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  1. You wake up on a sandy beach you see a vast forest, giant mountians and endless ocean.
  2. (SOMEONE HAS TO BE FIRST) James slowy rose shaking the sand out of his hair. "Where am I" he asked himself looking around. "Great just great traped on an island alone just great" he mumbled to himself. "Well if im gonna be stuck here might as well be productive" he said getting to his feet and walking into the forest.
  3. ((I'll join)) Devin wakes up and looks around. "Must've been some party for me to wake up here." He gets up and looks around. "I'm parched." he runs into the forest, first looking for food and water, then making a fire and weapons.
  4. Thomas was looking over the top of the mountain, wondering how he got here and where "Here" was, he didn't have the answers. Carefully, in-case of any of these... These monsters which blow up when you get close to them, he started to climb down the mountain. passing his base and collecting a wooden axe, stone pickaxe and a wooden sword, not forgetting to collect the porkchops he had left cooking, as he shut his door and made his way to the forest he could have sworn he saw two others on the beach.
  5. Devin finally finds a lake and immediately crouches down to drink from it, then he heard moaning sounds. He looked back and he saw a 7 foot tall creature coming for him, arms stretched out, and mindless as a plank. Devin screamed then jumped into the water swimming away from the horrible creature