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    Welcome One and All to the Opening of Mirai's Test Chamber-Better Known as Mirai's Wonderful Myriad of Ideas (or MWMOI for short). This is where I will post CS's, Plot Ideas, W.I.P's and much more. Please View
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  2. Character Sheet-

    Violet Madeline Aurora
    Vi | A Nickname given to her by her Friends Alice Waverley and Alexandria Mason
    Mad Dog | A Nickname given to her by her guy friends back in Grade School. It's based on her Middle Name, and her personality of being a crazy, energetic, and rambunctious child.
    ViVi | A Nickname given to her by her Family and is Mostly used by her Twin Sister both in the past and present.
    Ghost | A Nickname given to her originally by Vanessa Hills. Although at the time, it was an Insult due to her growingly pale skin. Now it's used whenever she is not present at school, or is and is too quiet to say anything.
    Dark Flower | A Nickname given to her by her Childhood Friend Celeste Strange. It is based off her name, being named after a dark color and a flower-Hence Dark Flower.
    Sleeping Beauty | A Nickname given to her by her older brother Julius. It's based on her love for Sleeping Beauty back when she was younger, as well as falling asleep for a long amounts of time.
    Teacher's Bitch | A Nickname originally given to her by Vanessa, and later given to her again By Juliette. It's a play on the term "Teacher's Pet" with the rumors of her sleeping with teachers after school to get a good grade.
    Shrinking Violet | A Nickname given to her by Riley Hyde, her Academic Rival. It's based on the term of the same name, which is referring to someone who is quiet and shy. It's also a nickname Thaddeus have her when she was born.
    Small Fry | A Nickname given to her by one of the Popular Boys due to her small height. It's also what Anna's Ex-Boyfriend Axel Circuit called her.
    Date of Birth:
    March 23rd
    American | Canadian | Japanese
    Sexual Orientation:
    • Student at Allistor High School
    Relationship Status:
    (Formerly In a Relationship with-
    Lulubelle Taylor &
    Xander Taiga )

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    132 lbs.
    Fashion Style:
    As a nerd, you would think Violet would wear Nerdy Clothes right? Well, not really. She's more of a girly girl with a small hint of K-Pop Fashion. She's rather fond of Superhero and Animal Hoodies as well as Oversized Sweaters. Basically anything that is comfortable.
    Examples (open)

    • Mother
    • Father (Deceased)
    • Older Brother
    • Older Sister (Deceased)
    • Twin Sister (Older)
    • Younger Brother
    • Younger Sister
    • Alice Waverly
    • Celeste Strange "Scythe Hellsing"
    • Rosemary Graham
    • Adrien Cox
    • Vanessa Hills
    • Juliette Taylor
    • Alexandria Mason
    • Lulubelle Taylor
    • Xander Taiga
    • Axel Circuit
    • Riley Hyde

    [+] Kind | Helpful | Creative | Intelligent | Independent
    [-] Naive | Moody | Meek | Can't Say No | Shy | Pessimistic
    From the Outside, Violet Looks Like your everyday Bookworm. And you're right. Violet is a small-emphasis on small-quiet girl that is more interested in her studies than making friends or doing everyday things girls do. While she still has her fair amount of friends, she rarely interacts with anyone else except for teachers and family. Due to being shy, Violet has a very hard time talking to others, especially if they are the opposite sex. It's not that she's interested-no, far from it she has outright stated she's "Married" to Daisuke Fumio-it's instead from something that happened in her past that causes her to have trouble interacting with men. In spite of difficulty, Violet is shown to open up overtime if someone if incredibly interested in her. She's shown to have a kind and helpful nature, always helping teachers in need. Also due to her her mother's constant working after the death of her father, she's grown to be independent in taking care of herself, younger siblings, and pets.

    However beneath the surface is a Pessimistic Meek and Moody Young Woman. Her Pessimistic view came into view sometime after trying to work extremely hard in school-resulting in gaining stress at a very young age. Her Teacher's Pet Status and Always staying behind after school got her teased and bullied, resulting her losing her outgoing and energetic attitude and becoming more pessimistic and shy. Also her Unidentified Disease also is responsible for her pessimistic undertones. In spite of being one of the best in school and being rather intelligent, Violet is shown to be Naive and Can't Say No-resulting in her getting Raped by Xander Taiga. Also due to Xander as well as the Bullying from Popular Girl Vanessa Hills has caused her to become rather Moody and Lash out at her friends and relatives-although she doesn't mean it.

    Overall Violet Aurora is a Meek, yet Kindhearted Studios Young Girl who has Pessimistic and Moody undertones due to her past involving rape, bullying, and the loss of two family members.

    Pastel Colors
    Family and Friends
    Oversized Sweaters
    Sweets Scents (Such as Vanilla, Cherry and Birthday Cake)
    Stuffed Animals
    Daisuke Fumio's Novels
    Comic Books
    Turkey Club Sandwiches
    French Fries
    Mix Tapes and Playlists

    Chicken Nuggets (Note: Do Not Mention Anything about a Chicken Nugget Contest Either)
    Summer Weather
    Partner Assignments
    Sappy Romantic Novels
    Being Used
    Her Enemies
    School Lunches
    The Unidentified Disease that is hurting her.
    Losing her Memory
    Emojis (Not as much now)

    Androphobia- The Fear of Men
    Pisanthrophobia- Fear of Trusting
    Monophobia- The Fear of Being Alone
    Astraphobia- Fear of Thunder

    She writes down everything and anything she is doing at the moment in case she loses her memory
    She often squeezes her stress ball whenever she is angry, upset, or uncomfortable
    She tends to cover her mouth with the back of her hand when focused.
    She also bites her knuckle or fingernail when focused as well.

