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  1. On a lone hill on the outskirts of Tokyo sat a young demigod, waiting for her recruits to join her cause. About a week ago, she met with several different personalities, all with their own reasons for forming a contract. At the time, the demigod pushed them to use the week to enjoy traveling unrestricted. Although the reason she cited was to allow the girls to wrap up any of their unfinished business, the demigod seemingly pushed away everyone after the contract was fulfilled. Now however, she'd be opening them with welcome arms.

    Although it had been rainy this week, today the sun was bright and clear. Since it was early January, the coldest month in Japan, it was quite unusual that the temperature was a pleasant 10 degrees Celsius. Though, sudden warm and cold fronts were typical enough that this wasn't a great surprise. With a soft breeze, good cloud cover, and generally good weather conditions, today was turning out to be a nice day.

    The demigod prepared a picnic basket in anticipation of this day. Although it only contained a meager amount of food, it should be enough for everyone to get something. Waiting for the girls to arrive, the demigod can be found sleeping lightly against the tree.
  2. Himeko could not help but feel the deep pounding of her heart. As she looked ahead to the semi-distant tree, her mind considered the previous week. Somehow, it wasn't quite real to her. It had taken all her willpower not to leave: she had to stay. For this very reason.

    Small hands crammed into the pockets of her over-sized, faded red coat, the hood was raised over her head of short blue hair, somewhat shielding her against the cold. Her head was bowed slightly as she walked, blue eyes peeking above her glasses every so often to scan the road ahead under the somewhat cloudy skies. But as she got closer, she was certain to smile. She could at least to that much.

    Pace quickening, she slowed down as she saw her sleeping. Himeko had the thought to wake her, but...perhaps she needed to sleep? Moreso than Himeko did, perhaps. Though her eye caught a picnic basket, she instead took a seat on her knees, turning her head to scan the area. Spotting some smaller figures, it seemed that they would not be alone for long.
  3. Zenshiro found it awkward when he came back to his family in his current state. Really, how do you explain you were transformed into a ten year old girl? Still, he was able to spend some time with his family one last time before he had to go to whoever changed him and told him he couldn't really leave her side.

    With a sigh, Zenshiro walked up the hill, not used to the body the demigod had gifted him. He was still awkward about it, especially during bathroom breaks. He kept forgetting he was a girl now and, well, accidents happen. Letting out a huff of breath, he pushed that aside and found himself with two people. He blinked in surprise. "Guess I'm not the only one here, huh?" he said.
  4. Coraline

    Coraline was far from used to her body... That would take a bit of time, really, as evidenced by her occasional stumble as she made her way way up the hill. Fortunately though, she wasn't having much more trouble than a small problem with her sense of balance, thanks to losing quite a few inches in height, and some considerable weight. Having been transformed from an 19 year old boy (admittedly slightly underweight), to a 10 year old girl had it's effects on Coraline.

    Not just that... But, it seemed that she didn't remember as many details about her past... Perhaps because she didn't want to, just a few general details here and there. However, it was apparant that being a 10 year old again had caused some peculiar personality traits to emerge, in combination with well... The fact that she was a girl now, instead of a boy.

    As soon as she reached the top of the hill, two things seemed to take priority as she looked around; 1) the demigod who had granted her this form had fallen asleep waiting for others to arive, and 2) there was a picnic basket, and it had biscuits inside. Seeing as there were already others there already, she made sure to politely step around anyone who was coming between her at the basket.

    One of the girls commented that they weren't the only one there, after they too, realized they had company... And naturally, Coraline simply smiled a little, and nodded just once, rather than saying anything at all. Then, she fished a couple of biscuits from the picnic basket, and made her way to a more isolated patch of grass ontop of the hill, beginning to take a bite out of one of them.

    She kind of wished they had tea here too... But, seeing as resources were scarce, she decided to make the best of what she had.​
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  5. "I swear to God, once I figure out how to get out of this damn contract, I'm gonna punch that superpowered brat right in the ovaries...."

    The choice of verbiage - and the trail of cigarette smoke with them - came from a most incongruous source. Of all things, a short ten-year-old girl with tomboyish nut-brown hair stomped across the grass toward a hill in one of the parts of town that retained its lush greenery. Her attire - slashes of red-and-black with a trailing cape-like coat - seemed destined to stand out amidst the earthen browns and greens around her.

    The girl spat out the butt of the nearly-finished cigarette and just as quickly popped in a fresh one from a carton tucked in a back pocket.

