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  1. No smutty pictures in the Character Gallery! There's no way of filtering out images depicting nude characters, so don't post them!

    One other reminder: Posting pornographic PHOTOS on the forums is NOT ALLOWED even with warning tags! You will get AUTOBANNED for posting non-artistic nude photos or porn videos, even in Libertine. (Drawings and paintings are allowed forum-wide with proper warnings and/or use of spoiler tags.)
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  2. You'd think it would be common sense, but some people are either to daft or too obstinate to follow obvious rules.
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  3. Just so this is clear, if you drew something for artistic reasons and tagged it properly it's allowed? <.<
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  4. @ElBell

    Yep, nude and even pornographic ART is allowed as long as it is properly tagged with a warning and/or spoilers. Just not photos or videos, because we can get in trouble for that.

    Some artistic nudity in photos/videos is okay but if you can clearly see uncovered sexy bits, that's a no-go. When in doubt, ask the Staff.
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  5. And if you censor manually the image, with Paint?

  6. It'll depend on kind of image. If you take something that is clearly a hentai art sex scene and censor that, it's not going to fly. But if it's a simple nude posing art, that'd be totally fine.

    Peeps have to remember that the character vault is a public space and people as young as 13 will be posting and looking at characters. So if you have a pic and think "Yeah, a parent would get mad if they walked in and saw their 13 year old kid looking at this." Then it's prolly not a good idea to use.
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  7. Understood.
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  8. Thanks for the heads up. I am not the kind of member that posts images of a sexual nature, but thanks in advance.
  9. Oh thank the lord. There's been quite a few times I've clicked on a thread in the Libertine forums and have been greeted by a face full of genitals and body fluids. I figured it was fine considering the forum it was taking place in; good to know it isn't. I'll be reporting it from now on.


    Oh wait... I misread this. So graphic hentai images are all right, then? D:
  10. No.
    They aren't allowed.
    And even then, you may have to censor it.
    The rest from what I gathered is "You gonna get banned" material.
  11. No, hentai images ARE allowed because it's not live photos, but warnings and spoiler tags are REQUIRED outside of the Libertine sections and even in Libertine it's somewhat courteous to give a NSFW heads-up.
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  12. Ahhh, I've mostly just seen graphic hentai images, sans warning. Alas. Can I ask why pornographic photos are disallowed, but drawn images that are equally, if not more graphic are allowed? Does it just have to do with the terms and conditions of the site host?
  13. Real Life pornography laws are a lot stricter compared to artwork. If we allowed any sort of real people porn images on the site, we'd not be allowed to let members under 18 on the site at all because of the risks involved!

    It's also a matter of Admin preference. We don't want to have to deal with monitoring and the consequences of real life porn images. D: We can't guarantee the people in those images are 18+ and we're generally uncomfortable with that. (even though none of us have a problem with porn itself) Where as hentai art is just art and we don't have to worry about things like that.

    Personally, I don't care for people using full-blown hentai art without warning labels either, but in Libertine people can get away with it. >>
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  14. @Fauna

    No, we do our own site hosting. It's not the content as much as it is the legal risks. When it's REAL PEOPLE instead of art, you get into a bunch of legal pitfalls that we'd rather not deal with. Examples: Members posting pornographic material of themselves, especially if they turn out to be younger than they say they are; people posting photos that they do not realize were posted to the internet without consent of the model (often by an ex); photos being posted that they do not realize are of underage minors; people getting the idea that since it's okay in the 18+ section that it's okay in the general forums with warnings; teens posting photographic pornography (parents REALLY wouldn't like that); etc.

    We feel like art is another matter and we don't want to censor people too much on what they can post. Some of our artists draw nude, sexual, and hentai art. We allow written sexual content as well, so it's a little hypocritical to disallow other kinds of "imaginary" sexual content. You'll note that we require warning and spoiler use for written content as well (outside of Libertine). And if we allow people to post their OWN artwork, we have to allow them to post art by others as well.

    There are certain things for which even nudey/porny art is not okay, e.g. where people cannot be warned first. The character gallery, forum signatures, and avatars are all no-no's. And we do not WANT there to be threads like "POST PORN PICS" or things like that. These rules aren't supposed to be workarounds and they will be changed if people start abusing the freedom on a large scale.
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  15. Now this forum looks even better than I initially thought...
  16. The administration here is good people, @Atmo. Especially since that beloved troll Asmodeus defenestrated himself. (Have fun looking that one up. I'm not posting the definition in public.) The site may seem a little fecked up, but that's just because many of us are.
  17. Common sense isn't so common anymore, I see.
  18. So nip-slips are okay to show?
    (The picture in mind is not of anything really sexual, just an amputee doing a headstand and her shirt shows a bit of her nip).
    Just trying to be in the clear ^^;
  19. @Yokai_Madmen

    If it's somewhere that you can't put a warning/spoiler tags on it (like your avatar or the character gallery) then probably not. If you want, PM me the picture and I'll let you know if it's okay.
  20. So generally, if we're unsure (since I am indeed a bit lost again reading this), we can just PM a staff member and ask them privately before the image is put anywhere? And be less likely to get in major trouble like being banned or warned?
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