    Violet Madeline Aurora and Older Twin Sister Lily Cordelia Aurora were born in Late March of the year 2000. She is the child Isla and Thaddeus Aurora and is the fourth born after Julius-The Eldest, Annalise-The Second Eldest, Anna-Her twin Sister by Three Minutes and Third Eldest. Later on she becomes the Older Sister of Sophie and Stephen Aurora-Another set of Twins the parents had, and Yuri Aurora-The Youngest and Last Child of the Family.

    As shown above, Violet was a very different person than what she is now. She was....very interesting back in kindergarten and grade school. She had her long and messy natural brown hair, her yellow eyes (I know their pink in the Gif but just go along with it), and her dressing in boy-ish clothes. Yes, she was the Loud, Outgoing Tomboy to her Sister's Quiet, Meek Girly Girl back then. Back then she wasn't concerned with her studies or grades and was more concentrated on having fun and Roughhousing with the hundreds of guy friends she made at the time. She even earned herself the name "Mad Dog" due to her behavior.

    However this didn't last. In the Third Grade sometime after turning Nine Years old in April is became apparent that Violet was failing the third grade, and if she kept up this behavior, she would be held back. Upon hearing her parents distress and the talk of banning her from playing with her friends caused her to hit the books rather quickly. By the end of the school year Violet Passed, But Barely. From that point forward Violet decided to focus more on school and declined to hanging out with her guy friends-causing most of them to pick on her and call her a "Teacher's Pet".

    Around Nearing the End of Grade School she continued to focus on school and getting good grades, and while this was a good thing, it also brought a large amount of stress on such a small girl. In the Fifth Grade on a day of Presentations of Mammals in Class, Violet Collapsed during her presentation and fell unconscious. She was then taken to the hospital for checkup, but it seemed everything was fine and it was just lack of Exhaustion. She returned to school the next week or so and Met Vanessa Hills-The School's "Popular" girl and Resident Bully. During Recess one day Vanessa Targeted poor Violet and made fun of her "Sickly Pale Skin" and called her a ghost. This caused Violet to Retreat in the Playgrounds Castle-where she met Celeste Strange, who would turn into Violet's first friend.

    When Middle School Came around a lot of things started to change for Violet. Things that Violet wasn't fond of. For Starters she kicked off her Middle School debut by Dying her hair black in contrast to her sisters still natural brown hair. When she entered Middle School alongside her twin sister, Her Youngest Sister Yuri had turn Two Years Old, Her Younger Siblings were starting the Fourth Grade, and Her Older Sister was moving out to her dorm on her college's campus. However that's when disaster struck for the family and for Violet. You See, her Sister had fallen in love with the lead singer of a Hard Heavy Metal Band named Axel Circuit and started dating him. And while it started off well. It's didn't last. The Man Started to Abuse Anna constantly, taking pleasure in destroying Anna's school and life and slowly deteriorating the once Nice and Helpful girl known as Annalise Aurora. He even went so far In Threatening Anna's family if she threatened to call for help. The only person he reached out to was Violet, who he would abducted and send pictures to Anna of Violet tied up or nearly stabbed by the man. The Final Straw was threatening to tell her Parents about her "Slut Behavior" at school (which in reality was him forcing her into doing perverse things during school hours). It was too much for Anna to take, from the bullying to
    Axel's abuse. On a rainy day, she jumped off the roof of school, leaving behind a letter written by her that she sent to her family before committing suicide.

    Anna's Suicide shocked the entire family, and it especially shocked Violet. She feared it was her fault in her older sister's suicide, but her Mother Reassured her that it wasn't. Her Parents took Axel to court for his actions and sited everything she said in her letter as proof. He was founded guilty and sent to Jail for his actions, but Violet felt it wasn't enough. This man was responsible for killing his older sister. The same Older Sister who taught her to hold her own and stand up to Vanessa in Grade School. The One that gave her sweets to go with her lunch before heading to school. She was gone. And it was his fault.

    Noticing the changes in Violet's behavior turn into a Moody Short-Tempered Child, Isla signed Violet Up for Therapy, although it did nothing to clear up the Resentment and Anger she felt towards Axel. Then Disaster Struck again, this time with her father. During another Therapy Session after school, her mother called her therapist to inform her she was coming to pick up her daughter early. It turns out Thaddeus was fatefully wounded by a Gun Shot after the misinterpretation he was molesting a student. In reality the student was having a anxiety attack and her father was trying to help the student calm down. When they made it to the hospital, it was already too late, and Thaddeus died from the Gunshot Wound. Violet Then Collapsed again, and was taken to the Emergency part of the Hospital again.

    However unlike last time, it turned out that Violet was suffering from an Unknown Disease that was causing her skin to become pale and cause many other symptoms. As a result, Violet had to stay at the hospital for further testing and treatment.