    "Damn trickster," she continued to grumble sourly, "fuckin' cheater. Saying she was gonna push back the chaos, when she's really just another con artist!" By now, her frustration had reached a boiling point. She kicked a dog-sized rock. It had to have been at least forty pounds. And yet, a single, emotion-driven blow sent the stone flying a hundred feet across. It landed with a loud thud. The girl kept on stomping away, heedless of the small impact craters she left as footprints.

    A week ago, Tenou Chiyoko was a beautiful woman of twenty-five. She knew how to get on top in a world without peace, comfort, or safety. She tried to get on top again, when she heard about a little girl capable of pushing away chaos. She found the girl on a hill, not dissimilar to the one she was heading toward now, and tried to convince the girl to help her scam the desperate and the fearful. Who knew how much people were willing to pay to ensure that their little neck of the woods was free from chaos? Barring that, Chiyoko intended to simply kidnap the girl and make sure of her powers herself.

    It turned out the little brat wasn't anything like she'd anticipated.

    The end result was being tricked into a contract that gave Chiyoko superhuman strength and durability...at the cost of her normal figure. As a result, Tenou Chiyoko hadn't had a good fuck in a week. She'd met some pretty depraved people while trying to survive a chaos-fueled world, but she'd been fortunate enough to avoid any dirtbags who'd actually want to screw a kid.

    Chiyoko inhaled deeply on her fresh cigarette. If she couldn't indulge in one of her favorite vices, she at least had others to fall back on. The day after her contract - and curse - went into effect, she immediately broke into a liquor store and absconded with as much booze and smokes as she could carry. And with her newfound strength, that was a surprising amount.

    She barely remembered the next two days. She was far too hammered. It seemed that superhuman durability did not equate with a superhuman metabolism.

    The three days after that were spent exploring the extent of her powers. Some assholes tried to jump her. The typical run of the mill scum of the earth that preyed upon the weak and helpless. Hell, Chiyoko indulged in that past time herself plenty of times; idiots and fools had plenty of money and supplies for the taking, after all. However, her attackers failed to account for her strength. She left three broken corpses in an alley - one of them literally ripped in half at the waist - with the other three fleeing in terror with shattered arms and legs. And they couldn't hurt her. Not with fists, or bats, or pipes, or even knives. She didn't even feel the blows, other than a slight pressure to acknowledge something was touching her. Her skin wasn't even scuffed.

    Since then, she'd wondered if she was bulletproof.

    She wasn't terribly keen on testing that, though. Tenou Chiyoko was many things - selfish, greedy, spiteful, misanthropic - but she wasn't stupid.

    Chiyoko finished her second cigarette and crumpled the butt in her tiny hands. She regarded those fingers balefully. No, not stupid...but she did have her slip-ups, sometimes.

    Chiyoko looked up from the base of the hill as she started on her third. She could sense that demigod brat up there. Waiting.

    She felt the pull to come here. The demigod had told her a week ago to travel unrestricted and to get her affairs in order in preparation of leaving her old life behind.

    Fuckin' little brat, Chiyoko thought sourly. Not much left in my life to leave behind.

    She crested the top of the hill, where other ten-year-olds - clearly the demigods other contractors - had gathered around the brat herself, who sat in the center with a picnic basket of all things.

    Chiyoko took her smoke from her lips and flicked ash in the direction of the others. "A picnic. How quaint." She glanced at the others, idly wondering how many of them were actually supposed to be ten...and how many others were victims of the brat's contracts. "You all got roped into this gig too, huh?" She nodded to the sleeping demigod. "Hey, there, kid," she brusquely hollered, hoping to awaken her. "Got some cups in that basket? 'Cause if these guys are anything like me, we're all sour enough to make lemonade...."
  6. Five were there, and soon, it was six.

    Heralded by blue feathers descending from the skies, Kaoru arrived from above, landing silently on the grassy hills. Her wings flexed reflexively at the roar from a particularly obnoxious child, before it still once more, folding around her body. In a blink of an eye, her form changed, into a pale girl with oversized clothes. Pulling a hat that bulged out of the pocket of her jacket, she bundled up her hair and promptly put on her hat. Oversized as it was, only a few strands of white hair could be seen peeking out of it once Kaoru was finished.

