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  1. Is it a fun game? I watched Rob and Preston on YouTube playing it and it looks like fun, but what do you all think of it? I'm thinking of getting it for the Xbox 360.
  2. Get it for the PC. There's literally no reason to own it on the console.

    Mods alone is the biggest reason

    Otherwise if you enjoyed LEGO as a kid you'll likely enjoy minecraft. The survival aspect and solo roleplay isn't half bad either.

    Not to mention the millions of character skins, texture packs, mods etc etc.

    Also then you can play on the Iwaku server.
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  3. Sadly I don't have a computer, I'm on my cell right now in fact, only time I am on a computer is if I'm at the library.
  4. Then if you're that dead set on playing, that seems you're only option.
  5. A huge downside against the console flavors of Minecraft is you won't be able to play with us. As a matter of fact, the only people you'll be able to play with in a multiplayer environment are other Xbox 360 users.
  6. I'd hold out and just get a laptop with a decent graphics card and processor; it's good to have a PC anyway.
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  7. What kind of laptop should I get then?
  8. That's an incredibly subjective question. Laptops are guaranteed to cost more than even a basic desktop. One of the bonuses is minecraft runs on almost anything, but you'll definitely have a better experience using a desktop with something other than the onboard gpu.
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  9. Asking the internet that is usually an iffy choice. Go to a computer store and tell the clerk what you want to use the computer for; they should be able to tell you what features to look for based on that.
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  10. I agree with Mini-bit, ask the professionals and not us.

    Though I will say one thing.
    If you're reason for the Laptop is just gaming (As in, not for school, work etc.) then don't bother with the laptop and just get a desktop.

    Laptops trade functionally for mobility, so you'll get better performance from a 500$ desktop than you will from a 500$ laptop.
    Which in PC Gaming is pretty important.

    That, and Laptops are far harder (and in some cases impossible) to replace parts for, while for PC's it's fairly straight forward with some basic research into it.
    So if you want it to be a long term gaming system, desktop for sure. Because then you can actually maintain and update the thing over time.
  11. I ...don't think walking into a Best Buy and asking a salesperson is a very wise decision o.o

    Those people are there to sell you something, generally with little to no regard for what you actually want. There may be some good folks in those positions, but even then, all they really want is a commission.

    I'll give your general question a rather general answer, @Faithviper : A basic desktop or laptop should run a game like Minecraft just fine. The more powerful the games you want to play, the more you'll have to spend. I would caution, however, to only buy a computer if you feel that it's something you need. Minecraft is great, but if that's all you'd be using it for, it's probably not such a great way to spend any change you've dug out from your couch cushions or the center console of your car. :)
  12. Well obviously avoid places like that.
    A specialized store like Tiger Direct could be plenty helpful though.
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  13. I live in a smaller town, we have a Best Buy, would Walmart be better?
  14. The location you get the parts/computer from doesn't matter, it's their specs that matter.

    But in regards to advice I'd prioritize it in the following manner.

    Techie Friends > Computer Specialized Stores* > The Internet > Generalized "We sell everything!" stores

    *Emphasis on Computers.
    Generalized tech stores like Future Shop goes into the "Generalized Stores" category.
  15. The Walmart folks don't get a commission, but they also generally don't know a whole lot about the products they're selling.

    I've done a lot of IT work over the years. If you'd like a little direction, drop me a PM and tell me what all you want to do with a computer, and whether you want a desktop (the better option if you don't need computing on-the-go) or a laptop (a lot of travel, need it for school/work, etc) and I can point you in the right direction. That way, you can go into a Best Buy and just grab what you want, as opposed to being at the mercy of a salesperson who wants ALL OF THE THINGS in your wallet. :)
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  16. Minecraft? I personally don't like it, because unless you love to build and be constantly creative and such? it's a terrible survival game, that has nothing in its world.

    It's also worth playing it with friends too, as Minecraft solo is a terribly lonely experience. There are far better games out there to play single player on, trust me.

    That's just my two cents and opinion on it.
  17. Well, buy it, I usually play on the library's PC (my old laptop broke). Its pretty fun. PC is like, the best. There are literally tons of servers, skins, mods, resource packs and years of fun. I started about 3 years ago. I took a little break (about half a year) and got back into it again.
  18. I personally enjoyed solo. Put on some creepy music and you get a very suspensful game, espcially at night.
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