Minibit is visiting Australia!

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  1. (I live in Canada)

    I'm going May 1st-16th, it's the only time I can get and it's within the range of what people have recommended to me, I'm going to Sydney and Brisbane and seeing
    • The Sydney Opera House
    • The Australia Zoo
    • Bird Sanctuary
    • The Australian History Museum
    • Rainforest walk
    • Beach day
    • Underwater World Aquarium
    Any other recommendations for stuff to see/do while I'm down there? My spending budget is limited, so prefer cheap/free interests :3
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  2. 1. Find anything dangerous, animal-wise.

    2. Kill it.

    3. Eat it.

    4. ??????

    5. Profit.
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  3. Pay a visit to P. Sherman. He lives on 42 Wallaby Way in Sydney.

    More seriously, have a great time. I have no clue what to suggest since I've never been and my knowledge of Australia is nothing impressive. (As you could see from my lame Finding Nemo reference. 8D) You could ask our favorite Aussie, though. @Warmaster Death

    That is, if he's around. xD He pops in now and then. Since you're not going until May, he's bound to show up.
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  4. Sing this at everyone there.

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  5. australia-where-the-spiders-eat-birds.jpg

    IS THIS why the birds need a sanctuary over there? O.O

    on the other note XD anything Steve Irwin related would be my musts. I would also need to see at least three kangaroos, A Dingo, and Koalas.

    I hope you have a Safe trip and happy adventuring, It's Beautiful and Epic in Australia. :)

    It's dangerous business, going out your front door. ~Bilbo Baggins
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  6. Dingoes are just wild dogs I think, so I've seen bunches of those already!

    I'm going to the Australia Zoo, home of the crocodile hunter!
  7. goodness please take lotz of Pictures *_*
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  8. Of course!
  9. sadly my expertise is limited to Melbourne....but whilst you're in sydney check out the other museums, like the Maritime museum, they have some awesome stuff there (like an Oberon class Diesel sub you can climb into, or could when i was last up there)

    also, dingoes look like wild dogs, but aren't not entirely sure of the difference though.
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