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  1. A couple years ago, I moved seven times in the space of twelve months. You tend to learn a few tricks!

    1. Categorize boxes by ROOM. Don't make a box of 'books' and put your novels, your dictionary, your cookbooks and your textbooks all in it; put your novels in your bedroom box, your dictionary and textbooks in your desk/study box, and your cookbooks in the kitchen box! I like to buy a pack of large mailing labels, write the room in big letters, and list the enclosed items under that (KITCHEN glasses, fine china, utensils)

    2. Have a box of 'setup things' that you will need before you unpack anything else; basic cooking/eating utensils, a few sets of clothes, toiletries, and any other absolutely necessary stuff

    3. Pick up boxes periodically as you pack them to gauge the weight; this way you prevent sealing a box that is waaay too heavy to carry very far

    4. Use clothes, stuffed animals, pillows, and newspapers to fill up the spaces in boxes so the weight doesn't shift, and fragile objects don't bump around

    5. Pack a broom, an all-purpose cleaning spray, the mop, a bucket, and a few clean rags separately; the former tenants don't always do the great job they ought to when they move out, you may want to clean a bit before you start putting stuff away

    6. If you can't remember on your own (and there's a lot to keep on your mind while moving!) take a picture of how your electronics are set up so you can remember what plugs in where.

    7. Produce departments, and wholesale stores usually have large reserves of cardboard boxes you can use if you ask

    8. Don't seal any box until EVERYTHING has been packed. You missed a thing or twelve, I promise.

    9. Use as much time before packing as you can to sell or donate items you no longer use, or that you plan to replace soon. It's a great opportunity to de-clutter your house, and reduce what you need to pack. Remember to recycle if you have old electronics or paper products! Clothes you haven't worn can be donated to shelters or thrift shops.

    10. Leading up to the move, save cereal boxes, milk cartons, and other small containers. Use them to store things that are heavy by themselves, and fragile items that need to be padded in their own small container within the bigger box.

    11. Empty your fridge! Buy only as much food as you know you will eat before the move.

    12. Change your address on all your billing companies, your paypal and ebay accounts, and anything else that might be sending you things (Don't forget your insurance and drivers licence!) at least two weeks before the move.

    13. BEFORE YOU UNPACK ANYTHING take pictures of your cleaned-up and empty new place; this is going to be important when you move out and want your deposit back. Sometimes you don't notice chips and dents that were already in the place until you've lived there awhile, and then it's hard to prove that you didn't do it.
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