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  1. So, I recently played Minecraft Story Mode Episodes One and Two. It really got me thinking. How would a ground rp based around Minecraft go? Well, this is where we find out if it would be pretty cool or a complete bust. I figure, why not throw up an interest check and see who is interested in creating a plot and such with me. This will be a causal rp where each character needs at least 2 paragraphs (4 lines of text=1 paragraph) per post, though I perfer more. Cursing will be allowed, but keep it light. No nature scenes since this rp is both for teens and adults.

    My vision for the rp so far is to have a small group of characters, each of which has their own special talent. So far, the characters I've come up with are listed below. I kept them short so people who take those characters when the OOC is up can build on them and make the character their own.

    The Architect- Able to build amazing things quickly and efficiently. You need a shelter? They'll have it done in no time. You need a house? Tell them what you want and they can do it in style.

    The Griefer- Ever find something missing in your house? What about missing blocks on your property? Or maybe even your whole build is destroyed? Then you have probably had a run in this guy. The greifer causes plenty of trouble, but can be useful when trying to steal something quietly or you need something blown up.

    The Swordsman(or woman)- Need someone that is skilled in close range combat? The swordsman is who you're looking for. The swordsman can keep away the creeps, or should I say Creepers, as well as any other monsters one might encounter when outside at night or in a dark cave. its safe to assume a lot of their time is out hunting mobs.

    The Archer- Close range combat not your thing? Then check out the archer. The archer plays it safe by killing mobs from afar. Maybe not be useful at collecting the leftovers from the deaths until morning, but in a tight spot, a good archer on a tower could come in handy.

    The Redstone Engineer- Give this engineer some Redstone and they can make some pretty amazing inventions. The Engineer creates awesome machines that help better the lives of those around them. They can also build things to help it tight situations and are able to analyze and think things through clearly and quickly.

    The Adventurer- The Adventurer may not be as skilled with a sword or bow as the Swordsman and Archer, but they are pretty efficient at it. At least enough to get them by as they move from place to place. Their goal? They love to find new places and always have a map they can make with them. Maybe one day they can map the whole world if they put their mind to it. They frequent in the Nether when it benefits them.

    The Alchemist- Need a water breathing potion? Perhaps a potion of health? Well, you came to the right person. Most of the Alchemist's time is spent creating new potions that cane be used by themself or that they can trade off for more materials to create more potions. They spend a lot of time in their brewing room, always thinking up or learning new recipes.

    The Farmer- The Farmer is a simple person who loves to spend time outdoors. Not only do they have a large supply of food but they also take care of animals as well, such as cows, pigs, sheep, and horses. Any animal you want? They have it. In times of food shortages, the Farmer is the first person people go to because they know he/she stores up a large amount of their crops and meat for emergencies.

    And those are the characters I have so far. If you are interested in this rp, I need you to answer a few questions so I can tally and gather information for what each person wants from this rp:

    1. Do you have any suggestiosn for addition characters I didn't have listed?
    2. Should the main characters be actually from the world of Minecraft, or should they be humans from our world sucked into the world of Minecraft?
    3. Shoudl the main villian/enemy of the rp be a character already from the game or a new one we come up with? Any suggestions for who the villian could be?
    4. Not all of these characters listed will get along. Some will but some will butt heads and not get along at all. Name some of the characters you think would be friends and some that you think would not get along.

    Thats all. I may add more questions later XD For now, just answer those.
  2. I have some friends I play Minecraft with. I am certainly no builder, nor am I skilled in combat. Though farming seems to be my niche, so the Farmer I shall be.
  3. You missed a Miner.
    And the Crafter/equipment builder (you know, that one guy who knows EVERY crafting recipe off his head?)

    anyway, I shall be the redstone engineer, because I have built some very fun things!
  4. Cool :) Glad to see you guys are interested. We won't be reserving characters, as it will be first come first serve. But keep in mind who you want and just send in your CS for that character ASAP when I have the OOC up.

    Imma add Miner and Crafter to the list.

    Also, if you would, answer the questions I had listed in the first post of this thread. XD It'll help me a lot when I'm coming up with the plot for the rp. :bsmile:
  5. 1. Eddi covered it.
    2. Are you thinking default Steve? Or players. A lot of people have custom skins, I for one do. My friend made it for me.
    3. The usual Minecraft 'villains' are the mobs. Cave Spiders, skeletons, zombies, creepers, Endermen. In the Nether, a few bosses are the Ghast, the Wither, the Ender Dragon.
    That's just a few.
    4. The Griefer whould be pretty much hated by everyone. The Swordsman and the Archer would have each other's back. The Architect and the Redstone Engineer would work together. The Adventurer would be almost a loner, coming to the village only to restock. The Miner, The Farmer, and the Alchemist would pretty much be traders. Everyone getting thier wares from them. Though the Miner would be away for a while on mining expeditions, same with the Adventurer. The Alchemist would be in thier workshop or lab almost constantly.
  6. commentry in red!
  7. I basically build a log cabin. Nothing fancy. Or I dig into the side of a cliff face and call it home.
  8. XD Thos are good insights. I myself will be taking the Adventurer, but I don't see her being a huge loner. In fact, since she is one fo the only ones that go to the Nether, I can see her trading with the others as well. Of course when she goes out she would be on her own, but she doesn't have problems with being around others either.

    As far as I meant with players I meant should the rp be based directly in the Minecraft world. Like we've always been in the world of Minecraft, born here, lived here, ect. Or would we be people in the real world that play the game who somehow get sucked into the world of mine craft?

    For number 4, I would think the traders wouldn't have problems with the Griefer as long as they get what they want from the trade. XD But if he screwed up something fo their I can see them getting angry. Can't have EVERYONE hate him after all.
    I think it would really depend on what the person wants for their character. It's always nice to see what people think about the different characters though :)
  9. Hi :3

    I think we should be FROM the world of Minecraft, just makes things easier to work with plot wise.

    Also, I'd like to nab the Swordmaster if you'll allow it
  10. I've got a idea of a Alchemist that plays himself off as a wizard. If you'll allow it of course.
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