living--the apple of his eye and leader of his clique, Derby Harrington. Bif is miserable when this month begins, to the utter confusion of his friends and clique-mates. Derby and Bif have known each other since they were in diapers--in fact, neither could remember a single moment when they hadn't been close--but Derby is oblivious to Bif's feelings. After a long night of drinking, self-loathing, and isolation, Bif wakes up in the morning more determined than ever to prove himself to Derby, and to prove how powerful his feelings are. But Derby is blind. Derby doesn't understand. The blonde may never understand, unless Bif can find a way to show him the truth. This can go on for a while, one-sided and such, or we can have Derby come to terms with his own feelings a little more quickly than that.

    ( 2 ) [Derby Harrington x Bif Taylor] -- NOTE: Can take place during or after the events of the game. After a grueling boxing match against Bryce, Bif leaves the Glass Jaw Boxing Club with Derby in tow. The two of them have been secretly going steady for about three years now--only Gord, a close friend, knows about them. They chat for a minute outside and eventually split up, Derby intending to celebrate with the rest of the Preps and Bif intending to head back to Harrington House and recover after that hard fight. But mere moments after they separate, an out-of-control car comes barreling in Derby's direction. Derby is terrified. So terrified, in fact, that he simply can't bring himself to move. Before the car can strike him, however, a powerful force shoves him out of harm's way--it's Bif, desperately rushing in to protect the blonde. The car strikes Bif hard. He's on the brink of death by the time paramedics arrive. The redhead spends weeks in the hospital, in an induced coma. Derby is never far from his side--when he's not in class he's always by the side of his right-hand man. When Bif finally stirs, Derby is overjoyed...but not for very long. Bif doesn't remember anything. He doesn't remember the accident. He doesn't remember who he is. And, perhaps most importantly, he has no idea who Derby is, or all that they've shared together. The doctor claims that it's possible for Bif to regain his memory, but that it will likely take time. Derby is determined to make him remember, even if it will take years!

    ( 3 ) [Derby Harrington x Bif Taylor x Johnny Vincent] -- NOTE: Preferably takes place during their senior year, when all three are seventeen or eighteen.After being beaten badly and publicly humiliated by the Preps the other day, an infuriated Johnny Vincent has hatched a most devilish plan. Fueled by his simmering temper and a healthy amount of liquid courage pumping through his veins, the incensed Greaser King decides to break into the Preps' Glass Jaw Boxing Club and trash the place until it's unrecognizable. He isn't thinking straight, thanks to the alcohol, and rather than bring back-up he heads into Old Bullworth Vale on his own, armed with nothing but a metal baseball bat. He manages to make it inside courtesy of an unlocked basement window. He makes it upstairs into the boxing ring and is just about to bring his bat swinging down into the glass divider...when he hears some most intriguing noises. Stealthy as ever, Johnny stalks his way up the stairs leading into the room above. Through a gap in the heavy maroon curtains he gets quite an eyeful--Derby Harrington, the leader of the Preps, and his right-hand man in a most compromising situation. For a few long moments all he can do is gape...and then, fast as lightning, he has the camera he swiped a couple of days ago out and at the ready. He takes several good pictures before beating a hasty retreat, an even more devilish plan forming in his mind. The very next day he approaches Derby and Bif while they're by themselves and presents the damning evidence. Both seem appropriately shocked...but Johnny isn't expecting Derby to simply shrug his shoulders and offer to include them in their twisted relationship in exchange for his silence, or for Bif to grudgingly agree. What the hell?! Now Harrington and Taylor want to date him and shit to keep him quiet? He's not into guys! So why does that offer sound so tempting...?

    ( 4 ) [Derby Harrington x Johnny Vincent] -- NOTE: Preferably takes place during their senior year, when both are seventeen or eighteen. It's the beginning of the school year. Johnny is on his way, alone, to what is sure to be a heated meeting with his Greasers--apparently, that promiscuous Prep Gord has been seen swapping spit with Lola again. Understandably, he's in a piss-poor mood, and even though he's in New Coventry he's just hoping he'll run into a Prep along the way so he can blow off some steam. Imagine his surprise when he turns a corner in the alleyways and finds the head Prep, Derby Harrington...but Derby is in no fit state to fight. In fact, it looks like he's been beaten up pretty badly--to the point that he can't even walk on his own or speak coherently anymore. Johnny is surprised. The Greasers hate the Preps, sure...but even they aren't sadistic enough to do this kind of damage. The blonde's nearly dead! He instantly realizes that a group of bloodthirsty Townies must have ambushed Harrington and left this bloodbath in their wake. Putting their past grievances to the side, Johnny decides to help him. Being careful to stay out of sight, and with many garbled protests from the prideful Prep, the head Greaser carts the head Prep all the way through New Coventry and Bullworth Town. Johnny leaves him at the door of the town hospital, shouts that someone's been hurt, and then flees the scene. Derby isn't in school for several weeks. When he returns, he doesn't seem like himself. He's also taken to ignoring Johnny altogether, rather than being downright ugly as he usually is. This awkward behavior attracts the attention of the ever-nosy student body and gossip begins to spread about them. Johnny is incensed. He decides to confront Harrington about this strange behavior and put this whole thing to rest once and for all.

    ( 5 ) [Gary Smith x Jimmy Hopkins] -- NOTE: Takes place after the events of the game and during the final weeks of that school year...continues into the summer months. Gary has finally been taken out of the picture, locked away for the rest of the school year and the whole summer, at the very least, in the Happy Volts Insane Asylum. Jimmy's settling into his new role as King of Bullworth, with Petey as his most trusted ally. However, for some reason he just can't fathom, Jimmy can't get Gary out of his mind. Happy Volts surely isn't the most secure of places...Gary could break out at any moment, couldn't he, to wreck what Jimmy spent the entire year carefully trying to build? Jimmy's concerns begin affecting his daily life at Bullworth. His grades drop, he ends up breaking up with Zoe Taylor, and he even shuts himself away from the one he trusts most--Petey. Eventually, Jimmy decides that he just can't take it anymore. He bikes up to the asylum, feeling that it's his duty to check up on Gary. We can start it from here...Jimmy can visit Gary during visiting hours and he can sneak into Happy Volts at night using his orderly uniform, too.

