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  1. BY INVITATION ONLY - Miracle Girls: Out of Order IC

    Story Objectives
    Objective 3: Prepare to leave Tokyo.
    Subobjective 3A: Visit Yui's home.
    Subobjective 3B: Discover what happens when you stray too far from Akira's location.

    Accepted Characters
    Tanzaka Himeko (open)
    Name: Tanzaka Himeko

    Appearance: Himeko is of a lean build, but shorter than average. Her hair is short and blue, cut unevenly and she wears glasses over her wide blue eyes. She tends to wear clothes that don't quite fit her out of disinterest, more than anything, usually focusing on comfort or utility over looks.

    Miracle Girl Appearance: Derived from that of a miko priestess, transformed Himeko wears red trimmed robing on her torso, a red sash on her waist, above a white skirt. Pure white socks go to her knees, her feet clad in wooden geta sandals. The long sleeves of her outfit engulf her hands completely, the hem ribbed with red. On her head is a small, square tokin hat.

    Kasane Kaoru (open)
    “Just watch. I’ll save the world single-handedly.”
    Name: Kasane Kaoru
    Appearance: Standing at 4’6, Kaoru’s pale skin and silver hair are at odds in a nation where most complexions are tanned and most hair colors are black. Combined with her large brown eyes, Kaoru looks more like some foreign princess rather than one of the many migrants milling about in Tokyo. Though her hair is long and silky, with a sheen that looks much too unnatural in this world of needs rather than wants, there are few situations that lends to her flaunting it. More often than not, her hair is bundled up into an over-sized messenger hat, while her petite frame is covered by a brown-and-red pilot jacket and dark gray sweatpants.

    Miracle Girl Appearance: Her theme is blue and angels. Upon transforming, the first thing one notices is not Kaoru’s night blue hair or her lightning-blue eyes, but the azure wings that sprout from behind her, projections of light that appear almost like the wings of an albatross. Outside of that, however, the rest of her outfit is almost pitifully simple. A frilled, shoulderless dress, knee-length boots, and gloves adorned with white-lace bracelets makes her look more like an idol than a magical girl, but, perhaps, those two things weren’t too different from one another.

    The necklace she wears, though appearing from a distance to just be of pearl, are actually made of prayer beads, carved out of bone.

    Zenshiro Izayama (open)
    Normal appearance: Zenshiro, when he was a normal young adult, had short, wavy hair that was more often than not a mess, like that of someone with a bedhead. He had wide brown eyes and small hands. He was relatively tan from being outside wandering for so long. His clothing before he became a miracle girl consisted of whatever they could find. The clothes he was in before his transformation were a long sleeved blue shirt, a black hoodie, khaki colored slacks, and black scuffed and dirty shoes.

    Miracle girl appearance: Zen in his miracle girl form has straight black hair that reaches down to the small of his back. He's pale now and wearing a frilly sea green outfit. The frills are white, complimenting the sea green skirt and long sleeved shirt. Along with the sea green outfit, he wears shiny black shoes and knee length socks. His eyes are still the same, though, if one were to look at them.

    Coraline (open)


    Coraline (Formerly Cory)

    Nadia Renard (open)
    Name: Nadia Renard
    Original Appearance: Nadia has ginger hair tied back into a short pony tail. Her body is well toned but slender, standing a little taller than average. Normally she's got a confident grin on her face, coupled with excitable hazel-green eyes. Ripped jeans and shirts cover Nadia's olive skin, often paired with some scuffed trainers.
    Magical Girl Appearance: Nadia's single ponytail turned into a pair of deep red pigtails. While she would still be above average height for a young girl she is considerably shorter than her adult self. Adorning the top half of her figure is a pink hoodie with black frills a bow at the back, on top of a black tank top decorated with studs in the shape of an upwards pointing arrow. Pale jean shorts with a rose colour bow belt hug Nadia's hips, accompanied by knee high neon pink trainers.

