Mirai Nikki: Chronicles of the Future Diaries. (IC and Moderator requests).

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  1. Summary

    Imagine a world where you knew the future. A world where you knew everything that was going to happen before it happened. Convenient right? A few are chosen and blessed with the ability to do just that - predict the future.

    ~ Nothing comes without a price ~

    The few whom have received this blessing must kill one another using any means at their disposal to become the last one standing. The prize? BECOME A GOD. You must scheme, kill, partner up, betray and do whatever necessary to win this game and become last man standing.

    Simple Talk

    (I want around 3-5 other ppl in this RP. They can control more than one character)
    The idea for this RP is taken from the anime Mirai Nikki. Put simply, in this RP, a few individuals are given these things called future diaries and they come in the form of phones. What these future diaries do is they reveal the future for its owner in ten minute intervals and this will last for ninety days or until everyone else has been eliminated. These future diaries were bestowed upon the players by a dying god whose power is waning and seeks to find a successor through this contest. Each person has a different type of future diary depending on the persons personality. A list of the types to choose are listed below with their pros and cons.

    Observer Diary
    the ability to read the details of one's surroundings, be it present or future. This makes the diary balanced but it won't tell the user anything about themself which leaves one open to certain attacks. Also the future on one's diary is based on their viewpoint, that means on what they believes is true.

    The Stalker
    It predicts a certain person's actions/future. This diary focuses on only one person's future, not the user's future. Great to use if partnering up with the person in question or if you are only targeting one sole person. Con is that it doesn't predict the user's future.

    The Murder Diary
    This is used by those whom favor the chase of victims. Once the user decides to murder someone, that person's location is revealed every ten minutes. Drawback is it doesn't reveal what the person being targeted is doing.

    The Investigation Diary
    This diary predicts how crime investigations will go every ten minutes. Clues, testimonies, evidence and more are revealed and this helps the user solve crimes and get clues to finding out who did what etc. Con is it only gives the user clues on their own investigation, not numerous investigations going on.

    The Exchange Diaries
    This is a pair of diaries which tells the future of the partner. It tells the future about each other and this allows both partners to look out for each other and makes way for great team work. Con is it doesn't tell about your OWN future but rather the future of your partner. You have to obtain information of your OWN future from your partner but if said person is dead, the exchange diaries become virtually useless. Still very powerful

    The Escape Diary
    This is a diary which provide the escape route for the user (IF ANY). It shows the user their future escape route, how many people the person will run into while escaping, where to hide to evade these people etc. Very useful in the evading of trouble, cops, other diary users and so on. Con to its use is that it only shows the escape route for a user if there is one, meaning if the situation is too messed up and dire it wont be able to provide an escape route for the user

    The Justice Diary
    A diary that reflects the users idea of justice. It shows the future of events that go against the user's idea of justice allowing the user to prevent such injustices from happening. This depends on the user's idea of justice (Whatever that might be.)

    The King Diary
    A diary that shows future moments of the users brilliance. In essence it shows the future of the user performing brilliant acts. The flaw to this is that it doesn't show the instances where the user fails just instances where the user succeeds and is brilliant. Double edged sword of a diary.


    To sum it all up this is an interest check to see if people would be willing to partake in this roleplay. It is sure to be a great RP if ppl decide to join in. There will be no original characters from the anime used. Only player made characters are allowed. I will serve as the dying god in the roleplay as well as the owner of the Observation Diary. I'm looking for one or two other people that will aid me in the running of the game. If you'd like to help just shoot me a private message. I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE THIS IDEA. See you guys later.
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