    ( 6 ) [Gord Vendome x Jimmy Hopkins] -- NOTE: Can take place during the events of the game (after Jimmy gains control of the Preps' clique) or after the events of the game. Handsome, flirtatious, and cheerful Gord is an enigma to Jimmy, and to most of the students at Bullworth. He's almost as bad as Lola, sleeping around carelessly and breaking many hearts in his wake. He's one of the nastiest of the Preps when angered, has a sharp silver tongue, and treats poorer students like muck on his expensive loafers. But...there's a distinctly sweet side to Gord. Jimmy doesn't realize this until Gord finds him one evening, drunk off his ass and spouting nonsense about his parents. He doesn't remember much about that night, other than meeting Gord and brief snippets of a chat about their poor home lives. What he does remember is waking up in his own bed, all snuggled up and warm, with the Prep's expensive Aquaberry jacket draped around him. He doesn't want to return it at first, mortified that he spilled his proverbial guts to a bratty rich kid. When he finally does work up the guts to return the jacket, Gord thanks him with a kiss on the cheek, both flattering and angering Jimmy. We can continue from here!

    ( 7 ) [Gord Vendome x Vance Medici] -- NOTE: Can take place during or after the game. After getting dumped by his latest girlfriend, Vance is understandably bummed. Now he spends most of his days brooding and sulking around Bullworth, complaining to anyone willing to listen about how hard it is to find a loyal partner in this godforsaken town. The abandoned church and the surrounding graveyard on the outskirts of Old Bullworth Vale has become one of his favorite haunts. It's here, where he's sitting by his lonesome and muttering to himself on a creaky old bench, that things suddenly take a turn for the better...and strange. A familiar voice breaks the silence from right next to him. It's Gord, one of the Preps, and he's taken it upon himself to plop down right beside Vance and demand to know what the issue is. The two of them get to talking despite their differences, and when Gord finally takes his leave Vance is feeling much better. He decides that from now on, when he's feeling down he'll seek out the slender Prep. Just to talk. Not for comfort or anythin' like that! It's not like he thinks that high-maintenance, soft-skinned, fabulously dressed primadonna is the cutest thing he's ever seen...right?

    ( 8 ) [Tad Spencer x Peanut Romano] -- NOTE: Can take place any time during or after the game. The Preps and the Greasers have been rivals for as long as the two cliques can remember--the poor against the rich, the fortunate against the unfortunate, the peasants against the nobles. Because of a few unpleasant incidents that occurred during their childhood, Tad and Peanut have an especially foul, rotten relationship with each other. Tad was the one who gave Peanut his awful nickname during their first few years at Bullworth, as well, and Peanut vowed never to forgive him for it. After a late-night Greaser clique meeting called by Johnny, Peanut is on his way alone back to Bullworth. He takes the back alleyways on his trek. He ends up, unexpectedly, running into a bruised, battered, and bloody Tad all huddled up behind one of the alley dumpsters, arms wrapped around himself and rocking back and forth. He's badly hurt, to the point that he might need hospital attention. The origins of his injuries are a mystery--a Greaser definitely didn't do this, though, since all of them were at the clique meeting and these injuries are recent. Despite his better judgment, Peanut figures that he'd better help Tad--if he doesn't, the Prep might just fall over and die there, and Peanut couldn't live with that on his conscience. But just what the hell happened to him?

    Reaver x Garth
    Reaver x Prince of Albion
    $Reaver x Princess of Albion$
    Reaver x Male!Sparrow
    $Reaver x Female!Sparrow$

    ( 1 ) [Reaver x Sparrow]$ -- NOTE: Takes place after the events of the game, and Sparrow chose the Sacrifice ending. Albion is saved! Everyone is celebrating, dancing and singing and drinking the night away! Well...everyone except Sparrow, that is. He's been in a deep and very private depression for weeks now, and no one can seem to figure out what's keeping their titular hero down. Hammer seems to be the most concerned, spending more and more time with him to try and cheer him up and simultaneously work out what's behind all this. Eventually, she resorts to sending letters to the other heroes, currently in Samarkand, asking for their opinion. Garth's response is short and sweet, claiming that he suspects the stress is finally getting to Sparrow and that he needs to take a well-deserved rest. Reaver, on the other hand, doesn't respond at all. So, of course, imagine Hammer's surprise when two weeks later there's a knock at the door and lo and behold, it's the infamous Hero of Skill. He cheerfully asks if Sparrow is there. Hammer, still stupefied, leaves to fetch him. When she returns with a still-glum Sparrow in tow, the Hero of Bowerstone is shocked and startled when the dark-haired pirate thrusts an adorable Doberman puppy into his arms. He promptly demands that Sparrow get over this slump that he's forced himself into, as he's certain that the Hero's deceased and beloved partner wouldn't want that for him, and tacks on that moping around makes Sparrow much less attractive in his eyes. Both Sparrow and Hammer are floored. Hammer hadn't even considered the possibility that the death of Sparrow's trusted canine companion was behind his depression, and Sparrow had no idea how Reaver (who he believed barely knew him) figured it out when no one else could. Now seeing Reaver in a slightly different light, Sparrow figures he ought to pay the mysterious pirate back in some way. But how is he going to manage that...?

    ( 2 ) [Reaver x Prince(ss) of Albion]$ -- NOTE: Goes very much AU. In this version of the story, Sparrow was female. I would love for Reaver to become a part of the Resistance, and a valued part of the Prince's team, seeing as he has no true loyalty to Logan in the first place. A neutral Prince is stopped by a rabid fan of Reaver's one dreary overcast morning, and against his better judgement he accepts a quest to fetch...he agrees to acquire...a certain article of the industrialist's clothing for her. Should be easy enough, right? After all, the mansion is abandoned. Or so he thinks. He puts the task off for several days until he literally has nothing to do but fetch the accursed undergarments and once again against his better judgement, the rogue royalty finds himself standing before the massive mansion. Getting inside is surprisingly easy--the place seems to be deserted. The Prince has more trouble locating the secret room--it takes him several frustratingly long minutes to find the hidden corridor behind a bookcase. What he finds at the end of the corridor has him both repulsed and terribly amused. He tries to touch as little as possible as he rummages around. But before he can locate the aforementioned undies, he's unceremoniously interrupted by the infamous owner of the house...
    +Far Cry+

    OC x OC$$ (Primal)
    None right now. But I do have some smaller plot bunnies for this series.
    +Five Nights at Freddy's+

    +Animatronics are still animatronics, with some anthro qualities. All plots listed with a canon human can also be done with an OC human. You may be able to cajole me into doing an anthro AU for this series if you present me with a fantastic plot.+
    Bonnie x Mike Schmidt
    Bonnie x OC$ (Human, but could become animatronic later on)