    Around during the seventh grade Violet had met a sickly yet nice boy who suffered from the same Unidentified deceased named Adrien Cox. Violet had met him while getting a bit of fresh hair outside with one of her nurses. Although at the time he wasn't allowed outside of his room and only leaned of his name from her Nurse-who called him a troublemaker. The two later met Properly when Adrien came to visit her, and the two got to learn about each other. The two would constantly visit each other during Violet's time at the Hospital, and if they couldn't see each other then they would write messages and have them sent by their nurses. Even When Violet was "Okay" enough to leave, she still visits him on occasion.

    In her Last Year of Middle School, she had met a polite and sweet girl around her age named Lulubelle Taylor-Nicknamed "Lulu". The two had met when they were paired together for an assignment and really hit it off rather well. The two formed a relationship when Lulu invited Violet over to her home to celebrate Halloween, although it seemed it was more of an excuse to get Violet over. Lulu led Violet up to her room where she took their friendship to the next level where Violet learned about Oral Sex, Masturbation, and Fingering.

    They Continued their relationship as Violet and Her Sister Entered High School, where Lulu's older Sister Juliette learned about their relationship and disapproved of it. Not because her sister was dating someone of the same sex (after all, she was dating someone of the same sex as well), but because she was certain her sister was being cheated on by a "Teacher's Bitch". She forced Lulu to break up with her and then went onto Contact former frenemy Xander Taiga to "Take Care of her".

    A week after her and Lulu's breakup Violet was a mess of sadness from her first breakup. She would constantly hide herself in her room and tell her family she was "Fine". Although she wasn't. Then she met Xander Taiga, who at first seemed rather nice and mended the crack Lulu left behind, was in reality working against her.

    He would constantly force Violet into sexual acts as bait for Juliette and her Girlfriend Alexandria, and would spread rumors about it. Talk about her being a "Teacher's Bitch" started to circulate and the idea of her staying after school to have sex with the teachers in exchange for good grades became more prominent. Even the school's principal started to buy it.

    The Final Straw was his "Make up Idea" after forcing her into all of these acts, her revealed it was all of Juliette's plan, stating he was "Forced into it". Violet bought it, and the two made up. Months later Violet invited Xander over to her home where she made out with him. When he started to get more handsy she couldn't bring herself to tell him to stop, resulting in her losing her virginity through rape.

    When the news got out of what happened thanks to Juliette she confronted her about the entire situation resulting in Juliette revealing the truth. She revealed that Xander only was in a relationship with her because Juliette wanted vengeance against her for dating her younger sister. When Violet asked why Juliette spat that it was because she was a whore-even though that was wrong. She tried to convince Juliette to stop, Juliette threatened to reveal what happened-without the Rape part-and would further make her life miserable. This drove Violet to the roof of school, threatening to jump off the roof and not listen to reason until two girls around her age-known as Rosemary Graham & Alice Waverly spotted her and talked her out of her suicide.

    Violet vented her anger over what Juliette, her girlfriend, and Xander had done, and told the two girls not to worry about her. But the girls ignored her and spent the rest of the day with her. The two would later become friends with her along with Celeste and Adrien, but some of the few friends Violet has.

    Now a school year later Violet is a Sixteen Year Old Sophomore at Allistor High School and is one of the top two honor students. She had dyed her hair to Violet and Cut it Short. And her daily life will get a rude awakening by one of the popular and athletic students of the school.
    Other Characters:
    Isla Aurora (Neé Amaya)

    Albeit in her late 30s, Isla looks no older than her early 20s. Smart, Independent, Caring, and Supportive she was the loving wife of Thaddeus Aurora and the Nurturing and Caring Mother of her Seven Children. She works as a photographer and isn't home a lot-resulting in her eldest son to come watch the children instead.

    Thaddeus "Doc" Aurora

    The Nerdy yet attractive Husband to Isla Aurora and Father of Seven Children, known for his inventions and brilliant mind, he gave up his dream of becoming a scientist for his high school sweetheart and future wife Isla Amaya. He worked as a College Professor in the field of Science and Technology, before being fatefully shot by a passing Janitor who thought Thaddeus was molesting a female student.

    Julius Aurora

    The Eldest of the Aurora Children, Julius is a recently college graduate at 24 years old who is a Major in Writing and a Minor in Music. In spite of being an aspiring Writer, he's shown to have an interest in swords and owns one that was given to him by his Maternal Grandfather. He serves as a babysitter somewhat when Isla is out of town for her Job, which is a lot.

    Annalise "Anna" Aurora

    The Second Eldest and First Daughter, Annalise-better known as Anna to her friends and family-Was a 19 year old who was starting her first year in college. She worked as a Waitress at a cafe called Rose Blossom where she met Axel Circuit. She was in a Relationship with Axel for Two and a Half Months and of those two months only 29 days were healthy. She committed suicide by jumping off the school roof after being abused and bullied.

    Lilian Aurora

    The Third Child of the Family and Violet's Twin Sister whose older than her by three minutes. Originally a sweet and timid Girly Girl, she still maintains her girly girl aspect while trying to become popular in school. Although she and Violet were close as children, once the two reached Middle School she started to distance herself from Violet. It's shown she holds a deep resentment for her sister being "Popular" in spite of most of that being Bullied and being used. She also holds resentment later on for attracting one of the most popular guys, and tries to get back at her with one of his enemies. But while she still dislikes her sisters popularity, she still cares about her in some way.