    Her brown eyes flickered over from individual to individual. All were young girls. If they were like herself, they were all something else before. Those eyes narrowed, before she walked past the brown-haired salt-machine and crouched down, eye-level with the demi-god.

    A cold wind ran over the field, blowing away the faint vestiges of those blue feathers.

    “A week has passed. Can I save the world now?”
  7. Waking up to the sudden rudeness of Chiyoko, the demigod rises ungracefully. Rubbing at her eyes she seems to be a mixture of annoyed and sleepy, "I don't have cups of any sort. I only had a short while to put this together. What I have is what I've got." After giving the sort of half-awake answer that one might expect someone to give right after waking, the demigod stretches out, reaching for her toes as to shake out the sleepy. By the time that she lifted her head, there was already another one looking to her for a reply. Sighing, the demigod speaks noncommittally, "That is the plan. Though, we are going to have to start with Japan. We are a long ways away from saving the world."

    Looking around the demigod recalls all the familiar faces. All the girls whom she formed contracts with. Suddenly her pupils seem to dilate and a brief moment of weakness seems to seize the demigod's body all at once. Her eyes seem to become heavy, as the episode causes her to have to steady herself. Her head bobs in the process. Then the demigod shakes her head vigorously, and this seems to help her keep her eyes open. She positions her feet as if she were about to try to vault up to her feet, but then lays back down against the tree, resting her eyes. Trying to play it off, "Anyway, we can talk about that when everyone arrives.
  8. One by one, others began to arrive. Himeko happened to greet each of them with a wave and a light smile, but even as they started eating Himeko didn't make a move for any food.

    However, Chiyoko's arrival left Himeko looking as though she'd been smacked in the face. As she'd scrambled to her feet, she'd hardly noticed Kaoru arrive until the demigod woke up. Instead, she squeeked angrily, "What is wrong with you!? She wouldn't be sleeping if she wasn't tired. Pay attention! Can't you be even the least bit considerate?"

    Himeko turned to look at around where the cigarette had landed, adding, "About anything."
  9. Chiyoko gave the assemblage of tiny girls a scathing and disapproving glower. They all looked like she did: ten years old and striplings every one of them. One of them hadn't said anything yet, a black-haired girl with a sea green outfit and white frills. Another had blue hair and blue eyes. Two actually spoke, both digging at Chiyoko's patience with just how much idealism leaked out with their words.

    “A week has passed. Can I save the world now?” Chiyoko had to admit, this girl looked pretty impressive - brilliant blue-feathered wings and literally coming down from heaven had a tendency to be something of an eye-catcher.

    "That is the plan," the demigod said. "Though, we are going to have to start with Japan. We are a long ways away from saving the world. Anyway, we can talk about that when everyone arrives.

    "'Save the world?'" Chiyoko parroted incredulously. A rueful chuckle passed her lips as she looked back to the winged girl. "Sorry, Gabriel, but in case you didn't know, the world already went to shit a decade ago. We're not gonna fix this. Doesn't matter how many guardian angels come down to help." She pointed an accusatory finger at the demigod. "Especially when she's the one leading this band of Sailor Scout rejects. Hell, she's half-asleep already, anyway."

    The other speaker, a girl dressed like a miko, cut in hotly, "What is wrong with you!? She wouldn't be sleeping if she wasn't tired. Pay attention! Can't you be even the least bit considerate? About anything."

    Chiyoko fired back, "What's wrong with you? All of you!" She gestured widely to the group with her arms. "We're all under these 'contracts,' had our bodies changed! That demigod says she can push away the chaos - but all I've seen her do is add chaos...to our lives! None of you think this is the least bit suspicious?"

    Chiyoko pointed down the hill to the ruins of Tokyo. "See that? That's reality after the world ended. Rape, murder, theft. That's our world without any excuses! Take away law and order and you've got that." She shook her head. "You want to save the world? Then you got to fix humans. And let me tell you, that's pointless. When chaos came ten years ago, it showed us all what we really were, deep down inside: monsters."

    Chiyoko turned her back on the other girls, glaring at the city below. "I've had a week to think about this. This whole plan of yours, demigod-chan? Its bogus and its gonna fail. You can push the chaos away all you want. Humans are the real problem. The chaos just took away the excuses to hide it."

    She jerked a thumb at herself. "Hell, just look at me."