    Tenou Chiyoko (open)


    Miracle Girl Chiyoko


    Adult Chiyoko

    Aleksandra Serafina Makarov (open)
    Appearance: Aside from shrinking in size and stature, Aleksandra's appearance hasn't changed all that much from what she used to be. Her long blonde hair was cut down to a shoulder-length ponytail, her face gained a streak of freckles across her nose, and she went from 5'9" to 4'4". Her clothesmostly shrunk with her. Rather, instead of her clothes shrinking, they were replaced by a set of denim overalls. Her coat shrunk with her, though not completely. Rather than 4 sizes too large, like it would've been if it hadn't shrunk with her, it's now roughly only a single size too large. Aleksandra has to roll up the sleeves if she wants to do anything requiring her fingers and the hem of the coat drags along the ground if she doesn't pick it up.

    Underneath the overalls is a regular white t-shirt with a red star on the front and small converse sneakers for shoes. Not the best when it comes to slick surfaces, but Aleksnadra manages.

    Yui Minami (open)

    [She's supposed to be preeeetty pretty. Just a note!]


    Food for Thought
    As the girls split off into two groups, the opportunity for socialization and gossip opens up. Avoid talking about your own character, but are you anticipating anything? Have you noticed any rivals or people who will likely get along together? I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts.

    1. This RP is about fun. If you aren't having fun, then you need to speak up, even if you don't have a good way of solving the problem. I don't mean to say that you shouldn't be tactful about it, but I want you to be vocal when you think that something has gotten boring, repetitive, dragged-out, or anything of the sort.

    2. This RP is about people. Whenever I do a group RP, it generally isn't for narrative cohesion. I can make far more interesting stories when I have the sort of central control of a 1x1. What differentiates and makes group RPs special is the team dynamic. We all have different vantage points that we bring to the table, more than we could ever have in a small group. Please, make yourself known.

    3. This RP is about collaboration. Just as I want you to make yourself known, I want you to build upon the ideas of others. The secret to making RPs last a long time is to have players invest their ego into the events, characters, and fellow RPers of the RP. The single easiest way to make that happen is for people to show an interest in each other. When you work together and contact each other frequently, you are secretly helping the RP live a long, healthy, and creative life.
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  2. Present and accounted for, ma'am.
  3. I am accounted for.
    From what I saw, aside from her seriousness in her cause of stopping chaos and in accepting the contract, she seemed quite relaxed around Himeko. At the same time she came across as a bit indifferent in some ways, which is fitting for, well, a demigod.

    Considering how serious she was about not going back on the contract, however, I can imagine we're going to see some serious shit. O:
  4. I AM HERE.

    Also, I'll be PMing the sheet and such after I finish a couple of posts, Luna. Sorry for the delays, but I've been putting some thinking into da personality.
  5. It's a never-ending process.
  6. No worries, I definitely understand what it is like to be delayed. My next big goal is the IC launch, which I'll hopefully get up tomorrow...
  7. If my math is right, only about half of the characters are approved so far.
  8. I think I have more than half.
  9. This is just going off of the number of tags in the interest check and the number of characters in the "Accepted Characters" list.
  10. An existence with regrets, who has matured quickly due to the environment she was born in and who is able to put up a strong front, but whom is still a child in the end. Someone who, perhaps, seeks punishments for the mistakes she's made, who hasn't yet seen the casualties in her war as statistics, but as people.

    As for plans, outside of killing the shit out of monsters and cleansing places of corruption, maybe she wants to build a loli harem? XD
  11. Cookies for everyone!
  12. Interesting observations. I think this is particularly interesting from my perspective because I can understand the process by which you came to those conclusions, while other players can only guess as to why you have that interpretation. Though, I can attest to the fact that our demigod has no interest in a harem :p.
  13. She's very forward and to the point, but she tends to skip details unless asked about them. That's what I observed.
  14. Here's my take on the demigod, she's up to something. She did create the chaos, after all, and now she wants to fight back against it? I say either the chaos was an accident or she did it intentionally, but is now getting bored of it. By recruiting others to fight the chaos, she gets a fresh source of entertainment while trying to look like the hero. Oh, and the changing bodies thing that the adults go through is just a smidgen of the fun, using regular ten year olds wouldn't really change them much.
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  15. I think this does bring up a pretty big question. Why did the demigod choose this moment, as opposed to any other time to act? Why do they want to fight the chaos? Why the age regression? Are their motives really altruistic, or is there an element of selfishness, or even malice?
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  16. Are these details you think should be shared with the rest of us?
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