    Sophie (Above) & Stephen (Below) Aurora

    A Set of Twins Isla and Thaddeus had two years after Lily and Violet were born. Much like Lily and Violet, they are both different from the other. Where Stephen is seen as Studious, Stoic and Reserved, Sophie is seen as Outgoing, Free-Spirited, and Rebellious. And yet in spite of being different and walking different paths, they are still surprisingly close. Violet even swore to see Sophie kiss Stephen at one point, but passed it off as a twin thing.

    Yuri Aurora

    The Adorable, Imaginative and Emotionally Dependent Baby of the family. She is six years old and attends kindergarten. It's shown she's incredibly fond of Violet, which reminds Violet of how she was with Anna when she was younger.

    Alice Waverly

    A Tech Geek Young girl, Alice is a Fellow Sophomore at Allistor High School. It's shown she has a High interest in Technology and Computers, and is a Advanced Hacker. She's shown to be a extremely good gamer, and got Violet into gaming in the first place. She's Childhood Friends with Rosemary Graham and later becomes friends while stopping Violet from Attempting Suicide.

    Celeste Strange

    As her last name states, Celeste is in fact a very strange person. Although she is a Sophomore at Allistor High School, she suffers from Eighth Grade Syndrome and acts as if she wields a powerful Death Scythe. Her "Real" Name is Scythe Hellsing, a badass Scythe Wielder who wishes to only serve the dark lord. But In all seriousness, whenever she sees Violet upset, she usually drops the act for her friend. She is a Huge Anime/Manga Geek, and is the person that got Violet into Anime. She is Violet's Childhood Friend. She is usually seen wearing a medical eyepatch black and red Parisole.

    Rosemary Graham

    Better known as The Gentlewoman of the group and the school, she is fawned over by both genders at Allistor High School. Caring, Noble, and Independent, Rosemary greets wherever she goes with a smile on her face. She is shown to be rather crafted in Martial Arts thanks to her Navy Father and Mother who is the daughter of a Martial Artist. In spite of acting like a "Gentlewoman" she still wears Skirts and Dresses and is proud of it. She is Childhood Friends with Alice Waverly and later friends with a Violet after saving her from attempting suicide from Falling off the roof of the school.

    Adrien Cox

    A ill-looking young man with pale skin and white-beige hair who Violet met at the Hospital while being Treated from an Unidentified Disease. Free-Spirited and Nice, This boy is quite the troublemaker and doesn't listen to Authority well. He spends most of his time in the Hospital Courtyard Surrounded by "Beautiful Colors". It's shown that-Like Violet-he also suffers the same Unidentified Disease, but unlike Violet, he's been in the Hospital for the past Three Years. Chances are he might die during the Events of the RP.

    Vanessa Hills

    Known for being the Heiress of the Hills Family Wealth, Vanessa is your Stereotypical Rich Popular Bitch that can do whatever she wants and get's away with it. It's shown that since she was little she has always been a bully and picked on Violet before she learned it was a Unidentified Disease. Years Later it shows she's still a bully that picks on others just out of spite or if she doesn't like them and picks on Violet the most for what has happened to her. She's shown to have a crush on Anthony Oswood, who shows Interest In Violet Later On.

    Lulubelle Taylor

    Lulubelle Taylor-Nicknamed Lulu- is the Year Younger Sister of Juliette Taylor and Was in a Relationship with Violet. The two met in their final year of Middle School where they were paired for an Assignment and hit it off rather well. Later on to further their relationship Lulu invites Violet where she teachers her Oral Sex, Masturbation and Fingering. She was later Forced out of her relationship by her Protective Older Sister. It's shown she may still have lingering feelings for Violet Still.

    Juliette Taylor (Top) & Alexandria Mason (Bottom)

    Two Juniors at Allistor High School that are in a Relationship. Where Alexandria is more downplayed on being Manipulative, she is still Cocky and Mean Spirited towards underclassmen-but shows to have a surprisingly nice side once you get to know her. Juliette on the other hand is a downright bitch. Manipulative, Mean-Spirited and Possessive, she'll take what she wants and if she can't get it, will destroy it. She's rather possessive of her younger sister and who she dates, and when she learns about Violet, forces Lulu to break up with her and proceeds to get back at her with Xander Taiga-her Childhood Frenemy.

    Xander Taiga

    A Junior at Allistor High School , Baseball Player, and Violet's Ex-Boyfriend and Rapist, Xander is a Nice Guy, but still Mean Spirited in someways. He's Juliette's Childhood Frenemy who was used as part of Violet's Humiliation. He was tasked date Violet and force her into uncomfortable situations for Juliette's use. However after growing attached to Violet, he reveals the truth about Juliette's intentions and starts a "Healthy" Relationship. He later Rapes Violet after Violet invites him over to her home-but couldn't bring herself to say no when he started to get Handsy. She broke up with him a week after.

    Axel Circuit

    The Abusive and Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend of Anna Aurora. Known as the Lead Singer of The Band Massacre Exit, this Heavy Metal Rockstar shows to have a short temper and sadistic attitude. He was later arrested and found guilty after the suicide of Anna in November.