    Then she turned to face the others. "So, tell me, you idealistic morons still want to save the world?"
  10. Aleksandra made her way up the hill, her rifle slung over her should, and the sounds of idiots arguing getting louder as she approached. She couldn't make out what the argument was about, not that she honestly cared. She'd been considering walking between them to break up the fight, but she realized that just wasn't going to work. So, she went around, ignoring their argument, and sat down under the tree near the trying-to-sleep demigod. "Dobroye utro, malyshka," she said to the demigod as she set her rifle down on the ground. She fully appreciated the irony of continuing to call the demigod "little one" when Aleksandra herself was now the smaller one. "How do you do?"

    Aleksandra started to disassemble her rifle while she waited for the demigod's response, beginning with the magazine. She pulled on the charge handle to eject any rounds that may have been left in the chamber, the mechanical noise ringing loud and clear. Nothing came out, and without the magazine, nothing went in. With that in mind, though, Aleksandra reached around to turn on the safety anyways, so things didn't go wrong while she worked.
  11. As more and more little girls gathered, Zenshiro couldn't help but frown. Did she only recruit little girls? ...Oh wait, he was one of them. "So you got turned too?" he asked Chiyoko, before wincing when Himeko started yelling, then Chiyoko beginning her speech. "Hey, don't be so pessimistic..." he sighed while getting between Himeko and Chiyoko, "And let's not start a fight, it won't do any of us good if we just stand here and argue."
  12. Zenshiro stepping in, Himeko backed up. She briefly smiled at her, waving her arm in her red sweatcoat sleeve before beginning, "I appreciate it, but I'd prefer to speak my mind now instead of bottling it up. Besides-"


    Himeko jumped slightly at the loud noise of the rifle, turning to see the new arrival, eyes wide behind her glasses in mild surprise. Shaking her head, she turned back to the taller Chiyoko and stated firstly, "By the way, her name is Akira, not 'demigod-chan'." Crossing her arms over her chest, she added, "I don't see how you can blame her though. The only one who accepted the contract was you, right?" There was a brief flash on her face before turned away, planting her wrists on her hips, following up, "Maybe you should grow up a little and take some responsibility for your choices?" The edges of her lips seemed to crack a slight smile of pride in that one.
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  13. "Akira, huh?" Chiyoko sneered. "Sometimes, it can be written with the kanji for 'clear.'" She threw the demigod a baleful look. "She's even more of a sneak than I am. She tricked me into accepting that contract." She then turned her gaze back toward Himeko. "Perhaps I'm just 'grown up' enough to know a bad deal when I see one."

    She walked past Himeko, intentionally brushing past with a bump of their shoulders. "Mark my words, we're gonna regret this." She leaned over to pick up a rock and demonstrated her newfound strength by pulverizing it to dust with a squeeze of her hand. "You don't get power without a price. You don't get stuff without paying for it somehow - now or later. Not in this world."

    She turned back to Akira. "So, you got most of us here, just like you planned, demigod-chan," Chiyoko said, intentionally using the disrespectful moniker. "You're holding all the cards, as usual." She jerked a thumb at the others and proceeded to nickname Himeko, Kaoru, Zenshiro, and Aleksandra. "Sae, Archangel Gabriel, Sea Green Crayon, and Simo Hayha back there can join forces and become do-gooder Avengers. Where does that leave me? If it isn't already fuckin' obvious, all I want is to go back to normal and never see your wish-granting ass again. Who do I gotta fuck to do that, huh?"
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  14. So they were still waiting? No wonder the demigod prepared food and such. Chances are, they might just be waiting a long time for people who won’t even show up. And the people who did show up were…unnecessary. As the angry midget spat out her words, Kaoru simply looked at her, holding that fiery gaze for a few seconds.

    Then, she dropped it and sat down, beside the girl with a rifle. Her symbol then? Funny. She spun the bullet that laid in her own pockets, watching as the foul-mouth midget and the blue-haired child clashed verbally. Some lines almost made her smile.Reality? Power without a price? Regrets? Ah.


    Kaoru turned to the lethargic demigod, ignoring the presence of that stone-crushing barbarian.

    “…Akira...chan, there is no ‘we’ in ‘I’. If this child is unwilling, undo the contract and let her go. No one here cares to rein in an animal. I’ll just do enough for the two of us.”
  15. Akira picks herself up. After everything that has happened, she obviously couldn't get any sleep. Reaching into her training bra, she pulls out some sort of pill and swallows it with some difficulty. She had at first ignored the flurry of comments coming her way. Now however, she looked more alert than ever. However, even with the discovery of this second wave of energy, Akira's eyes and tone of voice seems quite dispassionate. "I don't have the power to undo contracts. I form them by injecting someone with the essence of chaos and bind it to their soul. Once bound, there is no way to sever the connection but death. That is why when I lay out the contract, I told you that the contract would not end. It is not that I want to keep unwilling participants, it is that I physically am not capable of releasing them. Besides, she accepted the contract without listening to the conditions. She thought that she could take advantage of me, and it backfired."