    Foxy x Bonnie
    Foxy x Freddy
    Foxy x Mike Schmidt
    Foxy x OC$ (Human, but could become animatronic later on)

    Freddy x Mike Schmidt
    Freddy x OC (Human, but could become animatronics later on)
    Mike Schmidt x ALL/MULTIPLE Animatronics (we can split them or I could play them)
    OC (Human, but could become animatronic later on) x ALL/MULTIPLE Animatronics (we can split them or I could play them)
    Springtrap x OC (Human, but could become animatronic later on)
    Toy Bonnie x Jeremy Fitzgerald
    Toy Bonnie x OC (Human, but could become animatronic later on)​
    ( 1 ) [Bonnie x Mike Schmidt/OC Security Guard] -- NOTE: This plot could also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. Mike has been working at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria for an entire week, now. He has no intention whatsoever of quitting. Even though the animatronics are quite obviously trying to murder him, Mike has grown irrevocably fond of them. Over the week, their behavior has changed (though they're still trying to jam him into a suit every night) and their individual personalities have begun to blossom forth. Freddy is the patriarch of the family--the wise and protective father figure who keeps everyone safe and in line. Chica is a bit of a mix between a bubbly teenager and a mother figure--always cheerful and by far the friendliest of the four (she even leaves Mike gifts of sweets and freshly-baked pizza at the right door sometimes). Foxy is a bit of an enigma--obviously an outcast. He spends very little time with the other animatronics, and his elusive hermit-like behavior means that Mike still knows very little about him. Bonnie is also proving to be a tough nut to crack. Sometimes he behaves like a shy child, and other times he can be just as menacing as Freddy. This story starts on Mike's eighth night. For the past week, he's been leaving his beloved pet cat at home alone during his shift. But his cat suffers from severe separation anxiety, and when Mike returned home after his seventh night of work, he found his poor cat having a horrible seizure on the ground. After making sure she was all right, Mike begged and pleaded with the manager to allow him to bring his cat to work. After hearing what happened, the manager grudgingly agreed to allow him to bring his cat to work, as long as she was contained in the office the entire time. The first half of the eighth night goes well. But then, unexpectedly, Foxy rams his body into the left door, startling Mike's cat. The cat takes off running out of the right door. Though he's scared out of his mind, Mike opens the left door, not wanting to risk running into Freddy, and goes looking for his beloved cat. He isn't expecting to find her in the Supply Closet, and in the arms of a cooing, affectionate Bonnie, no less. Mike has never seen one of the animatronics behaving in such an affectionate manner, and he's intrigued...but still worried about his cat. He has no choice but to barter for his cat's life with a creature that minutes earlier appeared at his door and tried to snatch him up.

    ( 2 ) [Bonnie x Mike Schmdit/OC Security Guard] -- NOTE: This plot could also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. Mike has been working at the pizzeria for about a month now. Over the past week, he's gotten sick, and the mysterious illness is just getting worse and worse with new (and terrifying) symptoms popping up. He finally pays a visit to the doctor. He's then shuffled between several doctors, who all run a battery of tests on him. At last, he gets a diagnosis, and it's one he's been dreading. He has a brain tumor. It's inoperable, and the doctor tells him that it will almost certainly kill him. The doctors estimate that Mike has only a month or so to live. Mike falls into a deep depression. The only thing that keeps him going is the adrenaline rush he gets from working the night shift at the pizzeria. A week or so passes, and Mike is sicker than ever. His depressed and delirious mind finally drives him to formulating an insane plan. He arrives for his nighttime shift, same as always...but this time, he doesn't plan on using the doors or checking the cameras. He instead calmly sits and waits. Bonnie is the first to pay him a visit. He's surprised when the door doesn't close, and the night guard instead just stares at him and demands that he just put him out of his misery already. Bonnie is conflicted--the night guards don't just give up like this. They're either caught by the animatronics or they just disappear. Mike explains that he's terminally ill, and that he doesn't want to wait to die of sickness in a hospital bed. He begs Bonnie to kill him. The atypical behavior frightens Bonnie...but he also finds himself pitying the night guard. To learn that he's going to die at such a young age, and there's nothing anyone can--...wait a moment. There is something that can be done! The bad humans they stuff into suits never come back--because, frustratingly, they're never that man they're looking for--but they can be made to come back. Bonnie decides that he's going to save this night guard and bring him back as an animatronic. Then maybe they can be friends, and play together forever and ever!

    ( 3 ) [Foxy x Mike Schmidt/OC Security Guard] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. The Bite of ’87 was not the only bite, though it was by far the most serious. There was another bite that occurred, this one not at a birthday party but during a routine visit. It was a humdrum day, just like any other. During this time, the most popular animatronic by a landslide was Foxy the Pirate. He was the only animatronic allowed to walk around during the daytime, though he was limited to Pirate Cove and the seating area around it. Wandering was an integral part of his show. Foxy was not made to stand still, but rather to swing around on the rigging of his makeshift ship and bounce around on deck, spouting off sea shanties with the children. Foxy’s favorite thing to do was tell stories—stories of his fabricated exploits at sea. That was what he was doing on this day. But his story was interrupted by the sound of a child screaming, which immediately attracted the attention of the guests, employees, and (of course) all four animatronics. A sorry excuse for a father was beating his young son, right there in front of Pirate Cove—Foxy’s territory! This was something that none of the animatronics had ever witnessed, and they did not know how to react. Foxy felt a terrible anger welling up within him, an anger he usually reserved for hunting down endoskeletons during the nighttime…and then he blacked out. When he woke, it was to a gaggle of adult humans restraining him. He realized he was covered in in blood, and that he must have bitten that disgusting excuse for a man. After that, despite being so popular, Foxy was decommissioned and sentenced to a life of rotting away behind Pirate Cove’s curtains, which were never meant to be opened again. Foxy is left alone, in isolation, for many, many years—even the other animatronics don’t interact with him much after what happened (though Bonnie pays him the occasional visit). After so much isolation, he begins to lose his mind, and after some time, he becomes one of the most violent of the quartet during the nighttime. One night in particular, after he’s been decommissioned for an absurdly long time, a new endoskeleton appears in the security office. He manages to ward off the animatronics for four straight nights…but on the fifth night, he’s unexpectedly ambushed by Foxy, who tackles him to the ground. He fully intends to stuff the endoskeleton into a suit…but then it proclaims to be human, and asks why Foxy bothered protecting him all those years ago. It’s at this moment that Foxy realizes that this no endoskeleton, but an adult human! And, to boot, it’s the human he saved all of those years ago! But the other animatronics won’t believe this story, not without a lot of convincing…and Foxy vows to protect this human from them at all costs!