    Riley Hyde

    A Smart and Reserved Young Man that Rivals Violet in Both Academics and Athletics. Stoic and Calm, he's is the second Top Student at Allistor High School that treats his rivalry as if it was a competition. He's shown to have a Crush on Rosemary Graham-and Admires her Outgoing and Noble nature.

    Daisuke Fumio-

    A Young Japanese Novelist who Violet is rather fond of. Known for his use of Modern and Historical Stories, he is the 'Upcoming Prince' of deconstructing stereotypical tropes in Japanese Culture. It's shown that he is most famous for his Humanity Beyond the Wasteland Series. Violet is a Huge Fan of his Novels Girls are Really Extraordinary-His first Erotic Novel-(女の子は本当に特別です), I Really Like You (私は本当にあなたが好き), and Ebony Coffee (エボニーコーヒー). In Fact she's so infatuated with him, she outright stated to her mother that they were "Married" and He was her "Husband" (Not Really of Course. But you get the Idea).

    Akihiko "Aki Haru" Haruko

    A Famous Seiyuu and Better known as Aki Haru of JPOP Group AKIGEN'16. Known for his Playful and Sensual Voice, he is one of the Popular Singers of the Group and a Recent Seiyuu who is more known for his Boy's Love Drama CD and Otome CD R18 Work than his work on Anime. While Violet is still incredibly loyal to Fumio, she still has Erotic Escapades with Haru sometimes (Which is her listening to his Otome CD R18 Tracks while on her bed Playing with herself like the Nerd She is).

    Other Information:
    • If it Wasn't Obvious Enough, she Wears Glasses. She gets it from her mother's side, and has very blurry vision without them on. Her Young Siblings Sophie and Stephen also wear Glasses-But Sophie switches them out for Contacts outside of the house.
    • So far She has Lied about two things. (1) Being in a Relationship and (2) Being a Virgin. In reality, she was a two relationships, but they ended badly. And her Virginity was taken through Rape.
    • She Re-Reads Girls Are Really Extraordinary out of all her Fumio Daisuke's Novels. The Sex Scenes from the Story Might come in Handy later On ;)
    • She ABSOLUTELY HATES Slang. Anything from OMFG to LOL will tick her off. Using Emojis have the same effect, although she is trying to get used to them.
    • She is a Brunette, But Has died her hair Twice. The First Time was in Middle School and the Second was in the Summer during the Transition into her Sophomore Year.
    • If Violet is Tired Enough, she will get drunk on any drink she is drinking.
    • ^ Follow up to the Extra Above, She's a Flirty Tired Drunk.
    • She has a Blue Bear Stress Ball Charm on her backpack. Whenever someone/Something causes her stress she usually Yanks it and squeezes it.
    • Short Amnesia is one of the few symptoms of her Unidentified Disease. She Writes down everything prior from who she is to her assignments to her friends and family if she ever develops Amnesia for a short while.
    • Her Unidentified Disease has also gave her a sickly pale skin tone, leaving a lot of students to call her a Ghost.
    • ^ To Follow the Extra above, The Reason not many students have seen her around is due to two reasons. The first reason Being a Shy and Meek Girl, It's very easy to not spot her. The second being she has to go to the Hospital for Treatment.
    • She makes Playlists for her friends and love interests, chances are you'll see one in the near future.
    Theme Song:
    (A Cute Song for a Cute Quiet Girl)
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  3. Upcoming Projects/Possible Projects
    -Unnamed Libertine Roleplay-
    Based on the Doujin/Manga(?) Aibuka! Club Activities as an Idol.
    Roleplay Type: One-On-One
    Genre(s): Libertine | Romance | Music | Comedy | Slice of Life | Modern
    Pairing: Upcoming Idol x Perverted Student
    Release Date: TBD

    -Guts and Glory Online-
    Title may change. Based on the upcoming movie Nerve.
    Roleplay Type: TBD. May Possibly be Group Roleplay
    Genre(s): Drama | Slice of Life | Some-Comedy | Mild-Horror | Modern
    Pairing: N/A
    Release Date: TBD

    -Foreign Interest-
    Taking Place in Japan/United States. Will follow a Foreign Exchange Student who is guided by a student from town.
    Roleplay Type: One-On-One
    Genre(s): Romance | Modern | Slice of Life
    Pairing: Foreign Exchange Student x Student
    Release Date: SOON

    -Club Wars REBOOT-
    A Reboot of Club Wars: Battles of the Clubs at Ridgewood Academy.
    Roleplay Type: Group Roleplay
    Genre(s): Comedy | Slice of Life | Modern | Drama
    Pairing: N/A
    Release Date: TBD

    -Unnamed Horror Group Roleplay-
    Will be based on the Manga Judge and The Anime Mirai Nikki (Future Diary).
    Roleplay Type: Group Roleplay
    Genre(s): Horror | Drama | Suspense | Modern
    Pairing: N/A
    Release Date: TBD (Must Re-Read Judge and Re-Watch Mirai Nikki)

    -Unnamed Anime-Based Group Roleplay-
    Based on the 2016 Spring Anime Kiznaiver.
    Roleplay Type: Group Roleplay (Will Feature 6-7 players: One being Myself)
    Genre(s): Slice of Life | Comedy | Drama
    Pairing: N/A
    Release Date: TBD (Must Re-Watch and Finish Kiznaiver)

