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  1. I've noticed a few mine crafters joining lately: we should converge on a server and play together! Add me on Skype too if you wanna chat; I prefer voice to having to pause and type

    Let's build awesome stuff together!
  2. What server? and I do voice on Skype also.
  3. I have been tempted to get a Minecraft server going.... It isn't like I don't have access to the excess hardware/bandwidth right now. Unfortunately 1.7 broke a lot of the third party server stuff so I would either need to do a lot of testing first or run it on 1.6 to start.
  4. I would run it on 1.6, saves waiting time and stuff. Let me know if you do, I have several great plugins you can use, Im an Admin on a server.
  5. I don't know how to do any of this stuff. D:

    I got Skype and all, but Minecraft servers? ...I've never joined one to play with...*gasp* others.
  6. I've got MC, also a half-open server. Skype is an option, however I doubt anyone wants to hear my current cracking voice.
  7. I dropped Minecraft back in 2012. Haven't played since then.