    ( 4 ) [Foxy x Mike Schmidt/OC Security Guard] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. The animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria are dumbfounded. The current night guard, who they believe is pure evil because they were all viciously slaughtered by a night guard when they were children, has lasted longer than any of his predecessors, who either ran from the place with their tails between their legs or who met their makers at the hands of the animatronics. A month has passed since Mike took this job. He knows that he should have left a long time ago, after his mandatory five nights were up...but for some unfathomable reason, he just can't leave. He's actually, God forbid, started growing fond of the animatronics who have been trying to murder him and stuff him into an animatronic suit. He's even managed to select a favorite--Foxy, who was also his childhood favorite. Foxy isn't aware of it until three days before the month ends. He finds a strange brightly-wrapped parcel waiting for him in his Cove when he stirs from his daytime standby mode. When he tears it open, he finds a pristine pirate hat, several amazing books on pirates, and an adorable stuffed parrot. He initially thinks that the others gave him these gifts, but then he realizes that would be impossible--none of them are allowed to leave the pizzeria. It's in their programming! After some deep contemplation, he comes to the startling conclusion that a human must have left the gifts for him. Foxy is certain that this human will come back, perhaps to see if he's enjoying the gifts that were left for him. Though it goes against his altered programming, the pirate fox forces himself to stay awake during the daytime, though he immediately drops and plays possum whenever he thinks a human is coming into his cove. Near the end of the day, the mystery gift-giver finally shows his face...and lo and behold, it's the night guard! Mike finds Foxy wearing the hat he purchased and is elated. He spends a couple of minutes in Pirate Cove, chattering away to what he thinks is a sleeping Foxy. Foxy finds out that the night guard used to frequent this place when he was a child, and that Foxy was his favorite animatronic. Mike admits that he didn't have a great home life and that his father beat the tar out of him on an almost daily basis. He also admits that coming to this place was the only thing that kept him going as a child. By the time night guard leaves, Foxy's feeling understandably conflicted. Is it possible that this night guard is different from the others? It would be awfully nice to not have to chase night guards down anymore and stuff them into suits. The pirate fox comes to a decision. He's going to have to confront this night guard and see if he's really as harmless as he appears to be.

    X( 5 )X [Foxy x Mike Schmidt/OC Security Guard] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. It's been a week since Mike started his new job, and he's completely shattered. He adamantly plans on quitting when his seventh night ends. As he's approaching the manager to do so, however, he manages to catch a bit of the conversation the manager is having with an unfamiliar man. It's about Foxy, and about Pirate Cove. It turns out that, with the owner's reluctant blessing, the manager is seriously considering removing Pirate Cove entirely and, in turn, scrapping the battered Pirate Fox. Even though the animatronics have been trying to kill him, Mike finds himself feeling suddenly sorry for Foxy. He's been imprisoned in that small space for more than a decade, all by himself, and they're just now going to put him out of his misery? It seems cruel. Before he can stop himself, Mike storms in on the conversation and begs the manager to spare Foxy, at the very least. The two proceed to argue. In the heat of the argument, Mike loudly blares that if Foxy won't be allowed to stay here, then he wants to buy him from the company. He isn't expecting the manager to brighten up and declare that it's a wonderful idea, and he definitely isn't expecting to be told to take him right away and return for his shift that night with the astronomical amount of money it will take to purchase Foxy. It's at this point that Mike realizes that this place must have finally driven him insane. Now he's got a massive animatronic fox who may or may not want to rip him into itty-bitty pieces as a roommate! How's that going to work out?!

    ( 6 ) [Mike Schmidt/OC Security Guard x Animatronics (LOTS OF POTENTIAL PAIRINGS)] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC. I'm open to lots of relationships and playing all of or splitting the animatronics. Can also eventually include the Toys. Not open to OC animatronics. The whole world has gone to shit. A Last of Us-esque disease has decimated the population and turned most of the remaining humans into zombie-like monsters. It's been two years since Mike was terminated from his night guard job. He moved halfway across the country to try and put those unpleasant memories behind him. But lo and behold, only a couple of months after he's settled in to his new place and the new location, the goddamned apocalypse sweeps the nation! Mike spends a year fighting for his life. His ultimate goal was to find a military quarantine zone, where he knows he'll be safe. When he eventually finds one, though, the military bastards gun down every member of his group, save for him. Mike loses faith in the military. He eventually comes up with another idea. A far-fetched idea. A completely insane idea. There's only one thing in this entire world that he finds more terrifying than those flesh-eating monsters. One thing that he thinks can actually stand up to them. His only remaining chance for long-term survival, especially now that he's on his own. And so Mike begins a cross-country trek, heading straight for his old workplace. It takes him a long and arduous year to get to the other side of the country. He's surprised to find the old place still standing. But will his long-overdue homecoming to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria be as fruitful as he hoped, and will he managed to get those super-powered animatronics on his side? Or will the abandoned monsters just take this opportunity to finally cram him into a suit after all of this time?

    ( 7 ) [Mike Schmidt/OC Security Guard x Animatronics (LOTS OF POTENTIAL PAIRINGS!)] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC. I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. Can also eventually include the Toys. It's been about a month since Mike started working as a night guard at the pizzeria. The animatronics are still trying to get to him and stuff him into a suit, but Bonnie and Chica have been keeping their distance, as if they aren't really all that interested in the chase anymore. Freddy and Foxy have noticed, and they've started picking up the slack in return--Freddy now visits both doors and Foxy lingers at the left door instead of immediately leaving. Our story starts on a rather humdrum night. Or, at least, that's what Mike thinks anyway. He's unexpectedly ambushed by a group of three burglars while he's on his way to the security office to start his shift. One of them is armed with a gun. They demand to know where the safe is, but Mike isn't privileged enough to be trusted with that information. They think he's lying and beat the tar out of him. The clock strikes twelve. Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica don't even budge at first, deeming it unnecessary--they intend on letting the the thieves take care of the night guard for them. Foxy and the band don't move at all...that is, until one of the thieves finally locates the safe. Angered that these humans are stealing from their home, the animatronics finally move to strike. But the night guard holds up a hand to stop them as he struggles to his feet, using the thieves' distraction to his advantage. This place already has a shitty reputation, and--though he's unwilling to admit it--he's grown fond of it, and the murderous animatronics, and he doesn't want it closed off and condemned because of these fucking thieves. Mike manages to steal the only gun the group has. They descend on him at once and attempt to retrieve it. One of them snatches it back, and Mike thinks that this will be the end of him...but a flash of red and some harrowing screams indicate otherwise. An enraged Foxy explodes out of his Cove and outright attacks the men. Bullets and blood spray everywhere. When the chaos ends, the three thieves are out cold, sporting nasty cuts and bruises...and poor Foxy, who broke rank and came to the night guard's aid, is sprawled on the ground, sparking and covered in bullet holes. Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica come rushing to his aid, but they're unable to rouse him. Freddy grabs the terrified night guard and demands that he fix Foxy, or they'll rip him apart piece by piece, organ by organ. Mike has no choice but to agree. Will fixing Foxy gain him brownie points with the animatronics?