    -Girls are Really Extraordinary!!-
    Based on a fictional book for one of my Roleplays. Takes two childhood friends who haven't seen each other in a while and brings them together for a "Project".
    Roleplay Type: One-On-One
    Genre(s): Libertine | Romance | Comedy | Slice of Life | Modern
    Pairing: Studious Reserved Student x Free-Spirited Student
    Release Date: SOON :D (Really excited for this one)

    -Unnamed Band RP-
    Story TBD
    Roleplay Type: Group Roleplay/One-On-One [BOTH]
    Slice of Life | Music | Comedy | Modern
    Pairing: Band Mate x Band Mate [ONE-ON-ONE ONLY]
    Release Date: TBD

    -Co-Ed Club-
    When Two Rivaling schools burn down, the students are brought together. The story follows a creative and young teacher who creates a club solely to prove that the opposite sex isn't as bad as girls and boys make it out to be.
    Roleplay Type: Group Roleplay (Will Feature 6 (Maybe More) Players, one will be Myself)
    Genre(s): Comedy | Drama | Slice of Life | Modern
    Pairing: N/A
    Release Date: SOON


    Dangan Ronpa: The Despair-Inducing Game Brought to Life!


    Dangan Ronpa- is a Japanese video game franchise created and developed by Spike Chunsoft. The series revolves around the elite high school, Hope's Peak Academy which, every year, selects "Ultimate" students (or Super High School Level), talented high school students who are in the top of their field.

    Despair- The Complete loss or absence of Hope.

    Hope- Grounds for believing something good will happen.

    Talent- Natural Aptitude or Skill.

    Estorra Academy- The Setting of the Roleplay located in London, United Kingdom. The school is very much like Hope's Peak Academy, as the school selects talented and promising young students. It's also the grounds of where the first real life killing game to take place.

    • In Japan, there's a game called Dangan Ronpa that has a very straight forward premise: Talented Young Students are forced into a Kill or be Killed Killing game. A battle between good and bad A battle between Hope and Despair. Of course, this was only a visual novel. It wasn't real thankfully. After all, wouldn't it be Despair-Inducing if such a game was brought to life? Of course it would! Which means it has to happen...Right?

      Welcome to Estorra Academy

      Estorra Academy is a Multinational Elite High School located in the city of London in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1921, this Academy focused solely on the talented and promising young students from around the world who are at the top of their field, scouted to come and attend at the prestigious school. Some say that once you graduate from Estorra, you are absolutely set for life.
      Now, where have we heard this before? Oh yes. Some gamers like to compare the Estorra to the fictional Hope's Peak Academy. As both of them do focus on Talent. But what would this Elite School located in the United Kingdom have in Common with Hope's Peak Academy aside from Talent? Well-not that anyone knows this yet-but both Academies are the grounds where the world plummeted into Despair as well as where the First School Life of Mutual Killing took place.

      Recently, Estorra is celebrating 95 years of success as the school proudly welcomed it's 95th class, but this class will be treated differently then past classes of the school. As Orientation was slowly starting, a sudden black and white bear appeared before the group of students..

      “Hello! Hello! Boys and Girls! My name is Monokuma. And Starting Today, I'm your school's Headmaster!”

      The Fictional Mascot of the Game was real. Not just real, but he standing right there on the podium talking as if it was normal. He then explains that starting today, the students would be locked inside the school with only one way out: Kill Someone. Sounds all too familiar right? Now the 95th class is forced into a game of kill or be killed just like the Visual Novel. Will Despair Win? Or will Hope Prevail?

    • Estorra Academy:

      The Setting of our story. Located in the city of London in the United Kingdom, this school was founded back in 1921 by a young woman named Celeste Fitzgerald. The school's focus is solely on Talent-with the creator believing that Talent of the young would bring hope to the future. The school started scouting young men and women between the ages of fourteen to eighteen with exceptional talent who would attend the school to hone their talents further. It was rumored in the late 1980s that those who attend the school and graduate would be set for life. The best cook of the school would later become the top culinary chef of the country, or the best photographer would later become a well known photography who travel the world.

      Before it became a multinational school, it was originally a small school that only scouted students from the area of London, then later around the United Kingdom. In 1974, the school introduced it's first four students from different countries. The first was from Germany, the second was from China, the third was from France, and the forth was from America. This was a test to determine if other young prodigies from other countries can integrate with the English Students. While it was a bumpy ride, the test was a success. In 1979, the school became multinational and accepted students from around the with promising talents to attend the school.

      At the Start of the new millennium, a new school building was made right in front of the old building. With this big change meant changes for the students of Estorra Academy. The students would finish their school semester in the old building (With the Last Class to graduate from the Old Building being the 75th Class) and later transfer into the new building for the new Semester. The 79th Class would be the first class to attend Estorra Academy. On August 10th, 2000, the old building was closed for good after 79 Years.

      The new building was much more Prestine and Beautiful compared to the old building. For starters, there was more floors. The old building had three floors and later had to have a smaller building close by to hold for seniors (which was also closed off and abandoned as of 8/10/00) The main building had Four Floors and was much longer to hold for four classes (which at the time, was the 79th, 78th, 77th, and 76th Class). Right next to the Main Building on either side was the Dormitory for the students. On the left side was for girls, and On the right side was for boys. On the right side of the new building was a large room later made for the Indoor Pool. On the left sideways the aforementioned small building that held the seniors for the old building.

