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  1. *~Need some one-on-one help with a project?~*

    *~Need a beta / editor?~*

    *~Stuck on a post?~*

    Look no further! Welcome to my writing shop. I'm 25 with over a decade of roleplay experience and a lifetime of writing experience. I've studied academic, business, and fiction composition at the college and university level, and volunteer as a tutor in my university's writing centre. Here on Iwaku, my favourite section and biggest focus is on the content sections, where we help members improve their writing by offering challenges, guides, and workshops. My ultimate ambition is to be a book editor.

    What is Offered (open)

    Critical Reviews
    This involves my reading your work and offering an overall opinion, with highlights, criticisms, and - if you want - recommendations.

    Resources and advising
    This is similar in function to the Roleplay Help & Discussion forum, which I encourage you to visit. However I will work with you one on one, sharing tips, resources, and helping you brainstorm.

    Comprehensive editing
    This is where we roll up our sleeves and cover everything; English errors, storytelling, characterization, pacing, plot construction, and technique. I will go over your material and make notes and small changes (spelling errors, etc), and then send it back to you for revision. You then send me the revised version, and the process repeats until you're happy with it, or I have no more criticisms, whichever happens first.

    These services are offered for (open)

    Roleplay posts
    I can snoop your history to offer comment on your writing as a whole, comment on a particular roleplay, or go post by post with you.

    Short stories
    A short story is a complete narrative which can be read in a sitting of 30 minutes to an hour.

    Longer stories
    Stories which do not fit the criteria of a short story are here considered "Long Stories".

    Fan fiction
    Fanfic of both the short story and long story variety is accepted under the same criteria as original work, assuming I am familiar enough with the fandom.

    This is my crack and I'd love to help you form an incredible setting for your story. Languages, maps, culture, history and lore, as well as anything else Worldbuilding are all in!
    These services are offered for (open)

    Character Building
    From designing a custom CS to nailing down details, helping you build dynamic and interesting characters will be my pleasure

    Plot Building
    Got an idea but just can't quite work the kinks out? Get brainstorming help or a critical assessment!

    What isn't offered (open)

    Poetry edits
    I don't do poems
    It's impossible for me
    So prose only please

    Group RP creation
    I'm a one X one player, and haven't participated in a group in over six years. I don't feel qualified to help you create a group endeavour, but you can try your luck in Roleplay Help!

    Some Fandoms
    If I'm not familiar with a fandom, I won't edit fan-fiction or fandom RP for it.

    Terms (open)

    Just a few simple things you should understand and agree to should you require my services. Well, just two things actually; I'm a simple girl wtih simple needs!

    No Change clause
    You have the right to disagree with any recommendation I make, however if the rate of refusal is so high that I feel this service is not affecting the work at all, it will be withdrawn.

    Spelling etc.
    If you're typing, you're on a device with a spell-checker availabe. If you're reading this, you're connected to the internet and can use a website if there is no spell-checker in your software. Long story short I really need you to check your own spelling and give whatever we're working on a quick look-over for basic errors before you send it off, thanks!

    Comment below or start a conversation with me if you're interested or want to know more!
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  2. Oh oh I'm VERY interested in this :D I recently CoughMonthsAgoCough discovered how much I love writing, expressing whatever goes through my mind into a blank document :3 Well I've been looking for some guidance (Actually, I entered Iwaku today with that sole purpose o3o). And here you are, like an angel sent from God :D

    Well, I've started so far three writing projects, all long-term, I dropped the first one since as it was my first go it didn't go very well and I really didn't see a lot of hope/stuff that could be saved. My second writing project is more of a novel than a long-term product, it's designed to have no more than 10 chapters. And finally, the third one is pretty much my second attempt at the first one, which is more about worlbuilding than novel/plot writing itself (But obviously, I am planning to set different plots and stories there once I get experienced enough).

    Would it be possible for you to help me with those two last projects? :D Or just one if you like, I am just a lost soul looking for guidance :3
  3. I'm no angel,
    No I'm no stranger to the dark~

    Ah, wait, you're probably don't get that one...

    Anyway I'd be happy to help you out, but just one project at a time please! Choose one and send me a PM :)
  4. I was wondering if you'd be able to help me work together and RP idea I have... I just can't seem to write it the way I want and it is something I have been dying to try. I would love criticism on it as well to make it the very best I can. It would be made into a Group RP but I can manage all the group details , Because I know you don't do that bit. Just need help in defining and situating my idea. Also , if it wouldn't be a bother to that I would love some help and or advice in creating a CS.

    I know... I blabber a bit so thanks for listening!
  5. I'd be happy to help! Send me a PM and we'll get started :)
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