    X( 8 )X [Springtrap x OC (FNAF 3 Security Guard)] -- Springtrap does not remember his human name. He remembers very little of his past, and it only comes in sporadic spurts. In fact, the only thing he does remember is that he tortured, raped, and slaughtered five children decades ago. He remembers waking up with a start in a dank and musty sealed-off room. He remembers reeling in disgust when he realized that he was no longer human--that his human body was now rotting away within the shell of an ancient animatronic. He remembers struggling in vain to remove his body from the animatronic, and causing himself grievous amounts of pain in the process. He remembers that, after giving up on that, he spent many months desperately trying to escape from the forgotten room and free himself, but to no avail. He remembers giving up hope and sitting in the same spot by the bricked-up wall for many, many years. He remembers occasionally hearing the laughter or happy screams of children from the other side of the wall. He remembers that the sounds made him inexplicably angry. His several decades of isolation and silence end when all of a sudden, the brick wall is forcibly smashed down before his very eyes. Strange humans flood the room, covered in unusual yellow suits. They spot him and begin speaking amongst themselves excitedly. They scoop up his broken and decaying body, not knowing that there was an even more broken and rotten body within. It all happens in a flash--he remembers trying to force his way out of the box they stuffed him into, and being frightened whenever it was rattled or a strange sound reached his ears. They remove him from the box hours later and gracelessly toss him into a place he had never seen before. It frightens him...but at the same time, he felt inexplicably free, not being cooped up in his prison any longer. He begins to explore the new place. Later on, Springtrap begins to suspect that he is not alone. He swears he keeps hearing a child's voice in the distance. He cannot resist the urge to investigate. To maim. To kill. But he cannot locate the child. It isn't until the second night rolls around that he realizes he truly isn't alone. But his guest is not a child. He unexpectedly stumbles across an adult human in the security office. The two are startled by each other. Springtrap feels that he doesn't like adults, so he flees. The third night, he works up the courage to stop by the security office again. This place brings back bad memories for him. Bad memories he isn't even sure are his own. He wants to escape this place. And he's beginning to realize that this adult human is his ticket out of here. He has to earn this human's trust, no matter what!

    ( 9 ) [Toy Bonnie x Jeremy Fitzgerald/OC Security Guard] -- Jeremy notices on his very first night that something seems...well...off about that quirky blue rabbit. Their very first encounter on his first night of work is peculiar at best--rather than totter off like the other Toys chose to whenever he throws the mask on, Toy Bonnie lingers. The second night is even stranger. The rabbit lingers again, but this time he even chases off that balloon kid when he draws too close. The third night, things get even stranger. This time, Toy Bonnie decides to plop down on Jeremy's desk and strike up a casual one-sided conversation with him, even though Jeremy has no intention of responding at this point. He slyly declares that he knows there isn't an animatronic behind that mask to start off, and then the deluge of questions he starts. He wants to know Jeremy's name, age, hobbies...just about everything! He continuously gets interrupted by the others showing their faces--while he simply stops talking whenever one of his Toy companions appears (glaring at him, no less), he's quick to beat a hasty retreat whenever one of the original animatronics pops up. But he keeps coming back, asking more questions and chattering away. Apparently, he's taken quite a shine to Jeremy. This is only proven further when Foxy decides to take a running leap at the guard. Toy Bonnie leaps to his defense, tackling the run-down fox and fighting tooth and claw to keep him at bay. Foxy eventually decides that getting his paws on the guard isn't worth getting even more damaged than he already is, and he grudgingly backs off. Jeremy is dumbfounded--he doesn't understand why this ultra-creepy rabbit is so intrigued by him...but maybe it's something he can take advantage of. After all, he's got a heavy-duty metal guardian on his side now! What he doesn't realize is that Toy Bonnie's interest in him goes far beyond simple curiosity!​
    +Grand Theft Auto+

    Trevor Philips x Michael De Santa/Townley
    Younger!Trevor Philips x Younger!Michael De Santa/Townley
    ( 1 ) [Younger!Trevor Philips x Younger!Michael Townley] -- I am dying to play out the events of their younger years, starting from when they first met! The story of their first meeting goes something like this: "They first met each other while escorting cargo across the border. The money that Trevor was receiving for the job was good along with the fact that at the time he did not 'know enough to check references.' Trevor and Michael waiting on the runway to meet their employers. Trevor saw not one, but two dust trails coming up the road, despite the fact that he was told there would be one person meeting them. As the second guy drives through the gate, the second driver begins yelling at Michael. Trevor gets close to him and shoots off a flare gun he was carrying at the moment into the second man's eye, killing him. He and Michael both dump the body into a lake after landing the plane. Trevor openly stated that going through the turn of events was horrible, as the flare was still burning from the inside of his head as they dropped him off, disgusting to the point that Trevor and Michael threw up after landing the plane since the dead man's stench was still inside the cockpit. After the incident, Trevor and Michael both saw the potential in each other and formed a chagrined relationship and partnership."