      In 2010 with the introduction of the 89th Class, a game called Dangan Ronpa was released in Japan. Those who played the game found a distinct similarity of the fictional Hope's Peak Academy to Estorra Academy. This led to Protests wanting the school to close believing the school will bring the world into it's ultimate destruction. The Protests continued for a year before being silenced by the School's Current Headmaster Montgomery Tengan- which made promise that the world would not plummet into despair because of Estorra and those who believe such thing were silly. At least, that's what he thought.

      In 2016 The School was celebrating 95 years of success by welcoming it's 95th Class, believing the year would be brought with more promising Talent and Hope-little did they know that one of the 95th Students had different plans.


      Fan Mei's Suicide-

      In 1977, Two months before the 53rd Class's Graduation, one student committed suicide in the Headmasters room. This Student was Fan Mei-a Chinese Girl who was scouted by Estorra Academy in 1974. It turned out that Four Girls in her class was as well as two lowerclassmen were bullying Fan Mei brutally-convincing her to commit suicide. In Fan Mei's note, she blamed the school for her bullying, claiming it was their and their English Background's fault for her death. The Four Senior Girls were placed under arrest and the two lowerclassman were expelled from the school. At the 53rd Class's Graduation-the Valedictorian and the class had a moment of silence for Fan Mei, and several Former Students wished the best of luck to Fan Mei's Family.

      The Protests of 1986-

      In the Mid-1980's several protests started appearing before Estorra Academy. What were the Protests about? To grant those who don't have talent to attend. Those who didn't have the "Promising Talents" Estorra was looking for was tired of being overshadowed and wanted entry, wanting a bright future as well. The Protests lasted for six months before coming to a halt in August of 1986.

      Valentine's Day 1993-

      On Valentine's Day of 1993, Five Girls from the 71st Class were found dead in the girls locker room. The School was placed on Hard Lockdown when it's revealed that Five Terrorists had entered the school and had plans and killing the entire student body. The Five Terrorists were later found and captured by the School's Security. It turned out the Terrorists were actually five former students who were expelled from the school due to harassing girls, and this was their revenge. The Five girls were later mourned for by the 71st Class after the Terrorists were captured.

      New School Building for the New Year-

      In September of 1999, The School made plans to make a new school school building for the new millennium. Construction began in late September and Finished in May of 2000. But even when the school was finished the transfer of students and staff wouldn't commence until after the graduation of the 75th Class. Afterwards the Students and Staff were transferred to the new Building and the old building was officially closed. The First New Class to attend the new building was the 79th Class.

      Protests of 2010-

      In Japan of 2010 a game called Dangan Ronpa was released. A few months after it's release several of the game's buyers notice that Hope's Peak Academy was very similar to Estorra Academy. This led panic and fear in belief the school would drive the world into despair. In August of 2010-with the arrival of the 89th Class-Protests were held at the gates of the school, with wanting the school to close down. The Protests continued into 2011, getting more and more hostile until the Headmaster Montgomery Tengan spoke publicly on the matter. He claimed that such a game to bring such fear in belief that a academy would bring the world into it's ultimate destruction was silly, and claimed the school would never do such thing. The Protests officially ended in October of 2011.

      95 Years of Success in 2016-

      On May 15th, 2016, Estorra Academy celebrated it's 95th Anniversary of success and absolute talent. The Anniversary continued for the rest of the year with the introduction of the 95th Class in August. The rest of the year of fun, happiness, and hope, but not for long.

      Femme Fatale-
      A Group of girls who were a part of the 79th Class that were founded in September of 2016. This Small Club later made their hideout in the old school building. They later disbanded a month after due to reasons.

      Estorra Academy (open)






      Indoor Pool:





      Light Music Club Room:


      Photography Room:

      Dining Hall:

      Cafe: http://s19.photobucket.com/user/wolf_demon123/media/Anime School/Cafe.jpg.html

      Laundry Room:


      Art Room:

      Kitchen: http://img.homeportfolio.com/cms/1357452/bestkitchensalernoa-800.jpg

      Kitchen (Cafe): http://www.jmwoodworks.com/wp-conte...-Kitchen-Custom-Cabinetry-by-Julie-Mifsud.jpg

      Long Hallway to the Old Building:

      Abandoned Old Building:

      Abandoned "Senior" Building:

      Estorra Acceptance Letter:

      Dear Mr./Mrs. [First Name] [Last Name]
      We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of [Insert Talent Here]
      Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

      We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.


      Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy

    • OOC Rules
      • Iwaku rules apply. Please read them before continuing.

      • This is a PG-13 Roleplay, anything above such must be taken to PM.

      • Please be respectful to all Players involved. Treat them the way YOU want to be treated.

      • Do NOT be rude to any players-doing so will get you kicked out of the RP

      • All Players accepted must post at least once a week. If you don't reply to the thread in a week than I will PM you to see what's up.

      • When Posting please wait a few Players before posting again.

      • NO ONE LINERS. Please post at the least 2 Paragraphs. You are welcomed to do more than 2 if you like.