    Akira jumps from a sitting position to a standing position. She starts to climb a tree, "But, I don't mind if people grow to hate me. I made a mess, and I need to do what I can to clean it up. If hating me makes you feel better, please go on ahead. If you want to hurt me, that is fine too. I'm deserving of all of it. But, I need you all. So when the time comes, I need you all to fight."

    Akira sits on a branch in the tree, looking out to the sky. Something about her feels completely disconnected, like looking at a daydreamer.
  16. Turns out having a smaller body made it a bit harder to reach for things. That may not be such an issue if your simply reaching for something out a cupboard, but it's not the sort of surprise you want when leaping between buildings dozens of feet tall. Thankfully the contract had also given Nadia the float a small distance, preventing any fatal injuries, but she was decorated with bruises and cuts. Coupled with her cutsie punk clothing, Nadia's appearance was beyond striking.

    It was even this state that Nadia bounced towards the hill where she was meant to be meeting the demi-Godess. Nadia smirked thinking about her first meeting with the girl, remembering how adorable she'd been. Perhaps Nadia could have a little more fun with her sometime... after the whole saving the world thing, of course. Thinking about that got Nadia excited again. She had the opportunity to battle chaos head on, using the powers of chaos itself- surely nothing could get her blood pumping more than that!

    As Nadia closed in on the tree she noticed several other small girls were around the tree. Presumably these were also people who had also accepted the demi-Goddess' contract, and Nadia's future comrades. Better make a positive first impression then, Nadia thought. "Hey there!" Nadia called, arriving in front of the others, "So I get to see your pretty face again at long last, Miss Chaos Girlie! And it's nice to meet the rest of you too." Nadia grinned at the group, giving a lively wave.

    (I'm super super sorry this is late, I didn't see this had begun at all! >~<)
  17. Aleksandra found a smirk growing on her face as things were explained and yet another girl arrived. Her AK-47 was in pieces in front of her, on her coat, but Aleksandra herself didn't have a cleaning kit with her. Not an issue. She just started putting it back together again. "Tak mnogo neudachnikov," she said, giggling softly. "All of us, a misfit in her own way." It took all of a minute to put the rifle back together, and Aleksandra was quick to noisily chamber a round, but leave the safety on.

    And then she heard her "assigned" nickname.

    Being compared to one of the greatest marksmen in Russian military history would've been an honor, had Aleksandra been a marksman herself. Instead, she considered it an insult to the memory of the man who'd been named. Aleksandra was a riflewoman, not a sniper. Her mood went from pleasant to sour in the space of an instant, and it showed.
  18. Akira lays with the same sense of disinterest that she had in the previous conflict. High up in her perch in the tree, she effectively distanced herself from the girls. However, Nadia did manage to get her to look in her direction, even if only briefly. Deadpan, "I couldn't say the same. You look like you got run over by a car. You must be even more reckless than I first anticipated."
  19. Nadia inspected her body up and down after the demi-Goddess' comments. "Ohh, you mean all these bruises?" Nadia realised, "This body is tiny, no reach at all! It's not... Well it is my fault... But one or two adjustment accidents are to be expected." Or one or two dozen, by the looks of it. Laughing it off, Nadia scaled the tree to face the demi-Goddess. "You're not going to try and hide away after stealing my heart last time, are you?" teased Nadia, winking at the Goddess.
  20. Growing increasingly frustrated and flustered, "And I suppose that you intend to try to embarrass me in front of all these people. Don't needlessly cause misunderstandings!" As Akira becomes aware that her face was deeply blushed, she once again faces skyward. Her body language becomes small and constricted. With a lonely undercurrent, "Anyway, I'm not feeling particularly friendly right now. Everyone is probably better off with me up here. I can still listen to everything that is going on, and once our last girl gets here I'll give everyone a proper discussion, but right now I just need to recharge." Akira's body loosens up, and she leans back against the trunk. Even though she clearly has the energy, she once again closes her eyes.
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