    Endrance (Kaoru Ichinose) x Haseo (Ryou Misaki)
    ( 1 ) [Endrance (Kaoru Ichinose) x Haseo (Ryou Misaki)] -- NOTE: Takes place a few months after the events of Redemption--Haseo has not yet sent out his Promise Card. It starts off as an ordinary day in the now-peaceful realm of The World. An ever-wily Gaspard manages to guilt-trip Haseo into infiltrating a high-level area to snag some rare items for Shop Acorn. Haseo immediately sends a party invitation to Endrance. Haseo has been growing closer and closer to Endrance, especially after the stunt he pulled in the Sage Palace Tournament. They speak almost every day and exchange e-mails constantly. Endrance is also useful as a girl deterrent. Atoli feels threatened by Endrance, and his tendency to declare his love for Haseo, and often turns down party invites when she knows he'll be there. Alkaid still hasn't forgiven him for cheating his way through the Demon Palace Tournament and dethroning her. Shino is the only one who doesn't mind him. Endrance responds promptly to the invitation, claiming he'll be there. Haseo also grudgingly invites Saku upon seeing she's online--after her last blow-up, he tried to invite her along with Endrance whenever she was online. Shockingly, Saku arrives first. Endrance is uncharacteristically late. He ends up materializing ten minutes later, and gives no reason for his lateness. He seems rather down, though, and Haseo can't help but worry. His concern only amplifies once they start tromping through the area--Endrance can't seem to focus, and it's making it terribly difficult for them to defeat monsters. After the adventure, Haseo confronts Endrance alone and demands to know what's wrong. After some prodding, Endrance finally reveals his dilemma--his parents are kicking him out of the house. Haseo knows that Endrance has never had a job, and that he's a gaming addict who almost never leaves his own room, let alone his own house. Haseo has an apartment in real life that could easily sustain two people...but is he really willing to take such a leap of faith, especially with a man who truly loves him?
    +Invader Zim+

    +All characters must be teens or adults.+
    Pairing Ideas
    OC (Irken) x OC$
    Purple x Red
    Purple x Red x Zim
    $Lard Nar x Miyuki$
    Zim x Dib​
    ( 1 ) [Red x Purple] -- After the untimely death of Almighty Tallest Spork, the Council of the Tallest, as is tradition, sets up a range of dates for the Great Measuring, an event which every Irken on the planet is required to attend. Red, a violent ex-Invader and now a prominent Commander in the Irken military, arrives just in time to be measured on the very last date, having been held up by a very important military mission on the nearby planet of Resortia. He's six feet, five inches tall, and very, very confident that he will be selected as the next Tallest. The next day, as he so confidently expected, he receives a formal invitation to stand before the Council, but is shell-shocked when he reads that there is another candidate for becoming Tallest...an Irken that is exactly the same height as him! Red is selfish and doesn't like to share anything, so understandably, he's pretty peeved. Regardless, he arrives for the Council meeting in high spirits, sauntering into the Council Chamber with a confident swagger to his step. It's there that he catches sight of his 'competition' for the first time--an equally tall Irken with vibrant violet eyes. He learns that the Irken's name is Purple, and--from gossip circling around the Council members--also learns that Purple is a skilled Engineer and Mechanic. He's reluctant to formally approach Purple, wary that the other Irken may try to kill him and claim the title of Tallest all for himself, and decides not to do so until the meeting is over, even though he's forced to stand on-stage with Purple as the meeting commences. The Council is at a standstill. Not once in Irk's history has something like this happened--two candidates for becoming the Tallest, exactly the same height. They eventually, with some protests from Red, come to the conclusion that Red and Purple most both become the Tallest...but cannot do so until they learn to work effectively with one another. The Council suggests that the two of them live together for a month and get to know each other better--after all, if they can't rule together seamlessly, there's no point in making them both Tallest. Both Red and Purple are not happy about this idea, but decide to comply with the Council...after all, you don't get a chance to become Tallest every day. But will the two of them, so starkly different, be able to put their differences aside and get along?

    X( 2 )X [Zim x Dib] - After he accidentally learns of the Tallests’ betrayal, Zim falls into a deep depression. He stops attending Skool. He stops pestering Dib. In fact, Zim never leaves his home at all. After a couple of weeks, Dib begins to worry about him. Against his better judgment, he goes to check on Zim, but when he reaches his street, he finds that the odd little house is gone. Absolutely nothing remains of it, not even the gnomes that once decorated the lawn. Zim has up and left, and Dib knows nothing about why. As a result, Dib falls into a similar deep depression. Though he keeps his grades up in Skool, he’s no longer animated about the paranormal and the supernatural. Years and years go by, with absolutely no sign of Zim at all. Late into his middle school years, Dib gives up his dream of being a Paranormal Investigator and decides he wants to become a scientist, to his father’s delight. On Dib’s eighteenth birthday, he suddenly, to his complete and utter shock, receives an audio transmission from someone he thought he would never see again—Zim. It comes quickly and unexpectedly. Dib doesn’t know how to feel, and he’s in complete shock. Zim tells him that he’s returning to Earth, but gives no reason for it. As Dib converses with Zim, he does some digging of his own…and he eventually realizes that the Irken Armada is headed toward Earth. He decides, on a whim, to try and talk Zim out of destroying or taking over the Earth. Zim claims that he’ll think about it, but in the meantime, he wants to meet Dib somewhere. Dib chooses a secluded bit of forest just outside of town, which suits Zim perfectly. They agree to meet there and cut all communication. When Dib arrives in the aforementioned meeting place, he has to wait—Zim is late. Zim turns up an hour later than he promised he would, and at this point, Dib uncovers the truth—Zim is now the Tallest, and he wants to take Dib back to Irk with him! But why?

    ( 3 ) [Zim x Dib] -- NOTE: This is before Zim learns of the Tallests’ betrayal, and Zim has created a piece of machinery that attaches to his PAK and makes him taller so that he can fit in with the growing human children. During their last year of Middle Skool, Dib works up the courage to ask Zim out. Zim, both repulsed and highly amused, turns him down. Dib persists, and during the middle of their sophomore year, Zim—exasperated and annoyed--finally relents and agrees to a date. Now, their senior year is slowly coming to a close. Dib is now eighteen and they are still dating, but have never once even hugged—Zim does not like to be touched and has forbidden Dib from trying to touch him, lest he lose one of his limbs. Dib is fine with the no-touching rule, but longs for a normal relationship, which he knows he may never get with the alien. Dib has noticed that since Zim agreed to their first date, he’s made no serious attempts to take over or destroy Earth. Deep down, he’s hoping that the Irken has given up, but some part of him knows better. As their graduation date approaches, Dib can’t help but wonder where they will go and what will become of them. He wants to attend college, but he doesn’t have the faintest clue as to what Zim will do, and when Zim begins behaving strangely—drifting off, lengthy daydreaming, and overwhelmingly random bouts of violence—Dib gets suspicious. He knows that Zim hates it when he pries, but he decides that he just has to know what’s bothering Zim. They are a couple, after all…aren’t they? NOTE: Eventually, I intend for Zim to either conquer or destroy the Earth, but he's conflicted as to whether or not he wants to save Dib from either fate...
    +Johnny the Homicidal Maniac+