      *More Rules might be Added If Necessary*
      Estorra Academy Student ElectroID Rules (IC Rules)-
      (In Dangan Ronpa, the Students receive ElectroID's That has a students Full Name, Date of Birth, Measurements, Blood Type, Likes, Dislikes, and of course, the talent the excel in. It also contains a number of rules that also serves as the rules of the game)
      1. The students will live a communal lifestyle with no time limit inside the school walls.
      2. The time between 10pm and 7am is called "Night Time". During Night Time there are places that are forbidden to enter, so please take care.
      3. Sleeping is only permitted in the personal rooms prepared for you in the dormitory area. Anyone intentionally falling asleep elsewhere will be punished.
      4. Like Rule 3, Intentionally sleeping with the opposite gender is forbidden. You filthy, Hormonal, Teenagers!
      5. You may investigate the school as you please. There are no special restrictions on your actions.
      6. No violence is permitted against the school's headmaster, Monokuma. Destruction of the surveillance cameras is also forbidden.
      7. A "culprit" who kills a fellow student will graduate from the academy. However, they must not let any other student know they are the culprit.
      8. Additional rules may be added by the Headmaster at any time.

    • 1:.

      Headmaster: Montgomery Tengan Monokuma

      Students Alive: 16/16

    • -Insert Quote of Character Here-
      (Appearance must be Anime)
      Full Name: (First/Middle/Last)

      Nickname(s): (If the Nickname has meaning please explain)

      Age: (Between the ages of 14-18)


      Gender: (Doesn't have to be Male or Female.)


      Sexual Orientation:

      Zodiac Sign:









      Physical Appearance-




      Blood Type:



      Place of Birth:

      Full History: (Please explain in your character's history how they began with their talent. Also explain how the got into Estorra Academy.)


      Family: (If they have any)

      Friends: (If they have any)

      Pets: (If they have any)

      Enemies: (If they have any)


      Face Claim: (Anime Only Please)


      Character Banner: (I'll provide you with this if you want me too. Must include your character's name and SHSL Title. You must use this in the RP.)

      Color of Dialogue: (Feel Free to add another quote here if you'd like ^^)

    • Any Format is fine. But it must involve your Character Banner.
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    • "All of you have been brought here for a Reason.
      Primarily to better yourself.

      Format - Group Roleplay
      Genre(s) -
      Game Master (GM) - Mirai (Me!(^ω^))
      Co-Game Master (Co-GM) -
      Character Limit - 2
      Posting Level Expectations - Adept || Advanced
      Posting Rate Expectations - 1-2 posts per week

      The Roleplay:

    • BLAH

    • Saint Isla, Newfield

      Avalon High School

    • BLAH

    • BLAH

    • BLAH

    • BLAH

    • BLAH

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  5. I feel it coming out my throat
    Guess I better wash my mouth out with soap
    God, I wish I never spoke
    Now I gotta wash my mouth out with soap

    • General

      .:Full Name:.
      Aria Lexington Aimi

      Kurohime (黒姫) || Literally means 'Black Princess'. Given by her elder
      Hanako Yamada (花子山田) || The Japanese equivalent of 'Jane Doe'- a Placeholder name for a unknown and Unidentified person.
      The One with the Crimson Sword || While wandering around
      Stray Kitten (迷い 子猫) ||
      Unlucky One ||

      Do they like the nickname given to them?:





      .:Ethnic Background:.
      American || English || Japanese

      .:Color Code:.

    • Physical Appearance

      Aria Aimi is a pale-skinned, slender petite girl for her age. She has wavy, light pink hair, which styled in a chin-length bob, with fringes reaching her eyebrows. She has Hazel colored eyes, albeit at birth they were dark brown. She stands at 152.4 cm (5'0) and weighs 55 kg (121 lbs.). Her most distinguishable accessory is the pair of thick-rimmed, rounded, red spectacles, which she proceeds to adorn at all times. Prior to the series present she was a natural brunette at birth until she was ___________ where her Aunt dyed her hair light pink.

      .:Hair Color:.
      Light Pink (Currently)
      Brown (Currently)

      .:Eye Color:.

      152 cm (5'0")

      55 kg (121 lbs)

      .:Fashion Style:.


      .:Health Condition:.

      .:Any Prominent Scars/Burns?:.

      .:Combat Abilities (If Any):.

    • “Why did the Chicken cross the road?”
      “To get to the Little Bitch's House. Knock Knock.”
      Who's There..?
      “The Chicken! BOOM! HEADSHOT!”

      Positive Traits [+]-
      Eccentric || Fearless (Or at least faux it) || Flexible || Friendly || Loyal || Playful

      Negative Traits [-]-
      Deceitful || Cynical || Moody || Ruthless || Stubborn || Insecure





    • [​IMG]
      "Did you know I was a Idol once. It was only for a day. What a lovely day that was."

      “私はあなたの娘についてとても残念です。 私は彼女を救うためにすべてのことを私の力でやった。 今私はここ数年、私の世話をしてくれてありがとう。 お別れ。”
      (I'm so sorry about your daughter. I did everything in my power to save her. Now I must go, thank you for taking care of me for the past few years. Farewell.)

    • .:Affiliation:.
      The Strays





    • .:Face Claim:.
      Mirai Kuriyama - Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond The Boundary)

      .:Character Banner:.
      Aria Aimi.jpg

      .:Theme Song:.

      .:Voice Actor:.


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