    Nny x Edgar Vargas
    ( 1 ) [Johnny C. x Edgar Vargas] -- NOTE: Can go totally AU if you want that. Against his better judgement, Nny ultimately decides to spare Edgar a terrible fate. He pulls him out of the machine and then drags the startled man all the way back upstairs, where he shoves him out the door and grunts something about not telling anyone or he'll play jump rope with his intestines. The door slams shut in Edgar's face, and that's the last time the two of them see each other...or is it? One week later, it becomes blaringly obvious that the whole debacle with Edgar has Nny off his game and getting careless. He fails in an attempt to kidnap a couple of older and much larger men after witnessing them taunting and groping a teenage girl without her express permission. They manage to overpower him and begin brutally beating him within an inch of his life. Just when he's certain that his time to die has finally arrived, an unknown figure comes to his rescue. As the two men are skillfully driven away, Nny passes out from blood loss. When he awakens, he finds himself badly injured, but patched up, and in an unfamiliar place. It's a bedroom--rather generic-looking. His first reaction is to panic, thinking those two fuckers who attacked him kidnapped him. But when he darts out of the bedroom and into a small living area, he realizes that couldn't be farther from the truth. Sitting on the couch, staring at him nonchalantly with a remote in his hand, is the very man he released a week earlier. Edgar just so happened to come across the scene, he explained calmly, and decided to step in. He figured that the last place Nny would want to be is in a hospital, so he brought him back to his apartment instead. Rather than ask him to leave or complain about the blood from Nny's freshly-reopened wounds dripping on his carpet, he kindly asks if the injured man would like something to eat. Nny doesn't know how to react to this sudden and illogical kindness. Is Edgar trying to trick him? Or should he play along? It's been some time since he had an actual living, breathing friend. But can he really trust another human...?
    +Left 4 Dead+

    Infected (OC) x Survivor (OC)$
    Infected (OC) x Infected (OC)$
    ( 1 ) [Infected (OC) x Survivor (OC)$] -- This particular Survivor used to be a scientist, researching the Green Flu before the outbreak became truly apocalyptic. The other scientists in his/her group met different fates, some having left to find quarantine or rescue zones and others snatched up by the slavering masses of Infected now wandering the streets, and now the Survivor is all alone in the mostly safe military research facility they all once called home. Thanks to a number of back-up generators and solar panels, the facility still has electricity. Even though this Survivor is no longer working as a scientist, his/her passion for finding a cure for this accursed disease hasn't diminished one bit! One day, while out scavenging for food, the former scientist stumbles across a gravely injured and unconscious Special Infected. His/her heart leaps for joy--this could be the chance he/she has been waiting for! A vulnerable, but live test subject--a creature that's clearly Infected! He/she worked on live test subjects before, when the group was still intact and they were able to capture some of the stupider and weaker ones, but they never had the chance to work with or even study one of the intelligent and strong Special Infected! Not wanting to squander this perfect opportunity, the Survivor abandons the food run and instead works on dragging the out cold Infected back to the lab. He/she places the unconscious creature in a secure holding pen, monitored by a single security camera. And now...all he/she has to do is wait for the Infected to wake up. Then he/she can make contact.
    Grovyle x Dusknoir (Mystery Dungeon-verse)
    OC x OC$ (Mystery Dungeon-verse)
    OC x OC$ (Pokemon only)
    OC (Trainer) x OC (Trainer)$
    X( 1 )X [Grovyle x Dusknoir] -- NOTE: Has the potential to go completely AU. Takes place at the beginning of the special episode In The Future of Darkness from Explorers of Sky. I would love to play this special episode out with both trust and the stirrings of romance blossoming between the two unlikely comrades, rather than between Grovyle and Celebi!​

    $GLaDOS x Chell$
    ( 1 ) $[GLaDOS x Chell]$ -- Naturally, Chell is ecstatic when she realizes she's actually been released from Aperture, her underground prison. This enthusiasm doesn't last very long, however. The world is in a post-apocalyptic state. The only humans she managed to come across were hostile and immediately attempted to mow her down in a hail of bullets. Injured, exhausted, starving, and very nearly dying of thirst, Chell manages to crawl her way back to the disguised elevator after spending six months struggling to survive. She's lost more than twenty pounds and looks and feels like she's horribly ill. She spends an entire day there, hammering on the door in the hopes that the unpredictable AI within would open the elevator for her. After a full twenty-four hours with no response, she finally plays her trump card--her very last resort. She speaks. The elevator instantly whirs to life and the doors swing open, allowing her access. Still on death's door, Chell crawls into the elevator. Gradually, bit by bit, it takes her back down into the depths of Aperture...and to a creature who may or may not want to murder her. But how will GLaDOS react upon seeing her favorite test subject, one she actually cared about enough to free, in such deplorable condition?​
    +Tales of Symphonia+

    Lloyd Irving x Zelos Wilder
    ( 1 ) [Lloyd Irving x Zelos Wilder] -- NOTE: Takes place after finding a doctor in Flanoir for Altessa, but before the following scene in the Tower of Salvation--can go a little AU. After revealing his deepest, darkest secrets to Lloyd in Flanoir--the story about what happened to his mother when he was a child--Zelos is noticeably moodier and even less willing to talk to his party members than he is normally. Only Lloyd takes notice, however, because Lloyd is the only member of the party that usually sees through the overly cheerful walls that Zelos puts up to protect himself. Lloyd is uncertain if Zelos will be able to participate in the final battle against Mithos with the way he's acting. So, out of concern, Lloyd suggests that the group take a two week-long vacation before heading to the Tower of Salvation for the last time (or, at least, what he thinks will be the last time). Everyone agrees not to meet during this vacation and to just relax and let go. However, Lloyd breaks these rules a day into the vacation and goes to spend the rest of his vacation with Zelos in Meltokio. He's determined to find out what's on Zelos' mind, as he feels he's the only true friend Zelos has in the group. He has no idea, though, about what is really bothering Zelos...Zelos is head over heels in love with Lloyd, the only person he has ever truly cared for in all his life, and red-haired Chosen's mind and heart are in utter chaos and disarray because he knows that he is supposed to, and has to, betray Lloyd in the Tower of Salvation.
    +Warriors (by Erin Hunter)+

    OC(s) x OC(s)$$
    None right now. But I do have some smaller plot bunnies for this series.
    +Watch Dogs+

    Marcus x Wrench
    OC x OC$
    None right now. But I do have some smaller plot bunnies for this series.

    +Anatomy from the movie will be used, not traditional anthro anatomy that makes them even more humanoid.+
    OC x OC$$
    None right now. But I do have some smaller plot bunnies for this series.​

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  2. Still looking for a couple of role-plays! I'm quite interested in fandoms at the moment. In particular, I'm super-craving these fandoms:

    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Invader Zim
    Warriors (Erin Hunter)
  3. Still looking for one or two role-plays! I'm really only interested in fandoms at the moment. In particular, I want to role-play these fandoms:

    Bully/Canis Canem Edit
    Five Nights at Freddy's

    Invader Zim
    Warriors (Erin Hunter)

    Any takers...?
  4. Still looking for some role-plays. I'm going through a very tough time right now, and one of the only things that makes me feel better is writing. In particular, I'm craving these fandoms:

    Bully/Canis Canem Edit
    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Invader Zim
    Warriors (Erin Hunter)
  5. Still looking! It's autumn, and it's October, so I'm in a particularly spooky mood and I wanna do something fall or Halloween-related. Something that's terrifying, gory, suspenseful, and dramatic, while still including some romance (which is a requirement for me, even if it's minor). I'm still only really interested in fandoms at this point in time--originals aren't quite my cup of tea at the moment. In particular, given the season, I'm really craving these fandoms:

    Five Nights at Freddy's (SUPER-MEGA-HUGE CRAVING)
    Invader Zim
    Left 4 Dead

    Any takers?
  6. I would absolutely LOVE to do the Five Nights at Freddy's one with you! I have been looking for a partner in this one for a awhile! The thing is---I want to do an OC animatronic---Is that fine? If not, I do have a Hiccup muse and have played him for well over two years. I only do first movie Hiccup if that's fine! But yeah, either the FNAF one or the HTTYD one!
  7. I'll send you a private message in a second so we can discuss it! :D
  8. AWESOME---I can't wait!
  9. Looking for maybe one or two more RPs! It's Halloween and I'm in the mood for spooky stuff, so anyone who wants to RP Five Nights at Freddy's or Left 4 Dead...step on up! The larger list of fandoms I'm craving at the moment is below this.

    Bully/Canis Canem Edit
    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Invader Zim
    Left 4 Dead

    Warriors (Erin Hunter)
  10. I'm still looking for a couple of role-plays. At the moment I'm only really interested in doing fandoms, though you might be able to persuade me into doing an original if you put enough effort into it. It's Halloween, so I'm in a bit of a spooky mood. Horror-themed fandoms are all the rage with me right now, particularly Five Nights at Freddy's.

    Any takers?
  11. Hey there! I'm interested in some Five nights at freddy's. I have several characters, can play both genders and would probably be better playing an OC, what character you play is up to you. I also have female characters, but I would want you to approve of them and see if you think they're okay to play, if not I'll happily play male.
  12. I'll send you a PM so we can discuss things further! :D
  13. Just a little update. Aaannnd...


    I am finally interested in doing one or two originals. Just check my cravings! Fandoms are, of course, at the tippy-top of my cravings list, particularly horror-themed fandoms like Five Nights at Freddy's and Left 4 Dead, but I'm also mega-craving a Ghost x Living Person original role-play. I've got a plot for it, and I want to play the ghost. Anyone interested?
  14. Hi!
    I'd love to RP with you, but unfortunately I'm not in any of your fandoms, I do apologise. If you wanted to do Ghost x Living person or Twin x Twin with me I'd be up for it!
  15. Hello there! I apologize for the late response--I've been sick as of late. I'd be quite interested in doing a Ghost x Living Person role-play with you, and if you're up for it we can also do a Twin x Twin role-play! I shall PM you so we can discuss it further. :3
  16. I would absolutely love to do a Five Night's At Freddy's rp with you if you're still interested. I've seen all the games though I'm too chicken to play them myself. I've loved Foxy and Springtrap both though I think I love Foxy more. So I'm totally interested in the Foxy x OC Security Guard. However, I've looked through your plots on the matter and wouldn't mind playing Mike though is it alright if I chose his appearance and personality? I'm really, really interested in plot 12.

    On a side note, I was absolutely delighted to see Fragile Dreams among your list. I love that game and I'm sad that not many people on the forums know about it.
  17. Fragile Dreams is an amazing game! It saddens me that so few people love it as much as I do. D':

    On the matter of the FNAF RP, I am definitely still looking! I'll send you a PM so we can discuss things further! :3
  18. Alrighty ^^
  19. Hello there! How are you?
    Sorry for the inconvenience. I should have noted you sooner, once I activated my account--I'm not absolutely unmistakable that you remember me from the last community, Menewsha, whose restrictions undoubtably agitated me. I'm JennaTheYandere.

    I just bought the new Survivors book, and wanted to secure the fact that I would still love to do a crossover roleplay with you. I can play as both canon and original characters of multiple personalities and types, and I believe we have a mutual, like-minded style of length per post. If you are interested, I'd love to work with you as an additional roleplaying partner!

    And, by the way, I am obsessed with Invader Zim! XD
  20. Just an update.

    Still in the market for a couple of fandom-based role-plays--my biggest cravings at the moment are Bully/Canis Canem Edit and Five Nights at Freddy's.

    I'm also really craving this original plot on my list, which is MxM but can also be altered to be FxF:
    It's the nineties in a small town in Michigan. A fresh high school graduate lives here with his strict, religious family. He's a smart kid and a youth leader in his church, but is very sheltered from the world by his over-protective parents. They're super-fanatical, fundamental Christians. His family has been pestering him for years, somewhat playfully, about finding a nice girl and starting the slow process of settling down and starting a family of his own. He wants to please his parents, having always felt like he was never good enough for them. He's been in several relationships, but all of them quickly fell apart for reasons beyond his understanding. His female partners were always the ones to break off the relationships, for reasons he just couldn't understand. Bummed out after his latest break-up, he begins searching for ways to occupy his time. He ends up landing a job at a local coffee shop. When he arrives for his first day, he meets the other employees, including a peculiar young man who immediately catches his attention. He's a strange bird, a peculiar man in his early to mid-twenties. He's a nomadic musician and artist, and he plays the piano and the guitar in his spare time to make a few extra bucks at the coffee shop. The conservative young man is absolutely fascinated by him, oddities and all. They quickly hit it off despite their differences and become good friends over a short amount of time. Eventually, though, the conservative young man begins feeling something odd...he begins thinking of the other male in odd and frightening ways. He comes to a startling epiphany and realizes that he's highly attracted to this man. Understandably, he's conflicted--he's been brought up to abhor this kind of behavior. But he just can't help himself, and though he tries to restrain himself, he can't help trying to flirt here and there...and when the odd male responds positively, it only tempts the other even more away from his sheltered lifestyle...
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